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dyersburg tn.? 08 Feb 2012
I know this might be way late but is mrs. miller still out there?? And if you know any updates can yall fill me in?
matt siaosi Send Email
We lost 2 brothers 13 Oct 2008
Sad news. Former Elders Mike Perry and Jim Crosby were killed in a plane crash near Las Cruces, NM this past weekend. They served under President Bennett. Funeral services for Jim Crosby are this Saturday 10-18-08 in Eager, AZ. Mike Perry's service will be in Phoenix, AZ on Monday 10-20-08. I read an article that said Mike had 3 children and Jim had 5. I was only aware of Mike having 2 children. I do not know how many children Jim had.
Janette Hardy Send Email
Old Mill photo 23 Aug 2008
Thank you to Thayne Wilson for adding that phot of the Old Mill in North Little Rock. That was one of the most beautiful sites to see, especially during the spring time.
Jane Taaga Send Email
Wilkerson 19 Nov 2007
Hamson, Thanks for the update on Gary Wilkerson. I'm sorry to hear about his illnesses and for the loss suffered by those that were close to him.

It's good to hear from you Kent and I hope that you are doing well.

I just stumbled upon this site during a late night of being unable to sleep. It's great to see that there are still a few people from the mish updating their profiles after all these years.

k-bomb Kristiansen (Scott)
Scott Kristiansen Send Email
Gary Wilkerson passed away 12 Oct 2007
I thought that some of you that served in the Memphis area and knew and/or worked with Gary would like to know. He developed some severe health issue over the last few months and suffered from three strokes. He was in the hospital for a Month before getting cleared to take him home on Sept 27th. He passed away peacefully at his mothers house on the morning of Friday Sept 28th, 2007 only 12 after getting out of the hospital.
His obituary can be viewed online at and search by his name: Gary D Wilkerson
Marcus Kent Hamson Send Email
New Missionary 25 Oct 2006
My cousin is going on a mission to Little Rock. I told him the best advice I can give him is to contact someone that has recently returned from serving there and get advice on things to expect.
I know I wish I would have some type of heads up and forewarning prior to my mission. I know that a lot of the items I brought to my mission weren't of any use. If anyone would like to help me/him out, please drop me a line.
Kavika Kauo Send Email
Sister Christensen 27 Sep 2006
Does anyone still have any contact with sister christensen? I need to get a hold of her for the reunion!!!
Melissa M Smith Send Email
Reunion HELP!! 25 Sep 2006
Ok, i am wondering if there is anyone on here from Presidents Chirstensen's missionaries, who would be willing to help out with the reunion. THis would be tracking down addresses... and that sort of thing. If you are interested please let me know! Thanks
Melissa M Smith Send Email
Im Getting married 23 Sep 2006
Well Ive been working in Iraq now for almost over two years. I came over as a truck driver now I work in a warehouse and supply the millitary with consumable items. Well I am getting married on the 5th of oct 06 I am excited. She is wonderful we have a 10 month old baby boy he is so fun. I come home every four months(give or take). I have 67 iraqi working under me. Ill tell you this is a different world over here. Any body looking to coem is invited I just lost contact of everybody it happens I would love to here from you. you can call me here in iraq at 7134455065 its a texas number but rings in iraq. Remember i am 10 hours ahead of utah time take care. Elder Hazen Criddle
Hazen Call Criddle Send Email
Padgett Family 08 Apr 2006
Thank you James for posting the sad news about Don and his family. The Padgett family was one of those member families whose love and kindness was unparallelled. Tom, Julie, Jennifer and Timmy helped a lot of young missionaires miss home a little less and enjoy their missions a little more due to their hospitality and fun-loving spirits. Tom will be missed greatly and is loved by many. Julie, Jennifer and Timmy, we love you and you will be in our prayers. May God bless you and be with you always.
Troy Dell Tuttle Send Email

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