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the Bjur Family 23 Mar 2006
When I was serving in Nanaimo, I helped fellowship a newly converted family that were taught in Duncan, Mike and Wendy Bjur. The address and email I have for them are wrong, if anyone has any info on them please let me know. They have 1 girl and 4 boys, I would really like to see how they are doing. Please help.
Becky Michelle Jones Send Email
Spring Mission Reunion 23 Mar 2006
Update on Pres. and Sister Stewart's mission reunion on March 31, 2006, they would prefer if everyone will wear casual nice or Sunday attire. Hope to see you there.
Becky Michelle Jones Send Email
Merritt, B.C. 21 Mar 2006
In 1967 I was serving in Merritt, B.C. with Elder McKay, Sister Betts, and
Sister Price. At that time we were teaching an Russian gentleman with the
first name of Louie. He and his wife do not remember her name owned and
operated the old hospital as a Boarding house. I was transfered the first
of January 1968. If anyone served after that can you tell me if Louie and
his wife ever joined the church. There were others that we were teaching
when I left and I would also like to know about them and I cannot remember
any names. Please let me know if you were a missionary in Merritt a little
after that time.
Dean Marvin Callaway Send Email
Any Lamanite Missionaries?? 07 Mar 2006
Are there any from MY era?, I'm just wondering where they're all at??

Since I've been up here in Alaska I have met one Lamanite Elder from the early 1980's era.
An Elder Amundsen.

He was my CFI/Flight Instructor while I was living and working close to Fairbanks.

I recall many flights with him, though he didn't have much to say about the Mission years at the time, we were so busy flying.

I think that Amundsen is a great example of what theChurch did for him and his future.

He's married & with kids, with a life of his own.

And I too, am a good example of what theChurch did for Lamanites/theNatives.

I'm not the best, but am certainly not a bad example, but I'm proud of my life and achievements.

My life is this way because I chose it to be this way, with a little help from a few CVM associates as well.

I am reminded that in a good way, all Christians stand out from theWorld.

When I think of how Elder/CFI Amundsen noticed me and began asking me questions, trying to connect, that is an example of how we can see others that we are supposed to meet here in Mortality.

And with another good VPSO friend and fellow Saint that I met at the State Academy during my VPSO training.

This Nephite officer saw my garment tops and right away knew I was LDS.

Yet sadly, in a way, due to my childhood & youth with living in dysfunction situations and having all that negative influence around me I can now see that sickness in Other people much the same way that Good Vibes are picked up from good people.

At least these gifts help me in my line of work.

All you Lamanites know how to get hold of me.
As a few certainly have already.

Thanks for keeping in touch.

Elmer Samuel L Flyinghorse
Samuel L Flyinghorse Send Email
Elaine Jolicouer 27 Feb 2006
Does anyone have connections with the Richmond ward and can find out where Elaine Jolicouer moved to? Thanks!
Nicole Siple Send Email
Baby Boy!!! 07 Feb 2006
Jonathon Godbold was made a very proud father on Sunday Feb. 5th 2006 @ 1:07 pm. Landon Thomas Godbold is 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 inches long. Of course, just like his father, he is very good looking.
Jonathon Benjamin Godbold Send Email
Elder Pierce 12 Jan 2006
I'm Looking for Elder Pierce. He servied form 6/97 to 6/99. He is form Plesant Grove Utah. And if i remember right his first name is Ryan. We were in the MTC together and got busy after I returned home and tryed to contact him since with no success. Please if you have any info on him that will help me find him I'd ppreciate it. My email is and my Phone # is (209) 744-8594.
Aaron Mitchell Send Email
Helena Stuart 22 Nov 2005
Hi everyone,

I am looking for a wonderful woman who moved back to the Okanagan. I worked with her when I served in Surrey. It is Helena Stuart. I would like to get a hold of her again. The number I have isnt right so plase, if anyone has info on her, I would love it.

Misty Lynn Peterson Send Email
Looking for... 04 Sep 2005
Hey everyone I am looking for two people that I have lost contact with. First is Julie Gervais. She was living in Victoria and attending the Quadra ward. She has two sons named Tyson and Sacha. The other person is Brianna Logan she to was living in Victoria and attending the Quadra ward. I heard she might have moved to Vancouver. She has a little girl named Infinity and a little boy Cole. Please sent me any info that you may have. I was there from aug to dec of 2001.
Jane Musters Send Email
Pres. and Sis. Haight Mission Reunion 02 Sep 2005
Hey everyone! I spoke to the Haight's last week, and in the course of our conversation, Sis. Haight mentioned that she hadn't posted our reunion on the internet or in the newspaper yet, but that she would be doing that shortly. She asked me if I would also help them put the word out about the reunion, and I figured that this would be an easy way of doing so.

The Haight's will be holding the reunion on Friday, September 30th 2005. It will start between 7:00 and 7:30pm at their chapel in Sandy.

The Haight's also said that they will be posting information about it on the net and in the paper (as mentioned earlier). The time may or may not be subject to change, but any new information will be posted.

I hope this message finds everyone doing well, and I hope all that can will come to the reunion.
Chris Moore Send Email
Need Info 01 Sep 2005
Hi, I am trying to get in contact with Sister Stephanie Heggem. If any of you know any contact info could you please let me know.
Many thanks,
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens Send Email
very sad news regarding Kimball Hart 17 Aug 2005
For those of you who knew Elder Kimball Hart, I am sorry to say that he has recently passed away in a car accident. I have not heard how his wife and child faired in the crash but recieved word that they were traveling together near Coure de Laine Idaho when the accident happened. Those of you that knew him know he was a good man, and a good missionary. when and if i recieve more information i will try to post it here.
Joseph D McAllister Send Email
correct group address 23 Jul 2005
The correct Yahoo Group address to get to the home page is:
I hope to see you there
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens Send Email
New Yahoo Group 21 Jul 2005
Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know about a new yahoo group that was started to help us all get to know eachother and keep incontact as well as share e-mail addresses and phone numbers for companions. You can also share pictures and memories. The address is Mountain Top Mission and if you want to Subscribe the address is or go to and do a search for mountain top mission. hope to see you there
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens Send Email
Jeff Jones 16 May 2005
One of the most influential people I had the pleasure to serve with was Elder Jeff Jones. He and I served in Coquitlam under President and Sister Scott. The last I heard of him, was that he was studying Dentistry at the University of Utah. I have made extensive efforts to find him without success. If you know of his whereabouts or can put us in touch it would be greatfully appreciated.

Regards Steve Cobbett
Stephen David Cobbett Send Email
Amy Williams 15 May 2005
Hi All!!

I am trying to contact Sister Amy Amy Williams...does anyone have ANY contact information on her?



p.s. i'd love to hear from anyone that knows me too!!
Daisy Ann Arseneault Send Email
Looking for Mike 31 Mar 2005
Looking for Mike Butler. Any one in contact with him please let me know.
Bryan Gerald Sessions Send Email
Heidi Ostergaard 31 Mar 2005
I am trying to track down a former companion of mine. Does anyone have contact info. for Heidi Ostergaard. We served together under Pres. Colton from about Oct. - Dec. 1997. Thanks!
Nicole Rasmussen Send Email
Anyone Remember Us? 31 Mar 2005
Hi we are the Perry's. We still live in Powell River . We served a mission down at the Mission office in Richmond.

We would love to hear from ANYONE that might remember us. Our door is always open.

Walter & Anne Perry
Walter Orville Perry Send Email
Elder Clifford Shawn Lee 31 Mar 2005
Just wanted to know if anyone knows the whereabouts or e-mail address of Elder Clifford Shawn Lee. He served here in BC in about 1985 - 1987. He was from Utah.
Walter Orville Perry Send Email
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