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Obituary: Richard Tobler 22 Sep 2016
Richard Garland Tobler, 72, passed away unexpectedly September 18, 2016. - See more at
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Missionary opportunities in family history 29 Apr 2016
See this document for missionary opportunities in family history -
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2016 Chilean Mission Reunion 24 Mar 2016
Dear alumni and friends of the Chilean Mission,

This year’s event is in one week, on Friday, April 1, 2016 at the Lehi Utah North Stake Center. Please refer to our email of March 15, 2016 or you can visit for details. If you are planning to attend and have not already sent your RSVP by return email together with the names of those attending with you, please do so by Monday, March 28, 2016. This will allow us to plan for adequate seating and to prepare a name badge in advance for you and your guests. We thank you if you have already responded; there is no need to respond a second time.

The mission reunion is an excellent opportunity to share your personal mission souvenirs. This can include pictures, picture albums, journals, mission publications, letters, books, clothing items and other reminisces from your mission in Chile. If you have had the opportunity to make subsequent trips or serve another mission in the country, please feel free to share these souvenirs also.

Please let us know by return email if you plan to exhibit items so that we can have adequate space for your display. In the past few years this part of our annual activity has had less and less prominence and we believe that this is a valuable part of reconnecting with the country, its people and culture.

Finally, we also take advantage of this opportunity to ask that if you are using an email address that is associated with your employment, that you provide us with a personal email address. The reason we make this request is that more and more of our alumni and friends are retiring every year. Frequently, as you retire, your work email address is cancelled. This requires a significant amount of follow up on the part of the reunion committee. In addition, if you have moved or changed your main telephone number, please advise us by return email of your new information.

We thank you for your support and cooperation.

The Chilean Mission Reunion Committee, 1956 to 1975
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2016 Reunion Newsletter 23 Mar 2016
The 2016 Chilean Mission Reunion (1956 to 1975) will be held Friday, April 1, 2015 at the Lehi Utah North Stake Center located at 650 East 3200 North, Lehi, UT 84043, from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Find details at
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Chilean Independence Day Celebration 2015 29 Aug 2015
Dear friends of the Chilean Mission,

We invite you to join us in celebrating Chilean Independence Day at a wonderful Gala at the Salt Lake City downtown Sheraton Hotel on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. We love you for all you did for the people of our dear country. It will be an honor to have you present that day. The program includes:

- Honoring the flags of the United States and Chile
- Dinner including an empanada, a Chilean main dish and dessert
- Folkloric show featuring cuecas and other dances from Chile
- Silent auction: All proceeds will be donated to The Angelman Syndrome Kids of Utah
- Show and dancing with MC and DJ Victor Lopez
- Celebration of the first Copa America won by the Chilean soccer team in 2015

Most of all, it will be a great opportunity to join us and visit with friends that you met while you were in Chile.

The cost of the ticket is a tax-deductible donation of only $35.00 per person. For reservations please call me at (801) 882-3805.

Best regards,

Miguel Angel Alvear
Vice President
Chile Una Postal Corp (Chile Beautiful like a Postcard)​
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Obituary: Melvin Eugene Drake 14 Aug 2015
Melvin Eugene "Gene" Drake passed away Aug 7, 2015. He served in the Chilean Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His obituary is at,MelvinEugene'Gene'-150807.pdf
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Obituary: Randy Kim Oliver 11 Aug 2015
Randy Kim Oliver passed away Aug 6, 2015 in Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Utah. He served in the Chilean Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His obituary is at,RandyKim-150806.pdf
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Obituary: Lanny Bruce Garrison 13 May 2015
Lanny Bruce Garrison passed away May 8, 2015 in South
Jordan, Utah. He served in the Chilean Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His obituary is at,LannyBruce-05-08-2015.pdf
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Looking for Elder Craig Lewis 08 May 2015
Craig Lewis (Chilean Mission about 1966-1968) was my first companero - a great experience and a great missionary. Please let me know if you know where he is now. Elder Paul (Tom) Burdett
P Thomas Burdett Jr Send Email
Elder Craig Lewis 25 Apr 2015
Just trying to connect with Elder Craig Lewis formerly of Coronado CA. We served together in Las Condes in mid-1967. BTW, Elder Warren is looking for Elder Ruben Munguia (the email system was not allowing messages). I served with Elder Munguia and he was from El Paso TX, rather than San Antonio, TX.


(Paul) Tom Burdett
P Thomas Burdett Jr Send Email
Diego Cabazas O 02 Feb 2015
I would like to get in contact with Diego Cabazas. I taught him in 1974 and I would like to catch up on what he has done since. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please contact me at
Carl Summers Send Email
2015 Chilean Mission Reunion 25 Jan 2015
The 2015 Chilean Mission Reunion (1956 to 1975) will be held Friday, April 3, 2015 at the Pheasant Pointe
Utah Stake Center located at 857 West 3200 North, Lehi, UT 84043, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Details at
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Obituary: Joseph Charles Taylor 13 Dec 2014
Elder Joseph Charles Taylor passed away December 10, 2014. He served in the Chilean Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1964-1967. His obituary is at,JosephCharles-12-10-2014.pdf
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Obituary: David Martin Smith 09 Dec 2014
David Martin Smith passed away November 29, 2014. He served in the Chilean Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His obituary is at,DavidMartin-11-29-14.pdf.
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Obituary: Harvey Richard Hulme 23 Oct 2014
Harvey Richard Hulme passed away in his home October 17, 2014 after a courageous battle with cancer. He served in the Chilean Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His obituary is at,HarveyR.-10-14-14.pdf.
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Obituary: Mark Reuben Huber 05 Oct 2014
Elder Mark Reuben Huber served as an LDS missionary in Chile from 1968 to 1970. His obituary is at
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Relief efforts for April's Valpariso fire 17 Jun 2014
You are probably aware that on April 12, 2014 a wildfire started in the hillside of Valparaiso, Chile. By the time it was extinguished over four days later an estimated 2,500 homes were destroyed, 500 people were injured and there were fifteen confirmed fatalities.

To support the relief effort in Valparaiso, a group of Chilean saints and three Chilean – American organizations in Utah are sponsoring a charity event this Saturday, June 21, 2014 in Salt Lake City, UT. The purpose of this event is to gather funds to support those who have been left homeless as a result of the devastating fire.

Details are in the "Links" section of the Chilean Mission Alumni website at
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The following was submitted by Douglas Pulsipher 27 Oct 2013
Is it possible to get this message out to all of the alumni? We need someone to replace us in our assignment.

Sally and I have been serving here in the Concepcion Mission for the last year. Our mission is done the end of March. We have successfully recruited Elder Joseph & Lela Scholes and they are arriving around 1 December to our mission.

We really need someone to replace us. I am serving as 1st counselor in the mission presidency and have been overseeing the 2 districts in our mission - Linares and Parral. President Arrington has called a 2nd counselor who now oversees Linares and I have Parral.
We have a fantastic 3 bedroom apartment on the 13th floor 2 blocks north of the main plaza in Chillán. It is like a second mission home. President & Sister Arrington stay with us whenever they travel to this part of the mission and need to stay overnight.

Our assignment has been Member and Leader Support (MLS). We have a lot of flexibility and have been involved in developing a system to find all of the lost members of the Church here in Chile. The activity rate is only 10% so there is a lot of work to be done. We work closely with the local leaders and the missionaries in "el rescate."

If you are interested and available to get here in March President Arrington can make that happen. It is so awesome to be able to serve in Chile again with these sweet believing people. Please let me know ASAP so we can get everything arranged (

Doug & Sally Pulsipher
Blaine Nay Send Email
Milo Cope 30 Apr 2013
Does anybody know anything about Milo Cope? He was from Colorado and served 1969-1971 or so.
Kelly Robert Grieve Send Email
Old Photos of Las Condes 28 Mar 2013

When Dee Dee and I traveled to Santiago last December, we met Antonio Gutierrez, a member of the Las Condes ward, who holds a civil service position in Las Condes. He would like to collect enough photos of old Las Condes to put on a photo exhibition. If you have any old Las Condes photos, please send them to me at


Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor Send Email
Elder Bybee-operation 18 Nov 2012
My name is Elder Donald R. Papa. I am trying to contact an Elder Bybee. I do not know his first name. I believe he was from Nevada. He was operated on in Talca on May 5, 1967. This experience was a miracle. In that Elder Bybee went straight to the Mission Home from the hospital, I do not know if he knows all of the details. Elder Donald R. Papa
Donald Rogers Papa Send Email
Trip to Chile 12 Nov 2012
My wife Dee Dee and I are excited about our upcoming trip to Chile. I arrived there to serve a mission 50 years ago (I arrived in Chile November 7, 1962). So we are eager to see the country now and do some exploring. In the plans are excursions to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, then a flight to Osorno to see the lake country and the volcano (volcan Osorno) from the vantage point of the lakeside village of Fruitillar. We'll spend the night there and then take a 9-hour bus trip from Osorno to Concepcion so we can see all the beautiful countryside in southern Chile. Then we fly back from Concepcion to Santiago. We'd like to see the mission home in Las Condes where I served as public relations director for the last 9 months of my mission as well as visit the Chilean Temple and attend church (we'll be there two Sundays). Looking forward to the food (empanadas, pastel de choclo, escalopa, and especially the strawberries this time of year). Can't wait!!
Mick Taylor Send Email
Phone number changed in Chile 09 Oct 2012
Over the next few months Chile is changing its phone numbers for many cities and regions. Basically, the digit "2" is being added to the local telephone number. This was done in 2007 for the Concepción and Valparaíso Regions.

You'll find more information at
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Actividad Grupo Pionero, 12 al 15 de octubre, Anto 08 Oct 2012
Actividad Grupo Pionero
12 al 15 de octubre 2012
Antofagasta, II Región, Chile

Viernes 12:
Recepción a las 20:00 horas
Edificio Instituto de Religión
Avelino Contardo
(Tenida informal)

Sábado 13:
Tour por la ciudad a las 11:00 horas
Salida: Edificio Instituto de Religión
Almuerzo: Edificio Instituto a las 13:30 horas
Taller: "Nuestros Recuerdos y Experiencias" de 15:00 a 17:00 horas
Charla Fogonera a las 19:00 horas
(Tenida informal)

Domingo 14:
Asistencia a la capilla que corresponda
Actividad Estaca Antofagasta a las 19:00 horas
Capilla Salar
(Tenida formal)

Lunes 15:
Reunión de Testimonios a las 9:00 de la mañana
Lugar: Capilla Barrio Orígenes
Almuerzo a las 13:00 horas
Reunión de clausura a las 14:30 horas(Tenida formal)

Para mayor información, favor de contactar:
Hermana Rosa Tabilo,; teléfono: 55-795457
Blaine Nay Send Email
Loving God 02 Oct 2012
When I joined the church, my families like most of the Chileans were Catholics.
In August 1970 just a month away from the presidential election in Chile, two missionaries came into my home. The country was extremely poor, and most of the Chileans were suffering the poverty; they also were afraid that something is going to happen that was going to be very violent as the result of the political and economic internal situation of the country.
It was probably very hard for the young missionaries to be in a third-world country and to acclimatize themselves to the changes from their first-world country comfort to the culture of the third world, food, dangerous transportation, uncomfortable homes that they were not used to live, not trusting the medical facilities when they were sick and top of all the country political situation..
Most likely that many of you were very much home sick at the beginning of your mission, but the only thing that I‘m sure of is that Chileans were given you the love and support necessary to go on and work in a poor and foreign country so far away from home.
Those years were very hard for all the members and missionaries especially with hostility of the political intolerance toward the Americans.
My family received the gospel in the worst situation, not only what was going in the country at that moment, but also in our own private life.
My father was in the Chilean Army for many years. He was not in a regular regiment. It was a separate branch; most of his job was done in program in conjunction with the American Army.
His salary plus the bonus monies for the all jobs done when he was away in the field (the frontier with Bolivia, Peru and Argentina) was paid in American dollars. He was away from our family many months, so my mother almost raises us as a single parent.
Our family was well off than many Chilean families until the change of the Chilean president in the 1960s that removed the portion of the salaries in US dollars for the Chilean personnel.
My father a good and quiet person felt into a deep depression that leads him into the dependency of the alcohol to cope with the changes. In July 1970, my parents split.

My older sister and my brother in law they were American citizens’ and living in the US since 1964. She told us due to the situation of Chile to come and live in the United Stated; we were a big family, and only the eldest could come to work and help the rest to the family. I was the third oldest and I came to live in the US in 1972.

The scenario was not easy for us, but my mother raised as a faithful catholic had the faith to say that God was only hope for us to face the difficulties.

I didn’t know those years what exactly faith was. I thought that all I needed is to be good and go to a church.

I had a childhood friend, my best friend Alicia. She was a chubby girl, and she suffered from diabetes type I. She was blonde with no visible eyelashes and eyebrows; she wore thick eyeglasses and had crooked front teeth. The school kids used to make fun of her look, but I never cared about her look because she was my best friend.
We grow up together; her family was very Catholic, her mother and father always invited a Catholic priest to visit her home.
As a catholic she used to go faithfully to the Sunday’s mass, but she could not go alone because of her health, most of the times she didn’t have money to buy her medicines. One time she had an episode of temporary blindness and she couldn’t see anything for almost and hour. She always came to my house so we can go together to the mass.

When the elders Pettijohn and Franson were teaching us the Gospel, I never told them that occasionally I was going to the Sunday’s mass with my friend.
Elder Pettijohn was a very strong missionary, and many times he was upset with me because I was late, or if I missed the church’s meetings. I was sure that he wouldn’t accept it if I had told him the truth that I was still going to the Catholic Church.
I was afraid that they could get angry with the family and wouldn’t come back to our home again.
The teaching of the charlas using a display board and the slide shows it was new to us and we enjoyed a lot. Elder Franson did not speak much; he was very “verdecito” and most of the time elder Pettijohn did all the talking.
Their church was very different and their teaching differs from any other Christian religion. When we went the LDS church the first time the meetings were not like repeating the prayers of neither the catholic’s priest nor what he said during the mass.
The hardest part for me was to find out for myself if the church was true or not.

I am still a kind of analytical person, so I was always very skeptic about everything.

However I got very impressed when elder Pettijohn bore his testimony about Jesus Christ. I had never seen anyone that showed so much love for Jesus as he did, his testimony was so powerful and so strong that his face had a special glow when he said it.
His testimony did something in my mind that I couldn’t forget his face for a few days bearing his testimony that Jesus loves us and He is our Savior.

It had to be the Holy Ghost was sending a message through him that touched my heart.

I felt very bad with myself and I knew that I needed to know more about the church.

The elders gave me books to read I just flipped the pages without reading it. After elder Pettijohn’s testimony, I then started to read all the books and I had begun to understand.
I guess I was a little intimidated about the whole thing I didn't want to admit that I was so afraid to find the truth I realized then that I had begun to weaken in my “so logical” thoughts.
Most likely, Elder Pettijohn will never read this, but he planted his faith in my heart and his love for Jesus. That was faith that I needed and helped me to cope with so many tragic moments that hit the entire Tapia’s family many times, years later.
He taught me the love for Jesus and what is faith. Therefore, he always will be in my memory and with special gratitude in my heart, even though I never saw him again.

I joined the church a few months later. When I told my friend Alicia that I changed my religion, she was very upset with me and she said; God will punish you. (This scared me for a while).

After we joined the church and a new set of missionaries visit us for a while, elder Burr and elder Ruiz Diaz, we had so much fun with them that my mother said that elder Burr was “el mas chileno de todos los gringos” and elder Ruiz Diaz was so “cariñoso” that my mother “adopted” this pair of missionaries as her own sons. We have nice memories about them.
During my life I have faced death four times, and many terrible things that happened and I realized that if I had not had the strength and if I had not had the faith to move on with my life I could never have coped with everything that I went through.
I know now that these things happen for a reason; I had to become stronger but most of all to have the faith to overcome all difficulties that life bring.

I’m writing all this is because I want you all know that your job as missionaries was not in vain. Despite what all ex-Mormons are saying about the church?
It bothered me very much what I had been reading about the Mormon Church from ex- Mormons.
This is going on in the internet for a while, especially now that the Republican Party candidate is a Mormon. It seems to me that it’s all political but is getting too hostile.
I’m wondering, what is this? Is the apostasy the prophets of church were announcing for the later days?

Se que vienen tiempos muy duros para la iglesia, lo unico que se, es que los miembros y ex-misioneros han hecho su trabajo por amor a Dios y nadie puede cambiar esto, aunque la iglesia enseñara una falsa doctrina, Dios sabe que lo hicieron por amor a El.

I really hope that all the ex- missionaries that served their mission in Chile, remain strong believers and have not abandoned the church.
No one who truly loves God could possibly be so obedient and humble to live the life of a Mormon, unless you have enough faith to believe that the Church’s beliefs are true.
You must to really love God, and you have to be a believer to assimilate all the church teachings. We know this is not easy because is too much to believe.
Most the missionary work was a labor of love to Him and God knows that.

Espero no haber aburrido con todo este relato, pero queria decirles, que aunque digan lo que digan, yo creo que la iglesia tiene gente que vale mucho, porque son fuertes y Dios necesita de personas fuertes.

God bless,

Silvia Tapia- Barlow
Silvia Tapia Send Email
Looking for a friend 05 Aug 2012
I like to locate Norman Whiting and Sheri. Also Bob and Darlene Duke. Please give any info of their phone or email. Thanks
Roberto Hermes Romero Send Email
Mission Call 05 Aug 2012
Sally & I have been called to the Chile Concepcion Mission reporting September 24 - 44 years + 1 day since I went to te SLC Mission home. Our assignment is member & leadership support. We are thrilled. We'll be living in Talca. I served in Constitucion. We can't wait.
Douglas Wayne Pulsipher Send Email
Michael C. Flowers 03 May 2012
Brother Flowers served in the Chilean Mission from 1962 to 1965.

His obituary is at
Blaine Nay Send Email
Jeffrey Taggart 07 Feb 2012
Longtime Cody businessman Jeffrey J. Taggart, 57, died at his home Monday, Feb. 6, 2012. He died of natural causes and will missed by all. He loved his mission and always loved and lived the gospel. He truly was an great example of Christ's gospel.

Services will be at 10 a.m. Friday at the LDS Stake Center on Heart Mountain Street in Cody, Wyoming. His obituary will be posted Wednesday at
Jim Taggart Send Email
Request for missionaries serving during the Golpe 27 Nov 2011
To Returned Chilean missionaries serving on September 11, 2011

About five years ago I started putting fingers to keyboard and began writing a “based on a real story” novel about my mission to Chile from 1973 to 1975 that will likely be titled “Unintended Witness”. It is a work intended for a general (including non-Mormon) audience. It contains several general themes that include “people can and do rise to the occasion during difficult times (e.g. the Golpe del Estado and the hyperinflation), we frequently do not see the positive results of the good work we are doing, and LDS missions prepare young men and women to effectively deal with life’s challenges.

Since the “Chile Novel” has been my hobby project, the progress on the book has been sporadic due to life’s demands until recently. On October 17, 2011, I took a nasty fall that left me with a badly broken left leg and a ruptured quadriceps tendon and a broken ankle in my right leg. This resulted in several weeks when I could not work at my regular employment, but gave me time to write. I have completed about half of the book and hope to at least draft the rest before I return to work in a few weeks.

The last chapter of the book is envisioned to be an “epilogue” chapter briefly outlining the lives and accomplishments of many of the 150 missionaries that were serving in Chile during the Golpe. From the bits and pieces of information gleamed from the Chile Mission website, we turned out to be an exceptional group of individuals who have made significant contributions to church, government, private industry, and our professions.

I would like to potentially include your 1-3 paragraph biographical summary in this chapter. However, for me to do this I will need to obtain some information from you. Please put together your own bio-sketch that includes your:

Branches/wards you served in Chile
Your September 11, 1973 story
Church accomplishments
Education accomplishments
Occupation and professional accomplishments
Family accomplishments
Anything that you think would be interesting our unique about you that you would like to be included.

I cannot guarantee that the book will be published or you bio will be part of it. I will likely have to edit what you have written. However, please view this request as a way of potentially honoring you for your service to the Chilean people. Please send the information as an attachment to or by mail to my home address: 17189 Pickwick Drive, Purcellville, VA 20132. Feel free to call at 540-338-4630.

Best regards,

Carl R. Summers, Ph.D.
Formally, Elder Carl Summers
Chile Santiago Mission, 1973-1975
Carl Summers Send Email

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