LDSMN Administration

R. Craig Harman
  System Programmer
  Vienna, Virginia
Mission Served
  France Paris (1992-94)
  French, German, others...
Formal Education
  BSE: Princeton University, 1991
  MS: Brigham Young University, 1999
Current Church Calling
  Home teacher

Creator of the ninth mission page, R. Craig Harman has helped develop the LDS Mission Network since its inception. A jack-of-all-trades, Bro. Harman ran one of the original indices and has maintained sites for about 25 missions.

Behind the scenes, he co-administered our webserver, while promoting mission sites across the web. With his pleasant, articulate style, polished while editing various student publications at Princeton, Bro. Harman has been the 'voice' of feedback for years.

Bro. Harman enjoys genealogy, languages, and travel, and volunteers some of his spare time to translating genealogical materials and deaf children's writings via the Internet. Brother Harman is presently pursuing formal coursework in his seventh language, Italian.

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