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Looking for Hna. Feil 18 Jul 2004
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows where Liz Feil is. I've lost touch with her. Please let me know. Thanks
Jennifer Sue Sykes Send Email
Looking for people 13 Jul 2004
A long time ago I served with some amazing people. LAst time I asked for help one person came to my resuce. Now once again I am asking for your help. I am looking for Becky Cardon she was from Gilbert Arizona, and served in SanDiego with me. I am trying to get a hold of her. Also teh Fronks, they were a couple that served at teh SDSU singles ward. An amazing missionary couple from Utah he owns Fronks car dealership, but I don't know in what town. Even if anyone knew what town they lived in I could get their information. Please help me

Summer Dawn Batini Send Email
Presidente Aguirre 16 Jun 2004
Hola! Does anyone have the address and phone number of Presidente Aguirre of the the Bonita 3rd branch? if so, could you please email it to me. Thank you. :)
Kimberly Lee Send Email
Presidente Dixon 14 Jun 2004
I was just in SD and attended the CV2 ward. Pres. Dixon and his wife gave their farewell addresses. They are going to be the mission president for the Mexico City West mission.
Jennifer Sue Sykes Send Email
Looking for Felipe 07 Jun 2004
Does anyone know about Felipe from Chula Vista/TJ? I can't remember his last name but he was taught/baptized by Hna Galbriath and Javier in 1997. He then went on to baptize many of his friends. If I can find him, then I may be able to find some friends of his that I taught and saw baptized--Violeta y Jose Ortiz. Thanks.
Jennifer Sue Sykes Send Email
Looking for people 21 May 2004
Well I lost my mission address book and I am lost. I am looking for some people and I was wondering if anyone could help me find them. There was a family in Clairmont Jessi, Linda, and David I am trying to find them. Also I am looking for any information on the Skinner family that lived in Military housing. Wow if anyone reads this thing will you look in your address books and see if you have any information on these people. Also if you have seen Sister Sharp and Stephanie Davis tell them I need their information too. Thanks and I hope someone can help me!
Summer Dawn Batini Send Email
Happy Easter!! 10 Apr 2004
Happy Easter my friends!
Love Petr and Jamie
Peter Ruda Send Email
needing to find some missionaries 04 Apr 2004
I am trying to locate Elder Jay Watkins. If you have any information about his contact information, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I along with another companion of mine need some help in locating Elder Jared Peterson. If you can help us out with any information, that would be terrific.
Lyle Joe Coffey Send Email
Elder Greg Haws 04 Apr 2004
I am looking for Elder Greg Haws who served in the CSDM from 1978-1980. We served together in Lake Havasu City in the summer of 1978.
Jeffery Paul Zitting Send Email
Searching for two missionaries 02 Apr 2004
I am searching for the two missionaries who baptized me. In the Sweetwater ward, in Feb. 1990. Elder Michael Sean Brown and Elder Joel Robb Leroy. These two faithful missionaries taught me the gospel when I was nine years old. They helped me and I wish to fill them in on the last 14 years of my life, leading up to my decision to serve a full-time mission. More than anything I wish to thank them for their obedience to the Lord.
Amber Lopez Send Email
finding missionaries 31 Mar 2004
We would love to talk to any of the missionaries that were here from 1958 on.
We would especailly like to get ahold of the missionaries that baptized us. It was May 11, 1968. That's about a hundred years ago. They were Elder Smith, Mervin and Elder Stores.
Please e-mail us, any of you.
Ginnie Brown Send Email
Reunion 28 Mar 2004
Hi, sorry I will not be able to make it. I will be translating from the conference center over the satellite to the Czech Republic. It is a blessing to do that. Anyway I hope everybody is doing great. Take care!
Peter Ruda Send Email
Looking for an Elder 22 Jan 2004
What happened to Elder Stegmiere(sp?) in 1991 or so? Under Elder Christiansen. Email me if you know.
Robert Thompson Send Email
Reunion 17 Nov 2003
Is anyone interested in a Bradshaw/Rector reunion? Elder Chris Hadley and I request your help and interest in a reunion for April 2004 conference. Please contact me! We are trying to put together a list of all who served. We need help in every aspect of planning. If you would like to be involved let us know.
Kevin Willard
Kevin Leon Willard Send Email
Where is Hermana Bagley? 02 Jul 2003
I am looking for a companion from 1995. Julianne Bagley, though she is married now and I don't have her new last name. If anyone knows of her whereabouts please let me know. I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Glyna L. Golden Send Email
Elder Thomas Stanley 07 Jun 2003
Anyone know the address, phone number or e-mail address of Elder Thomas Stanley? Please let me know.
Russ Logan Send Email
Elder Tatch 06 Jun 2003
I would really like to Find Elder Tatch "Tatch Trong Hoang" If any one has any idea where he might be living Please let me know.
Matthew S. Ross Send Email
Pilgrimage to San Diego 23 Apr 2003
I think I'll be going down to San Diego this weekend (leaving Friday, 4/25-4/28) to see the Blanco family be sealed in the temple. If anyone else plans on heading that way, we could go together to split costs.

Let me know,
Brandon Struthers
Brandon Kevin Struthers Send Email
Thanks for a Great Reunion! 07 Apr 2003
A huge Thank You to all who helped organize and prepare for the Middleton Mission Reunion! You are awesome! Thank you also to all those in attendance. Especially those who traveled great distances to join us.

We look forward to seeing you next year!
David J. Bonner Send Email
Middleton Missionaries--Call for Pictures! 07 Mar 2003
President Middleton Missionaries -- With our Reunion rapidly approaching on April 4th, we need your help with digitized pictures for a PowerPoint presentation being assembled by Allan Nelson.

Please email digitized photos to Allan Nelson. Allan's email address is Allan would particularly like to receive photos of the Middletons and from baptisms.

Thank you for your prompt response.

Yours very truly,

David Bonner
David J. Bonner Send Email
Hey 03 Feb 2003
Hey y'all KJ Winn, Brandon Hancock and myself are heading to san diego on the 13th of feb. we will be driving down so if there is anyone who wants to maybe tag along let me know. or on my cell 801-633-7486
Brian James Dinkelman Send Email
Mission get together 03 Feb 2003
Hello to all the missionaries who served under President Pitcher! Desiree Harrison and Kylee Shields are throwing a get-together this weekend to just chat and see how everyone is doing. It will be held at Desiree's house. The directions and time are below. Please pass the the word along and come. All significant others are also welcome!

My address is:
602 N. Bella Vista Drive
Orem, Utah, 84057
(801) 221-5452

Directions to my house:

1) Take University Ave going north until the mouth of Provo Canyon
2) Turn left at the stop light under the overpass
3) At the top of the hill, turn left on Palisades Drive
4) Turn left on 660 North

My house is on the left #602. It's grey with columns.
Friday at 7:00- whenever
pizza and rootbeer will be served
Desiree and Kylee
Kylee Shields Send Email
Middleton Mission Reunion -- April 4, 2003 27 Dec 2002
President and Sister Roy Middleton missionaries, please save the date of Friday, April 4, 2003. We will be holding a reunion at a LDS chapel in Sandy, Utah. Address, time and other details to be announced in mid February.
David J. Bonner Send Email
Locating old friends 27 Dec 2002
I'm interested in finding out where Tracy Toleman and Tony Winters are now. I would love to know how they're doing. They served between 1977-1979.
John Michael Warczak Send Email
Robert Boehme's email 16 Dec 2002
I'm looking for Robert Boehme's email address. The one in his profile isn't working.
Mart D Withers Send Email
looking for David Joseph Dudley. 28 Oct 2002
David Joseph Dudley

Spouse: Janalee Simpson
LDS mission to San Diego 8-95 -- 97
Release date June 25 97
Has a brother named Douglas went to Ricks 99?
Went to Ricks College 97-98 (99?)

Formerly lived in:

Chesterfield MO
Laredo TX
Rexburg ID

Approx. age: 26-8
Mark S. Tuft Send Email
Looking for Missionaries 22 Oct 2002
Im looking for an Elder Forbes and Elder Christensen that served in Chula Vista maybe 1985...Also Elder Jeff Lewis in abt 1989 and Elder Stalder from Canada and Elder Banion maybe in 1987 I dont remember but this Elders where very important in my conversion. I was babtized, served a mission and now I am sealed in the Temple.. They would never believe it.... If you know anyt of them please message me Pleeeeeeeeease...
Nydia Herrera Send Email
Tahnk you! 09 Oct 2002
I just wanted to thank all of you who came to my mini reunion get to gether. It was really fun to see people. hopefully someone will do another one of these! Thanks, Ky
Kylee Shields Send Email
reunions?? 30 Sep 2002
Just check the reunion section for details!
Kylee Shields Send Email
Please Help 29 Sep 2002
I am looking for an Elder Jeffery Walker that served sometime in the end of 1979 & the beginning of 1980. He was sent home early & served under President Roy Middleton. He was from South Carolina. All I know is that he taught my father Mark Eades the first couple discussions before he was sent home. My dad has been trying to find him for quite awhile now. If anybody has any information on how I might find him, please email me. Thank You Very Much!
Rebecca Eades Send Email
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