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Elder Dale Edwin Goodman

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Harry E. Maxwell (1978 - 1981)
Served: 1978 - 1980
Language(s) spoken:Portuguese
Areas Served:
Sao Paulo - Pinheros IV, Pena da Franca, Osasco
Your Occupation: Municipal Public Works Director
Spouse: Teresa
Teresa & I have been married for 33 years. We have 5 children: Ian, Jessica, Porter, Levi & Tannis. The 4 older children all served in the US Military, and all 5 have served missions. We live in the Vineyard 10th Ward, but work in the Orem YSA 34th Ward. We also work a shift at the Provo Temple, where Teresa is the Iniatory Coordinator, and I am an Asst. Veil Coordinator. I frequently get to perform the veil ceremony in Portugues. Ian, Jessica, & Levi are married, and Porter and Tannis are still searching. We have 4 beautiful grand-daughters, with another grandchild due in March.
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