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Stories: Barahona Trip in "el Wimpy"

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Barahona Trip in "el Wimpy" 03 Apr 2003
I was serving as zone leader in the Barahona zone. The zone had performed very well the month before so we had been invited as a zone to go to the capital and visit pte Madrid. We used the mission van, appropriately named "Wimpy" for our trip. We all loaded up in Wimpy and headed out of Barahona. We noticed that everything seemed to be very quiet around the city, however we thought nothing of it (a little foreshadowing here). On the highway outside of town we started noticing some strange things: rocks on the road, downed telephone poles, rolls of barbed wire. We were beginning to get a little nervous. We decided it was time to turn around when we came upon two rows of burning tires. Right as I slowed down to turn around several men jumped out of the bushes and attacked us with rocks. In no time several windows were broken and we were freaking out. The Spirit kicked in and strengthened Wimpy (and all of us I believe) - I've never seen that van take off so quickly!! Once we were away we examined each other for injuries and were very blessed that no one was injured. A couple of the elders kept some of the rocks found later in Wimpy as souveneirs. Just a testament that missionaries are protected when on the Lord's errand.
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