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Lulu Bach 12 Dec 2015
Trying to locate Lulu Bach? She was married to Jose Bach and we had the opportunity to baptize Lulu. I have been looking off and on for years. Can anyone help?
Mike Phillips Send Email
Finding Liz Forsyth 16 Jun 2013
I used to be known as Sister Trent at the California San Jose Mission.
Will you please help me find my friend Sister Liz Forsyth? As missionaries, shared a sister missionary appartment in East San Jose in 1991. Last I heard she was working in California in the early 1990's after she finished her mission. Lost contact with her and I had a overwhelming feeling to find her right away. I don't know of any marriage records that would fit her description, so I don't know if her last name has changed due to marriage or not.
Thank You!
Sister Stacy (Trent) Kellett/Stuart
Tom Longstroth Send Email
This is Bishop Medina, from Barrio Yerba Buena (San Jose). Would anyone have the contact information of Elder Munoz? He served in Barrio Delta (Stockton), and on 11 Aug 2008 baptized Maria Hernandez and her daughter Narahi Montes.
Oscar Medina Send Email
Looking for Jeffery Scott Holland 23 Apr 2013
Looking for Jeffery Scott Holland served 1994-1996 with me. Not sure what has happened with him.
David-Michael Edward Myers Send Email
Elder Cooley 10 Apr 2013
If anyone remembers Elder Chuck Cooley, his wife passed away on 5 April 2013 from cancer.

Funeral Services will be held Saturday April 13 at 11AM at the LDS Chapel, 3410 Churn Creek Rd., Redding, CA. Friends may visit on Friday, April 12 at the Allen and Dahl Funeral Chapel 2655 Eureka Way, Redding, CA from 1-5 PM.
Terry L. Van Wormer Send Email
Joe Soto 26 Nov 2012
Looking for Joe Soto he was a member living in San Jose 23rd ward. Back in 1978 -1980 while I served. He was ward missionary. Love to know what happened to this faithful brother.
Steve Woodworth Send Email
Need help finding missionaries who taught me 04 Nov 2012
I was baptized 20 years ago in the Stanford 3rd ward in Palo Alto, CA and want to thank the missionaries who taught me. Elder Casey Boren (Idaho?), Elder Story (Kentucky?) and I can't remember the 3rd missionary's name- but remember his face very clearly. I'll never forget their faces, their testimonies and the things they taught me. I can't find them- if you have any information, please call me at 801-755-6907
Maria (FELIPA) Pettit Send Email
Harold E. Barrett 22 Feb 2012
Elder Harold E. Barrett passed away peacefully on 22 February 2012 in Milton, Florida. In the words of his wife, Dee, she said the following:

"@ 2:22 am 2/22/12 My eternal companion passed on. His battle with cancer is over and now he is at peace. A beautiful man with a wonderous mind and a very loving and devoted husband. I have been so blessed and I will miss him more than words can express.
"My dear Honey Bunny, may you have rest within the Lord's hands. Thank you for the joy and love you brought to my lilfe. I will love you throughout the eternities, until we meet again... make sure you keep your promises (including the silly ones!)
Love, your Sweetie."
Terry L. Van Wormer Send Email
Silva Family 05 Jul 2011
Hello all ... I am trying to locate J.R. and Kim Silva. They lived in the Dry Creek Ward of the San Jose South Stake when I was there. I know they moved a couple of times within the area but also moved to Utah. I have since lost contact with them and would love to find them again. Thanks for helping.
Shawn Patrick Quigley Send Email
Elder & Sister Christensen 10 Jun 2011
Hello! I saw the new movie "17 miracles" produced by TC Christensen, son of the Christensen's who served in the mission office with me while I was there. (1995-1997) I saw at the end of the movie that they dedicated it to Robert Christensen, our elder C. who I served with. I was saddened when I saw this. I would like to get in contact with sister C. does anyone have her info? thanks.
Jenifer Pace Send Email
looking for missionaries that taught me 28 May 2010
I was baptized in Sunnyvale (Sunnyvale 4th ward, Santa Clara Stake) in August 1985 at the age of 17. I took the missionary discussions the year before, probably in the fall of 1984. I was converted to the gospel, but my parents asked me to wait a year to make sure I really wanted to join the Church. I remember one of the missionaries who taught me as Elder Anderson, from Utah. He was going home shortly after I finished the discussions, but before I was baptized. I've thought of him over the years and wished he could know that I really did have a testimony, and I did join the Church as soon as my year was up. Does anyone here know Elder Anderson?
Nora Martherus Send Email
hello 24 Feb 2010
hope everyone is doing well .
jason allan kessler Send Email
Looking for music 15 Feb 2010
Does anyone have a copy of the music from the missionary performing group that the mission in '82 and '83? In particular I'm looking for the words and/or music to the song that I think would have been titled "Search for Me". You can also reach me at
Craig Snyder Send Email
looking 02 Feb 2010
I am looking for some rm's from my time. Darlene Roy, Kevin Rose, Becky Inks Sister Hanks, there are many more but the names have all gone right out of my head (sometimers) anyway anyone who knows where these are please let me know. Thanks Sis Prince(Gripentog)
Julie A Prince Send Email
Searching for someone 19 Oct 2009
I served in the CSJM A long long time ago...was wondering if anyone remembers a couple, the Rivera's (joey and Warren) They lived in Campbell. I would love to get in touch with them again.
Tracy A George Send Email
poem "Numbers" 02 Feb 2009
I served in the Oakland and the San Jose from 1977-1979. I remember a poem titled "Numbers". If any one has a copy of this please send a copy to me at

Thank you
David Wayne Rogers Send Email
Lost contact 05 Jan 2009
Anyone serving or served in Santa Cruz know a family baptized between 2000-2002? Mothers name was Italica and family was Hispanic. Wondered if they were still active. Didn't get their contact info when I left the area.
Jacob Douglas Franklin Send Email
Looking for a! 24 Aug 2008
I lived in South San Jose and learned ASL from some deaf program elders that served there. I think it was around 1997-1998 or thereabouts. I believe the Elders' names were Elders Swaim and Raines. They taught us ASL to Christmas music and we performed in local malls and I would like to do the same here in Sacramento. I just wanted to get in touch with them. Does anyone out there have any contact info for them? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Rosanne Johnson Send Email
Garth Duncan 12 Aug 2008
There has been some traffic about Garth Duncan and his Christ the Redeemer rings on this site, so I thought I would update everyone. Garth and I spoke in the Spring, when he informed me that he will be moving to Park City, Utah, once he sells the house at Strathaird House in Scotland. Garth is doing very well, and has decided to move back to the states with his wife and children.

-William Pace

UPDATE: Garth has yet to sell the property overseas and has not yet returned to the states.
William T. Pace Send Email
Talofa 01 Aug 2008
Wassup....well just wanted to say hi and send love out to everyone especially those that I served with (93'-95' Pres Ball). Hope that life is treatin y'all good and that you're at a point in life that you dreamed you'd be someday, even when you were "representing" fulltime back in our beloved mission of SAN JO!:)
Life is full of wonderful experiences and memories, and I'm grateful to have been blessed with the wonderful 2 yrs there, in which we met as strangers but parted as best of friends. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and watch over y'all & yours and fill your lives with happiness and success as he has mine. Thank you for the good times and great memories!!!!

Alofa Atu,

Edwin Stevenson
Edwin N. Stevenson Send Email
President Leo Douglas 29 Jul 2008
Just thought you would all like to know that President Leo Douglas (1987-1990) passed away July 27, 2008. You can see his obituary at the following link:
Brandon Briggs Send Email
New Album out soon 12 Dec 2007
For anyone interested my first album is coming out in early 2008. You can check out my website at if you're interested and can sign up to be on the mailing list of you'd like to keep updated on the CD release and upcoming shows. Thanks!
Merissa Wilson Send Email
Remember 09 Oct 2007
Sister Child and I often look at your photos in our CSJM Yearbooks, the Mission Application documents you all submitted to your bishop and stake president (and subsequently sent to me) and the wedding invitations. The memories of serving with you are important to us, as are each of you. Many attended the Mission Reunion on Friday. Thank you Elder Rowe and Elder and Sister Richins for assembling the many who attended. It was a wonderful evening. We trust each of you are sustaining the mission spirit with continued mission standards. Send us a note and let us know whats happening for you these days. With our love and best wished always. President and Sister Child 1996-1999.
President and Sister Child Send Email
¿Hola Como estar? 25 Sep 2007
I just what to say Hi to everybody. I have being just thinking about the mission lately. I hope everybody is just doing fine. I serviced 1997-1999. I have two boys Dominic and Jeremy, 5 and 3 yrs old. My wife is from Costa Rica and we were sealed in 2000 at the Houston Temple. Right now I work for the City of Boerne near San Antonio TX. If any of you are going to the next Pres. Childs reunion please tell them and everybody hi form me, Thanks. Hasta Luego Miss Amigos Su Hermano Gilberto Garcia
Gilberto A. Garcia Send Email
JR Drew 20 Sep 2007
Anyone have any contact with JR Drew, served 92-94?
Mark Evans Send Email
Gettin' hitched 09 May 2007
Hey folks, I'm happy to announce that my sweetheart Alice has agreed to marry me, and we'll be sealed in Oakland next month. Drop me a line. I'd love to catch up. Btw, anyone know how to reach Pres. and Sis. Fitzgerald? Thanks!
Jared Michael Jacobs Send Email
Sealing- Nauvoo Temple 04 Apr 2007
Hey Everyone! I just wanted let everyone know that my wife Carolina and I are getting sealed on May 5, 2007 in Nauvoo! Carolina & I are very excited, and wanted to drop an invite to anyone that will be in the Nauvoo area. If you want to attend the sealing guests should meet in the large sealing room no later than 9:30 AM.

What a blessing it is to have the gospel in our lives! There isn't a day that goes by that I do not think about the greatest mission in the world! Thanks for all the memories! Love you guys!

Joseph F. Doney
Joseph F. Doney Send Email
Sister Kaplan 25 Feb 2007
Anyone know the whereabouts of Sister Cheryl Kaplan? She lived in Aptos when I served in Watsonville in 96. Her husband's name was Gordon (he wasn't a member).

Also, any contact info for the following Elders: Abney, Posey, Phillip Tolman, Azua, Asay, Lund, and Meldrum. Thanks.
William Cottam Send Email
Mindy Sue Clark 16 Feb 2007
I am currently married to the Former Sister Mindy Sue Clark and would love to talk to anyone who served with her could you please contact me at my home or cell phone: (801) 604-7524 or (801) 302-2066
Douglas Roberts Send Email
Elder Isakson 03 Feb 2007
Isakson, Allen Glen-found in Mount Carmel, IL. He served around 1977-1979. I hope he reads this and replies to me soon. I need snail mail info as well as E-mail address. Thanks for the telephone call, Elder Isakson!
Terry L. Van Wormer Send Email
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