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Nathanael Adams

Mission Served: Mexico Chihuahua
Dates Served: 8/92-8/94
Employer: LDS CES, Academia Juárez
Job Title: Secondary English/ESL Teacher
Church Calling(s): High Council, Colonia Juárez Stake
Hobbies: Reading everything from Grisham to Nibley, playing with my children, learning new languages, watching good flicks, trying and erring with computers, and doing any kind of physical movement that gets me off my rear end (usually basketball, volleyball, or tennis)
Comments: My wife, Guadalupe Corona, should be given a medal for putting up with me. I think the only reason she does is that we make great looking, brilliant kids together (Natali, Andra, Aaron, ?)
Mission web site(s) currently maintaining:Mexico Chihuahua
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