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Eric Huber
  Senior Systems Analyst
  American Investment Bank, N.A.
  Wife: Tina
  Children: Emily (7), Weston (4),
  Harmony (3) and William (2mos)
  Bountiful, Utah
Mission Served
  Bolivia Cochabamba (1984-86)
  English, Spanish
Formal Education
  BA: Utah State University
  MS: Utah State University (BIS)
Current Church Calling
  Ward Financial Clerk

Bro. Huber became involved with the LDS Mission Network back in 1995 with the creation of the Bolivia Mission Page. As a programmer and developer, he has been involved with projects outside of web development since 1990, but the Bolivia Mission Page was the first web project attempted. Since then he has contributed to the mission database arena with his version of RMDatabase (RMdB versions 2-4), a cgi script database that individual maintainers can configure and use on their own accounts.

Bro. Huber, along with Bro. Derek Hansen, also redesigned the site and introduced the "LDS Mission Network" name incorporating both and in the new layout.

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