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FLIA Melliaci 06 Aug 2008
Si alguien me lo pueda pasar la informacion de la Flia Melliaci, yo seria muy agradecido.
Aaron Linfante Send Email
enviarmelo 31 Jul 2008
por favor necesito el correo del presidente Ramos a quien lo tenga enviarmelo por favor .
ex Elder Garcia peru.
Luis Vicente Garcia Send Email
correo dle presi Ramos 31 Jul 2008
por favor a quienes tengan el correo del presi ramos por favor enviarmelo q
Luis Vicente Garcia Send Email
Leather Goods 02 Jul 2008
Is Marcial Still selling Leather goods to the Missionaries? If so does anyone have his phone number or the name of his business.
I will be returning to Buenos Aires soon and would like to get in contact with him to buy some jackets from him. If anyone else nows of any other reputable (LDS or non LDS) leather dealer would you please let me know.
Benjamin L Gomez Send Email
Hints and Tips 05 May 2008
Hey everyone, my name is Josh Maxwell and I just got called to this mission and I leave for the MTC June 18. Anyways I was wondering if any of you returned missionaries might have the mission president's email, and if you have any other suggestions, hints, things to bring/not to bring, all would be appreciated. Thanks!
Joshua Brent Maxwell Send Email
Marcos Paz 14 Apr 2008
Is Marcos Paz still in the Bs. As. West Mission and if it is are there Elders still there and how can I contact them. While serving there in 1992 I found some family names in the cemetary there. Like an idiot I didn't write the info down and I can't get those names out of my head. Any help would be appreciated.
Matthew Patrick Whitaker Send Email
Busqueda 27 Feb 2008
Hola! les escribo para pedirles un favor.
Entre el año 1999-2000 mas o menos hubo una hermana en esta mision que me enseño a tocar el piano. Su nombre es Jennifer Lynn Perkins. Y no puedo encontrarla. Ella termino su mision en mi rama, Junin. Si alguien sabe algo de ella y puede avisarme se lo agradecere muchisimo.
Y tambien busco a un Elder, Elder John Armstrong, de la misma epoca, 1999 o 2000 que tambien sirvio aca. Si los conocen haganme el favor de avisarme. Saludos a todos. ROmina.
Romina Salvo Martinez Send Email
Referral / Referencia 21 Dec 2007
How do you send a referral to the Missionaries in Argentina. I have a friend in the west mission who I've had on my MSN for 5 years and would like to take the discussions now. But I can't figure out how to send a referral. She says she sees the missionaries all the time but they never stop at her house.
(Can you imagine being the missionary walking by that house? It makes me wonder how many times I did that)
Philip Larkin Waters Send Email
Christmas 2007, from the Moore Family 20 Dec 2007
Christmas 2007

Dear, Dear Family and Friends,

We so appreciate receiving your messages of faith, hope, charity and good works. The pictures of family and friends, smiling children and stalwart parents, of grandparents and missionaries speaks volumes. We don’t want to interrupt your holiday season nor detract from thoughts of the Savior’s infinite gift marked in mortality by his birth to his mother Mary but we do want to join you in giving thanks to Him and to Our Heavenly Father who gave us His Only Begotten Son that we, believing, might not perish but have everlasting life.

Christ’s birth was proclaimed by hosts of angels bringing glad tidings of great joy to ALL people. They brought to earth the message that would change every life, enrich every mortal moment, lighten, heal, motivate, inspire and save humanity. As time passed and men were strengthened, just as in the beginning of every dispensation, the number of angelic visitations did not cease but by right decreased. With a Peter strengthened, a Paul converted, a Mary healed, and countless others blessed, men on earth who had received Him in their lives could now do the work of angels from heaven. They could minister to a weary world, one person at a time.

This is still a day of miracles. We are the angels who will make them happen. Elder Merrill Bateman concluded his December 2007 Ensign article with this thought, "As we sing the hymns of Christmas and speak of angels sent to earth to witness the Savior’s birth in the meridian of time, may we rise to the occasion and minister to those in need in our day."

Recently a friend collected money for a sister for badly needed means of transportation. Donations were received and a used car purchased along with insurance and some money for gas. An email expressing gratitude was sent to all who had contributed. Our friend later commented, “It was an interesting experience collecting the donations. The largest donation came from a young man in his early twenties who works various ski and manual labor jobs. . .He is inactive in the church. He said he wanted it to go to someone that needed it more than he did. I was completely surprised. His donation was 1/3 of all we collected from about 30 different people.” That is not atypical. Another donor was the “poorest” of his large, rather well to do family. His donation far exceeded his situation. His life is a gift.

We recommit ourselves with you to serve Him with all the energy of our heart, might, mind and strength. We know He lives. We know He loves us. We love Him because He first loved us, for which we are eternally grateful.

Our love and gratitude to you “forever Moore,”

Garry & LaNell, Dad & Mom, Nana & Poppi, Presidente y Hermana

***This marks the first Christmas in 43 years without children living at home. Our blessed grandchildren number 34 and daughter, Kris is expecting a baby any day. Reunions and family get togethers are always our highlights. We also LOVE being together, did I say LOVE!!!

***Plans for a mission were postponed this summer when Garry was asked to continue his full time work with the Church Educational System. As the new Administrator his plate is fuller and so are our blessings and being home has allowed LaNell to get elbow deep in Garry’s Family History.

*** Garry and LaNell teach a weekly Institute Class and LaNell is an ordinance worker in the Bountiful Temple on Wednesdays and teaches Primary on Sundays.

(2130 South 1150 East; Bountiful, UT 84010; gklm (at); 801-292-1009)
Webmaster Team Send Email
Familia Bazan en Villa Amelia? 10 Oct 2007
Somebody post to me an update on the Bazan family in Villa Amelia (Jorgelina & Romina) if they know how/where they are.
Andy Knight Send Email
Joel Chehda 25 Sep 2007
Maurey Johnson Send Email
Busco a mi hijo 24 Sep 2007
Alguin tiene el email de mi hijito Marcos Molto?
Mark Prisbrey Send Email
Are you a porteno? 10 Sep 2007
I stole this from

Partially edited.

Are you from Buenos Aires?
You know you are a porteño when:
- At any time of the day, a café con leche and 2 medialunas can be considered a square meal
- You can, at all times, find a heladería within 3 blocks
- You would much rather be a bostero xeneise than a maldita gallina, and you know what that means
- In your barrio, there are more people on the streets at 3 am than 3 pm
- ¿Qué sé yo?
- Nothing is good anymore, it's bárbaro
- You have learned how to get across Avenida Libertador without getting run over, before the pedestrian light even turns green
- You have accepted the fact that you cannot successfully walk across 9 de Julio before the lights turn red, because everyone knows it's the widest avenue in the world
- You instinctively cross yourself everytime you pass a church, even when riding on the bus
- Your guía Lumi is old and falling apart, but you still won't leave home without it
- You can walk the entire length of Florida without being heckled once by a money-changer or flyer distributor
- $60 is far too much to pay for anything, unless, of course, it is an unbreakable termo para el mate
- You consider both superpancho and choripan to be hearty meals
- Based on taste alone, you can pick out a Terrabusi alfajor in a double-blind test
- You complain about everything while in Buenos Aires, but as soon as you leave, you begin to miss it
- Upon getting into a taxi, instead of stating your destination, you give a series of turns and street names, entering into a battle of wits over who knows the grid best
- You generally communicate better in gestures than actually conversing
- You know the attractive women all over Palermo Hollywood are really men, but that's OK
- You think nothing of hopping on a bus for 15 hours to get away for the weekend
- You don't find it surprising that 2 of these hours are spent leaving the city
- No matter how hectic life gets, you can always find time to tomarse unos mates
- Nothing is cool anymore, it's re-canchero. You and your friends, (who are all capos and copados, obvio) are re-chochos because you just saw a recital that was alucinante.
- You have forgotten your name and now only answer to a string of epithets, such as che, maestro, flaco, papá, tigre, fierita, pibe, etc.
- You don't coges el bus or tomas la guagua, you subís al bondi
- You don't go out to comer, you go to morfar
- You have come to accept the fact that Buenos Aires sometimes huele a mar, even though it's a five hour drive to the ocean
- Fito Paez just passed by on the street and nobody seemed to notice
- A bar at a car wash, a Kosher McDonald's, and a Museo del Jamón all seem to make sense, somehow
- You know where to see the movies for 2 mangos, but still go to Village Recoleta because it's top
- You know that a disco is not a place to dance or a genre of music, but a place to buy food
- You eat sandwiches without crusts, pizza with a knife and fork and empanadas with your fingers
- You find yourself eating ñoquis on the 29th of each month, and not really knowing why
- You stay out till 6 am at a boliche but are still fresh as a daisy for your class at 9
- You mix ketchup and mayo, slather the beastly concoction on everything, and have the audacity to call it salsa golf
- You begin to wonder how Washington D.C. got off copying the obelisco, why London stole Buenos Aires' phone booths and letter boxes, and why Milan’s La Scala operahouse had to steal the blueprints for Teatro Colón
- You get used to the fact that though you live in a port city, you rarely, if ever, see the waterfront.
- You don't find it at all confusing thatthere are streets called Peña, Rodríguez Peña, Luis Saenz Peña and Roque Saenz Peña, all in fairly close proximity. Nor that there are an Yrigoyen and Irigoyen that intersect, despite their different spellings.
- It makes perfect sense that the seediest redlight bars are directly alongside Recoleta cemetery, where the Argentine aristocracy is buried
- You are nostalgic for the bygone days of Carlos Gardel, or of Evita's Casa Rosada speeches, or even Maradonna's "hand of God" goal, even though you never saw any of them
- It doesn't seem to bother you that a "drugstore" sells anything but drugs
- You can get everything delivered to your departamento...from munchies to mariachis
- You consider it rude when you throw a party and people show up on time, while you are still making preparations, obvio...
- You feel comfortable wearing alpargatas just about anywhere
- You can't imagine drinking coffee without briskly following it with a shot glass of mineral water
- You know all the parts of a cow and you're not a butcher or a veterinarian
- You refer to everything outside the capital as the interior of the country
- You realise that Neuquen is a palindrome, Salta a command and Buenos Aires a cruel joke, given the level of air pollution
- No weekend feels complete without a trip to the feria
- You are a self-made expert on EVERYTHING
- Your favourite thing to do is fiaca or huevo, the special actions of not doing anything
- You drink your mate amargo but eat dulce de leche on everything
- You realise that when there is a superclasico, everything halts for el fútbol
- You can find Evita’s grave blindfolded, and know that Carlos Gardel is buried in Chacarita, even though nobody knows for sure where he was born
- Everything is a quilombo
- It seems normal that professional dog walkers are dragged around by up to 20 canines, and that there is a bus to cart dogs around the city to the parks
Philip Larkin Waters Send Email
First time BA temple sees snow! 14 Jul 2007
For the first time in 89 years, Buenos Aires saw snow on July 10th. Here are some pictures of the temple with a bit of snow.
Adam Wride Send Email
Hola: Buscando mis compañeros 06 Jun 2007
Que bueno ;poder saber de uds ; yo servi como misionero entre los años 1994 a 1996 quisiera saber de mis ex compañeros de mision, ya que estoy muy interesado en saber de uds .
Fabio Hernando Garcia Send Email
Busco mail de Maricruz Rabago ahora de Velasco 05 May 2007
Maricruz! fuiste mi entrenadora. Nunca te olvidaré. Quiero saber de vos TODO! por favor quiero tu mail. Si alguien lo tiene ¿me lo pasan?
Gilda Yanina Sanchez Send Email
Busco a fam Soria 21 Apr 2007
Necesito ubicar a la familia SORIA de Tablada. Si tienen algún dato de ellos (Victoria-Miguel o sus hijos)

Cristian Javier Gervic Send Email
Emma y Alejandro Lell 11 Dec 2006
Estoy tratando de averiguar la direccion de Emma y Alejandro Lell que viven en General Rodriguez. Creo que viven en Calle Sarmiento pero no se el numero o codigo pastal. Espero que alguien me puede ayudar. Muchas Gracias
Damon W Jones Send Email
Elder Cutini 02 Nov 2006
Me gustaria saber el email o direccion del Elder Cutini. Fue mi companero, lo mate!! Si alguien lo sabe, damelo porfi!!
Aaron Wilde Send Email
Senior Missionaries 12 Jul 2006
Are there any senior missionaries out there who are presently serving in the BA West mission or any who have recently left who can answer some questions about the mission, clothes for seniors, housing, etc.
Barbara E. McCann Send Email

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