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The People of Buenos Aires

As a missionary, you have been called to serve the people of Buenos Aires. The mission goal is to see the people of Buenos Aires in white three times. First, in the baptismal font, second, in the temple, and third in the celestial kingdom. I'm sure that when you leave your mission, you will feel as I do. I love the people of Argentina.

The people of Buenos Aires in many ways seem more European than Latin. There are large groups of Spanish, Italian, German, and English descent. In general, they are a warm, friendly people with strong extended families. They are a fun-loving people, and enjoy good food, conversation, mate, and soccer. While Argentina is an industrialized nation, at home the people still live a simple life. In many small towns the people still go to the butcher (carnicero), the baker (panaderia), and the grocer. In the neighborhoods you still find small owner managed shops (kioskos). Larger supermarkets are also common, but often you get a better service and quality at the small shops. As you visit the local kiosko you will get to know your neighbors, and they will get to know you. Some of your best friends and potential investigators come from shopping at the kiosko.

You will also learn to love the church members in Argentina. Many of them welcome you into their homes and families. They are very protective of the missionaries, and they remember your service for many years beyond your mission. The friendships you form in the gospel will enrich your life forever.

The literacy rate in Argentina is 92% overall. They attend school through 6th grade, and additional education is available. There are state and private universities as well. The people have been able to weather all sorts of political and economic turmoil without losing hope in the future. In 2001 the Argentina economy took a severe downturn. There is currently general pessimism toward the government and its leaders. Despite the decline in the national economy, the people are resourceful. The Argentine people are also very nationalistic. They have a great love for their country, and anything Argentine. Truly, the people of Argentina have been chosen and prepared to receive the gospel. When President Hinckley visited Argentina in 1996 he promised the people that if they would pay their tithing they would have a roof over their head and bread for their tables. Missionaries have the opportunity to help the people of Buenos Aires receive the blessings that living the gospel will bring to their lives.

A family prepared for baptism.

A typical seminary class in Argentina. Seminary classes often meet in a member's home before school.

Members in Atalaya.

The Sanchez family bids farewell to an Elder in Lujan.

We rented an apartment from this family in Atalaya.

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