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Elder Ben Nolte

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Ralph Degn (1993 - 1996) | Fenton Broadhead (1996 - 1999)
Served: 1995 - 1997
Language(s) spoken:Portuguese, Spanish, English
Areas Served:
Tremembe, Itapetininga, George Oetterer, Ala 5, Caxingi (spelling), Parqe Continental, Perdizes
Jared Maxwell Christensen | Wynden John Holman | Stu Lowe | Jake Darrell Pehrson | Erik Tadje | Trevor Samuel Whiting | Michael Joshua Wilhelm
Your Occupation: CEO of Big Amazon Fish
Spouse: Kelsey
Kelsey, Lydia, Nathan, and I send news and welcome Karalee Mae into our family... She's a cutie.

Also, many of you may be interested in knowing that Elder Esteves (Naldo) and I started up an international business called Big Amazon Fish. We take adventurers sport-fishing and ecotouring on the Amazon River in Brazil. You can see pictures of our adventures at www.BigAmazonFish.com. Who knows? Maybe one day, it might be cool to have an informal reunion of sort on the Amazon with an extended layover in Sao Paulo...

Anyway, I hope all who read this are doing well, and I'd love to hear how you are all doing...

Ben (Elder Nolte)
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