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LDSMN Master Count

What It Is

The Master Count is a script that lists information about each Mission Web site within the LDS Mission Network.

Some missions may have requested to keep their information out of the summary. Their information is included in the totals only. You can get to any mission page that isn't listed here by going to the LDS Mission Network home page.

If this file is more than 24 hours old, (look at the bottom for when it was last updated) hit Refresh or Reload in your browser.

For other questions, go to the FAQ.

How It Works

The Master Count currently lists those Mission sites which provide a small "count" file that lists the mission name, current number of missionaries, and how many email address, and when it was last updated.

If you are maintaining your pages by hand (i.e., coding individual HTML pages for each profile) then our script cannot find your statistics UNLESS you also create this "count" file for us, in the format specified in the FAQ.

If you use a supported dynamic database, like SIB or the RMDatabase, then the count file is generated for you by the database.

If you'd like to get your Mission up and running with an automatic database, please check our Webmasters page.