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Forgot my email 02 May 2004
Jeffery Anderson Send Email
Me too! 02 May 2004
Hey, I got my mission call on the 21st of April too. Belo Horizonte on August 4th! There is a guy in my home ward that served there 14 years ago. I've spent several hours talking to him about the mission and it sounds awesome. I am so stoked to be able to teach the people. Anyway, drop me a line, Blake, it'd be nice to have a friend in the mission before I get to Brazil.
Jeffery Anderson Email Not Available
mission 24 Apr 2004
Hi everyone. I just got my mission call yesterday and guess what... I'm going to Belo Horizonte. I report to Sau Paulo MTC on August 4th. I am very excited to serve the Lord down in Brazil. I know zero Portuguese but a decent amount of Spanish, don't know how much of a help that will be. Just wondering if anyone had any advice, tips, or cool info that they could give me to help me out before I go and while I am serving. You can even email me if you feel so inclined. I hope to get some good stuff out of you wise and experienced ex-missionaries. Thanx!
Blake Roskelley Send Email
Contact me 25 Mar 2004
Hello people!!! I served in BH from 1990 to 1992. I was Elder Jean! If somebody want to get in touch, be welcome!

Olá povo!!! Fui missionário entre 1990 e 1992 com o título de Elder Jean, e se alguém quizer entrar em contato será bemvindo!
Jean Carlos Pereira Send Email
Vamos escrever!!! 19 Mar 2004
OI gente da missão, pessoal que fe missão comigo, vamos escrever mais no site, e vamos divugar o site demorei 4 anos pra saber que o site existe, se alguem tivessse me falado mais cedo ja estaria usando a mais tempo.
Um abraço. até a proxima!!!!!
Gouveia Send Email
Hi!!! 17 Mar 2004
Hello everybody!!!!
Today I was talking with Sister da Cruz about this site, she told me about it, I never knew it.
Estou feliz que vou casar em Julho, escrevam me sempre,
Gouveia Send Email
Pictures of Elder YoungYen 06 Feb 2004
It is me again. I got a couple of responses from some of you and I appreciate it. If there are any of you that have your own pictures of E. YoungYen and wouldn't mind scanning them over to my email or sending just a few, that would really help. I realize that it is probably impossible to retrieve his box of pictures, so I am asking for any copies you all might have. Thanks for all your help. Contact me via email and I can give you more contact information. I would really appreciate it. I also live in Utah, so any of you who live here and don't have scanners, I will gladly pick those up and copy them myself. Thanks again!
Violet Send Email
Elder YoungYen's mission pictures 16 Jan 2004
I am the fiance of Elder YoungYen who served under President Toffanelli. I want to compile a scrapbook of his mission, but he mentioned that he left a big box of pictures on his mission and we haven't been able to track them down. If anyone has any information on those pictures, please email me. He doesn't know what I'm trying to do, so if we could keep it a secret. He's disappointed about not having any pictures to show his family, so please, if you have any information please email me at

Violet Send Email
OI!!!!!!!! 27 Nov 2003
OI gente como vão?
Encontrei G.cardozo a poucos minutos aqui na Barra Funda em Sâo Paulo ele esta estudando engenharia quimica na oswaldo cruz.
EU estou bem tive cancêr o ano passado e estou fazendo o reestadiamento da doença.Estou trabalhando no CTM há quase 3 anos ensinando os gringos a nossa lingua.
A nossa missão é muito bem representado no CTM.
Estou estudando gastronomia e a Sister conceição estuda na mesma faculdade que eu.
um grande abraço.
Reis Send Email
saudades tchê!!! 05 Nov 2003
oi pessoal?? que bom saber que temos esta pagina pra saber noticias de amigos tao queridos. beijos.
marcia andrea gomes Send Email

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