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Posted by Paulette Black on August 22, 19100 at 07:58:01:

This is a report from a site which tracks hurricanes in the Caribbean.
I reside in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I am an insurance broker
working with the largest insurance brokerage firm in our island. I just
wanted to aide you in providing an update on what the current situation is
here. As usual, panic has not yet set in. You would think that with the
experience we have with hurricanes, we would be starting preparations now,
but regretfully, Dominicans don't prepare until the last minute. We have a
saying that Dominicans lock their doors after we have been robbed. This
applies to everything. However, in our defense, the government has never
helped us in our task of planning ahead. The information government
provides is usually not oportune and most likely incorrect. In addition,
the government makes no preparations such as trimming the trees that are
close to the power lines and telephone lines or releasing the dams to
minimize possible damages. In addition, there has been no list published in
the newspapers with possible shelters for the people with inadequate housing.

Today is a beautiful day here, which is a shame, because people affirm
their belief that the hurricane won't hit us and prepare even less. Us, in
the insurance community, however, have started since yesterday, all
possible preparations, being that Debby is following practically the same
path as Georges, which caused serious damages to our country.

We hope that divine providence will see it so that Debby spares us. For
third world countries such as ours, the damages are catastrophic because
there is usually no money to repair them. We still have destroyed bridges
(a gift from Georges) that still have not been repaired.

- DR update
From: DR1
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 08:42:32 -0400
The Dominican government Center for Emergency Operations met yesterday and
coordinators from 15 government organizations discussed preparations as the
DR is on the path of Hurricane Debby. President Hipólito Mejía called an
emergency meeting of the National Emergency Committee at the National Palace
for today at 8 am.

The latest weather reports though show the DR may be spared from the
hurricane. The hurricane now is expected to pass slightly to the North. If
this track is maintained, only the North Coast will feel the effect of the
storm, with no major damage expected. Regardless, everyone is glued to the
TV, Internet or at least the radio for updates. In Santo Domingo, skies are
sunny, but blue-grey and the breeze is picking up.

Meanwhile, preparations are in process. With the memory of Hurricane Georges
(1998) so close, people take hurricanes seriously here.

The DR1 Daily News is providing updates as news on preparations and the
hurricane becomes available. The URL is

Dolores Vicioso

- debby-22 aug, 8:00 local
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 08:13:10 -0400
Jarabacoa, 22-aug-2000, 08:00 am.
Concerning TS/Hur Debbie


Government issued Hurricane warning for the north coast during night,
some got it to the morning coffee.

Slowly people are realizing what is happening - newscasts have been
The general reaction is very calm, and even positive - "bring out the
and all dirty laundry - God is bringing water!" (Something government
failed to bring for many years!)

People go to work as normal, an occasional pessimist bringing an


Cloudy, and considerably colder than yesterday (wish I had a
thermometer, but
approx 17-18 C). Watery, low clouds, satellite imagery shows them to be
extending "tail" of Debby. Light precipitation in periods. Almost


Further reports as of electricity availability.


- Update
From: "Daryoush & Ann Fanaian"
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 12:22:23 -0500
Santiago, Dominican Republic. Here we are again...though Gert hoped we
wouldn't need it, since he's gone fishing, we're back in business...that is,
tracking Debbie. Of course, nothing yet in our vicinity, we will keep track
of what happens to those ahead of us. Debbie is still a Tropical Storm,
which is comforting, Georges was devastating.

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