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Temple trip for the Stewart's missionaries 13 Feb 2005
John Beard and I are trying to organize a temple trip for missionaries that served under President Stewart ('02-'05). We are planning on going to the Provo Temple at 6:30 this Friday. We will meet in the waiting room just inside in front doors so that we can all go in together. If anyone is interested in coming, please let me know so we can have a head count of who's coming. We hope to do more of these in the future so let us know if you would be interested or if other times and places work better for you. Hope to hear from people soon.
Michael David Ulrich Send Email
geneology photos 26 Jan 2005
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My grandfather (Victor Cummings) served in the Canada Mission from 1940-1943. He was compiling at one time a photo album for a mission reunion (possibly for several years served, not just his own mission years), many years back. He did not finish it, however, and after he passed away, the photo albums came to me. Many of the photos were just loaned, not given as a permanent gift, and I would like to find their rightful owners, or their children & grandchildren. If you are interesting in seeing if I can send you any of these photos for your geneology, please contact me.

Sincerely, Mary W.
Mary C. Williams Send Email
pictures 24 Jan 2005
Hi, I am currently building a website for the mission, and would like any pictures you can give me. could you also please include a caption of the picture. many thanks,
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens Send Email
Looking for Elder Cunningham 19 Nov 2004
I'm looking for an Elder that served in the Burnaby area in '95 named Elder Cunningham. He was in my dad's ward (juan Garcia)He also served in Prince George and knew my aunt Alba Llarena. Anyways I've always wanted to let him know the impact that he and his companion made in my life. He visited with my brother and I, at my dad's house, a time when I had fallen away from the church. He had no idea that he was an instrument in the Lord's hand that would bring me toward's the road back to church.
Now I'm a fully active member, have served in various important callings and I was married in the temple in June '04. Since my reactivation there has been a huge chain reaction that has ressulted in family memebers becoming active again that were there at my temple sealing that i never thought would be and also family that has joined the church.
I just wanted to let him know that his work was on his mission was done even if he had just visited with me. I appreciate his willingness to serve and I want to tell him thank you.
If any of you know him or had served with him and know where he is today please email me.
Susan Price (Garcia) Send Email
Lost person 15 Nov 2004
Looking for Trevor Helm - anyone who can help with phone numbers and addresses will go straight to


Mark Williams Send Email
looking 09 Nov 2004
looking for elders jason timothy (timoton!) and matt songster. 'round '97-'99 or so. spanish speaking elders they were.
email this one
Jay Chilton Send Email
Looking 01 Nov 2004
Hi. I'm looking for the whereabouts of a few of my past companions. I served in 1998-2000.

I am wondering the Whereabouts of Elder Fred Tucker (UT), Elder Merlin Campbell (UT), and Elder Joseph Saline (CA). If you know the whereabouts of any of these individuals please feel free to drop me an e-mail or a note. I miss these bretheren very much and would like to get in contact with them again.

Thank you.

Michael Keeping
Michael Keeping Send Email
Cindy DeGlow/Monique Godby 26 Oct 2004
Anyone who served in Penticton during 2000 - 2002 probably remebers Cindy DeGlow and Monique Godby. They were two fun and cooky friends who LOVED the missionaries and usually fed us liver. Monique is a member, but has had problems with activity and Cindy met the missionaries and was baptized through her association with Monique. Sadly Cindy passed away this summer from a blood clot that went to her lungs. Monique is having a hard time, but doing better than I thought she would be. Recently she received a bunch of pictures and things that she really feels like Cindy would want her missionary friends to have. Monique mentioned a few people by name (sort of) "Kerin Fulton, Sis. Careen Robertson, Jennifer King, Sis. Richards, Elder Flinders, Elder Warner, an elder from England, an elder from I think New York that looks like J.F.K. jr. and Elder Brimhall." If you are any of those people, or know how to get a hold of them please let me know. Also if you are ANYONE else the knew Cindy and Monique I think that Monique would love to hear from you. You can e-mail me at: Thank you! - Natalie (Larson) Tibbs
Natalie Tibbs Send Email
lookin for anyone 04 Oct 2004
Hello all you RM's. Im looking for anyone who
Served in the mish during Pres Knight- Haight. I served from Sep 2000-2002. Im currently living in Orem Ut and my move soon closer to SLC,UT. If your in the area and want to get together let me know. You can e-mail me at I wondering about the used to be Siser Jennifer Grover. I heard you were in the area. If so e-mail me. Anyone can call me at 801-372-3135. that is my cell
David F. Taylor Send Email
Pres. Baker SSI 16 Aug 2004
I am looking for Pres. Baker's email. I have moved, had a child, and have lost contact with him since the move and would like to regain his contact information.
If anyone has it, please email me at
C. Beckman
Cort Beckman Send Email
Summer Party Aug 7th 28 Jul 2004
The missionaries in the Salt Lake City area are all getting together at President and Sister Haight's house on Saturday August 7th for a barbeque. We will also be playing some sports and other games before we go to the Haights in the evening.
Everyone who can make it is invited!! Please email me or call me 801-583-3891.
It will be SO MUCH FUN. Please try and make it.
Adrian Musters Send Email
Donna Merrill (Trapp) 05 Apr 2004
Donna called me yesterday and wanted to thank everyone in the mission that was praying for her daughter Ashley Lenz and her two friends that were the victims of a hit and run accident in Utah where Donna is now living. Ashley has had a miraculous recovery and is doing better now. Donna was re-activated a couple of years ago when she was a member of my Ward in Kelowna, BC. She is doing great and her testimony has been strengthened. Bishop Bill Spittle
William Robert Murray Spittle Send Email
I invite you.... 05 Apr 2004
Dec 2004. Thank you for helping me, those that did participate in my request for references pertaining to my most recent applications (Apr 04) into the AST (Alaska State Troopers). Sadly, I have received a rejection letter from them last week. But on the bright side of things I am still continuing to work with them in this vocation of Public Safety. I only ask for such mission references because the background Investigators are going back beyond 10 yrs. I did gather people I knew back in 2nd grade. I'm glad my life has been clean and good. It's a lesson in accountability. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Elder Samuel L. Flyinghorse
Samuel L Flyinghorse Send Email
See my son say hi! 03 Apr 2004
My son, Elder Packwood is currently on the can van mission. Say hi to him for me if you see him. Thanks
brenda mills Send Email
looking for Pat Nash 15 Mar 2004
Is there anybody who knows Pat Nash. I met here during my mission in 1978 - 1980, in Victoria. The last information I have is that she married to Russell Wonnacott and lives in Pounce Coupe BC. But that is very old information.
Hope to hear from someone.
Guus Kabel Send Email
looking for people 18 Feb 2004
I served from 1996-1998, I am looking for a copule of elders and sisters, Sister Hallingshead, Justin Pernound, Kevin Randall, Dave Knor, and Joseph Ashkroft and Sister Oiler. Hey if anyone out there has or knows any information on how to get in-touch with any of these people could you please give me some insite. Thanks Stevan R.J. Hinck
Stevan R.J. Hinck Send Email
Elder Lydon 16 Feb 2004
My husband Kirk and I are looking to contact Elder Lydon. He served in our area (Duncan) for awhile. We just want to say hello and see how things are going. We can be reached by email. If anyone has any information, it would be much appreciated.
Amy Schofield Send Email
Looking for David H. 15 Feb 2004
Hi everyone, I am looking for the contact info for David Hrominchuck (sp) in Victoria. He used to have the Sharky's Resturant there in the Colwood/Langford area for those of you who have partaken of his delectable fish sticks. Man, I have never had there equal, (and I have never lost the weight they made me gain)

By the way there are many members that I love and think about from the Victoria 3rd Ward, and Vic YSA. Love ya, call me sometime!

Brad York
William Bradford York Send Email
Reuniting 15 Jan 2004
Hi! My husband's name is John Jackett, you can see his profile here. He served from 2000-2002. He thinks about everybody he met on his mission quite a lot, but he's pretty busy so never gets around to doing anything about it. We're thinking of coming to visit all his areas where he served soon. So if anybody knew him PLEASE email him to say a nice little 'hello'. Even if you didn't know him very well. He's most likely talked about you! He's talked about SO many people, and lots of people that he barely knew. His email address is: He would ABSOLUTLY LOVE to hear from anybody in BC!
The Wife of John J. Jackett, Leighton Jackett (pronounced "Laytin") HAVE A GREAT DAY!
John Jeffery Jackett Send Email
Michael E Nielsen Send Email
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