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Alaska Anchorage Mission

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Elder Brian S Downing

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Douglas T. Snarr (1978 - 1981) | Julius B. Papa (1981 - 1984)
Served: 1979 - 1981
Areas Served:
Anchorage 6,7,8th wards, Fairbanks 2nd & 3rd, Willow, Nome & Skagway
John W Andrews | Frederick Reams | Kevin Rogers
Your Occupation: Photo lithography engineer
Spouse: Melissa
My wife Melissa and I have 4 children John 26, home from his mission (Guatemala North). He graduated BYUI in Mechanical Engineering and will go on to a masters in Nuclear engineering and maybe a PHD. He Married April 2010 to a gal we just love... Nycole... She is also graduated BYUI. Kim 24, at Idaho State, she graduates in May. Kendra 18 working and on her own, going to cosmetology school. Mallory 13 in grade school. My wife and I are currently serving Stake Public Relations. I have severed in many positions in the church. It would be nice to get in contact with past companions… In order I had Ralph Thornley, Dan Schumway, Frederick Reams, Phillip Hinckley, John Anderson, Stan Kent, Randy Lund, Kevin Rogers, Richard Vickers, Ron Selck & Michael Merrill. At least that was what was listed but I had served briefly with Elder Barrows and another Elder (I will have to dig through a journal) in the office as well as Dale Larson a priest who served with me in Skagway my last month. Dale became the gardener for the Portland oregon temple.... When I was a Bishop, he gave our youth a tour after a work project... Small world.
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