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This site is dedicated to all the missionaries who served in the California San Diego Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please feel free to browse the Alumni Database, check out the Recent News or post to the Message Board. If you are not a returned missionary (from this mission) but still would like to contribute, add your profile to the Friends/Members section.

The success of this site depends on you. Don't forget to add your own profile to the Alumni Database if you are a CSDM alumnus. You can also post Stories and Pictures.

Be sure to let us know if we need to correct or add something. Suggestions and Comments are always welcome.

Thank You! Thanks go to David Van der Leek for creating the website logo that appears at the top of this and other pages. He did not serve in the San Diego mission, was not asked to create the logo, and he asked for nothing in return. We thank him for his generosity in giving his time to improve the look of our website.

Attention: Seeking new webmaster to administer and maintain this website. As many of you have noticed by my lack of reponsiveness to your E-mail inquiries, I no longer have the time to manage this website. If you would be interested in becoming the webmaster for the California San Diego Mission Alumni Site, please send me an E-mail indicating your interest by clicking on the "Comments" link in the menu to the right. Some HTML knowledge would be helpful, but is not required. There is no monetary compensation, but it is fun and enjoyable if yuou have the time. We use a system designed by the LDS Mission Network and they have made it very easy to maintain. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about what is involved. Thanks.
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03 Apr 2014   Reunion: 4-4-2014 - Salt Lake City, UT -- Jeff Hibbs
01 Nov 2013   *Alumni: Paul Maxfield Crawford
27 Oct 2013   *Alumni: Jacob P Merrell
15 Oct 2013   *Alumni: Tom Mumford
14 Oct 2013   *Alumni: Fred S Griffin
13 Oct 2013   Alumni: Spencer Neil Birch
13 Oct 2013   Alumni: Michelle Meade (Dutson)
04 Oct 2013   Alumni: benito benitez
26 Aug 2013   Alumni: Grady Wilson Enkey
25 Aug 2013   Alumni: Daniel Ray Wirth
28 Jun 2013   Alumni: Mike Sorensen
25 Jun 2013   *Alumni: Joel Thompson
23 Jun 2013   *Alumni: Francisco G. Walter
26 May 2013   Alumni: Irenio Yante Villaren
16 May 2013   *Alumni: Richard C Holt
24 Apr 2013   *Alumni: Galo Vicente Flor
23 Apr 2013   *Alumni: Michael R. Gee
06 Apr 2013   Alumni: Jared Pedroza
17 Mar 2013   *Alumni: Jeff Devey
07 Mar 2013   Alumni: Rachel Maurene Hudson
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