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Site of the Month 2001

Changes in 2001

With the beginning of a new year, we've opted for a few changes in our Site of the Month award. Many sites, including past winners, have updated and enhanced their sites. In addition, we have had several sites move to use our new "Site-in-a-Box" (SIB*) program to help maintain their site.

These changes have made it necessary to add new qualifications. Web sites can now win an award more than once, but not more than once per year. This means that last year's winners can be nominated again, provided they have made outstanding changes to their site.

How to Qualify

The LDSMN Site of the Month Award recognizes excellence in various categories, including (but not limited to):

    - User interface
    - Alumni database
    - Mission resources
    - Web design
    - News & content
    - Language support
    - Reunion information
    - Best SIB* customization (new)

To get help, tips, or suggestions on how to make your site qualify and be a better resource for future, current, and returned missionaries and their families, check out our Maintainer pages.

*SIB stands for "Site-in-a-Box" program--our flagship mission Website management and creation tool.

Past Winners (Archive)

Site of the Month 2000

Suggest a Site

If you think a site should be nominated as the "Site of the Month", let us know! Just fill in the information below and we will review the site:

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