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Site of the Month Archive 2000

2000 Winners

Check out the previous winners and get a feel for how and why they were picked.

December 2000 SOTM Winner December 2000
Chile Concepcion

Maintained by:
Chris Crabtree

Qualified for:
Great user interface and up-to-date content.

November 2000 SOTM Winner November 2000
Italy Padova

Maintained by:
Mike Felix

Qualified for:
Useful, relevant mission info & content. User interface.

October 2000 SOTM Winner October 2000
Hawaii Honolulu

Maintained by:
Dan Zapalac

Qualified for:
Alumni Resource

September 2000 SOTM Winner September 2000
Alaska Anchorage

Maintained by:
Mark K. Wright
& Derek Hansen

Qualified for:
Great design/GUI

August 2000 SOTM Winner August 2000
Spain Madrid

Maintained by:
Patrick Oborn

Qualified for:
Great user interface,
multi-focused resources,
and language support

July 2000 SOTM Winner July 2000
Alabama Birmingham--Recipes

Maintained by:
Ron Shapiro

Qualified for:
Unique Content
& Local Information

June 2000 SOTM Winner June 2000
Australia Adelaide

Maintained by:
Jeremy Hodgkins

Qualified for:
Unique Interface/GUI

May 2000 SOTM Winner May 2000
Brazil Curitiba

Maintained by:
Jason Lutes

Qualified for:
Design/GUI, Other: Clean Interface

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