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President Charles Gary Sorensen

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Spouse: Elayne
Served: 1987 - 1990
Associated Alumni
Dearest Missionaries,

We want all of you to know just how much we love you and would love to hear from you !!! Some how...through the years...our love is still strong for you and when we had our reunion in June...it was a step back into time....(It might have been a slower STEP...but we enjoyed every minute of our time with you).

We only wish We could have spent the time on the phone and in sending letters to each one of you personally...instead of
using the Internet to try and find all of you. We feel really bad about that...and hope you'll forgive us and let's try and get in-touch with each other before the next reunion...OK !!

My email address is elaynelsorensen@yahoo.com That is a small L inbetween my first and last name...for Leavitt !!! Smile !! It sometimes looks like a one to me !!! But I'm new at this computer stuff anyway !! Double Smile !!!

Sheila married Troy Allen Kartchner and they have 6 children. The last two were twins ( A boy and a girl ) They just built a new home in Hyrum.

Shawn has been married and has 6 children and lives in Cache Valley.

Shane is also living and working in Cache Valley. He has been married and has 2 boys.

Steve lives in Hyrum right across the street from where we use to live, too. While we were serving in Argentina...he brought the love of his life...down to meet us. Her name is Teri Rockhill. They were married July 7, 2006, in the Bountiful Temple. We had been home from Argentina only 2 days.

Shalyse married Dan Larsen and has 4 children and is living right next to Stevie...which is across the street from where we use to live.

Shad completed his mission in Brazil in Nov. of 04.

We have 21 Grandchildren and love them all so much !!!
Our phone number is 435-245-3825 Cell: 435-881-6095 Gary
Elayne 435-535-6555

We would love to hear from each of you and will look forward to that.


Pres. Gary & Hna. Elayne Sorensen

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