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reunion?? 25 Sep 2002
Hello everyone-
I was just thinking that we could get together before April. It doesn't have to be gigantic just those who are interested in a little gathering?? Maybe around conference time? Let me know what you all think? It's just an idea because I would love to see a ton of you and a lot of us are in the same general area! Kylee Shields
Kylee Shields Send Email
No contact info 29 Aug 2002
I noticed that there are alot of contact information missing in the Alumni. Possibly you don't have email. If you do, please update your info. I would like to get a hold of you. It's good for us all to keep in touch. It helps keep our missionary experiences alive. If not one day you will start to forget things and that will be sad. I know that it's true because the other day I brought up a event to one of my former companions and he totally forgot that it even happened. Let's keep our missionary experiences alive.

Elder Mantini
G. Paul Mantini Send Email
Coolaid foot 13 Aug 2002
Refering to the picture.
He first did the trick on me in I believe Bythe. So I tryed it on him in El Cajon or was it Santee. It's Coolaid without the sugar. If you put it in someones socks, they won't feel it. The persons foot sweat makes the colour stain the foot without any sticky feeling. He used a purple one on me and for a couple of days I thought I bruised my foot but it didn't hurt. Good trick
G. Paul Mantini Send Email
Pictures please 13 Aug 2002
I would love to see some pictures of former missionaries and there families. My family is getting bigger too. My wife is exspecting another one in the middle of December.
I would also like to see more postings of members that got baptized as a result of CSDM missionary efforts. It's good to always stay in contact with each other and there is no better way then via internet.
G. Paul Mantini Send Email
looking for companion 05 Aug 2002
im looking to find Elder Nathan Taylor

served with me in lamesa and was from snow flake AZ

if he is out there are any one know how i can reach him i love to gear from ya

email is
thank you
Erik Nielson Lohne Send Email
President Rector 06 Jun 2002
I recently talked with a visiting General Authority who told me that President Rector had recently had both knees replaced and was doing fine, then he added, he is a GREAT MISSIONARY of the church, of course we know that:-) I am proud to have server under him, he impacted my life for the better, more than anyone else I have ever met. I have never seen that we have had a mission reunion since about 1980???
Gary Lee Harris Send Email
Middleton Reunion -- April 2003 03 Jun 2002
Hello CSDM Missionaries! I recently visited with President and Sister Middleton. We would like to put together a reunion for the April, 2003, General Conference.

Please contact me at with names and contact information for yourselves and other missionaries.

As Steve Lyman would say, "stay out of jail."

Kindest regards,

David Bonner
David J. Bonner Send Email
Brown & Christensen 17 Apr 2002
Just wondered if anyone knew what Pres. Brown or Christensen was up to these days? I've heard very little or nothing on either one over the last six or so years.
Douglas Wayne Perry Send Email
Looking for D. Scott Rowley 16 Apr 2002
I too am looking for a former companion. D. Scott Rowley is originally from Ames, Iowa. I last heard he was at BYU many, many years ago. He served under President Rector and Middleton. Please contact me if you have any information.....
David Dean Clark Send Email
Looking for Tauna Hicken 10 Apr 2002
I'm looking for a former companion, Tauna Hicken. She's originally from Chicago. The last I heard from her, she was finishing up her masters at the University of Utah.
We served together under President Boyden.
Please let me know if you have heard anything.
Angenette Call Send Email
Bradshaw /Rector 24 Mar 2002
Does anyone keep in touch with Presidents Bradshaw or Rector? I was wondering what they are up to these days, or if any reunions were planned.

Mark Worthen
CSDM 76-78
Mark A Worthen Send Email
looking for someone 22 Feb 2002
Is there anyone who knows 4 spanish missionaries who served in San Diego in the early eighties? They're names are Elder Forbes, Elder Christianson, Elder Naulder, and Elder Bannion. There was another in 89 that was named Elder Jeff Lewis? They all served in the Chula Vista 4th ward. A member in San Diego wants to find them, because they helped teach her. Her name is Nydiah Herrera. If you have any info, her email is
Mary Ann Quantz Send Email
Pictures 15 Feb 2002
Ok, I want to echo Mantini's request last November for more pictures. If you want to get a good laugh, pull out your old pictures from your time in the CSDM. It brings back a flood of memories. So dig through your dusty boxes, find your pictures and post them!!
Justin David Strunk Send Email
Hi all 01 Jan 2002
Just wanted to say hi to everyone and wish everybody a very Happy New Year - hopefully youre not freezing in Wisconsin like I am. =)
Wade Dallon Tracy Send Email
More pictures Please 20 Nov 2001
I would like to request from all the CSDM missionaries to post on this site some pictures of them serving in the field or pictures of them and their new families. I don't want to be the only one to be doing it. I know some of my companions have had little ones enter into their lives. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Did you find Elder Waldo?
G. Paul Mantini Send Email
Just so you all know 18 Nov 2001
Hey! I just wanted to tell everyone that I am living in Utah now. I moved here last month and I am having a great time. It's good to be here. Cold, but good.
Mary Ann Quantz Send Email
Howdy 14 Nov 2001
Hello everyone!

Hope that you find peace and rest this upcoming holiday season. If anyone needs anything please let me know. I travel a lot and could visit where ever you live.

Jonathan Summers
Jonathan Summers Send Email
current addresses 13 Nov 2001
I need current addresses for folks I know, please...
send them to

Angenette Call Send Email
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