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Basic Questions About SIB


Should I add an alumnus if I have their information?

If you have their e-mail addresses, simply write them a blanket e-mail to encourage them to register themselves. They can then choose for themselves. SIB has an Invite feature that you can also use to send someone you know a special invitiation to register on the site. Back to Top

How can I access the Webmaster Resources?

Go to

Enter your username and password. If you have forgotten, click Cancel and then you can have the information emailed to you. Back to Top

What is the URL to the archive for the sib mailing list?

If you want to check on a question that may have already been answered in the SIB Mailing list, go to the following URL:
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How do I get the new updated version of SIB on my site?

Login as admin to your site and click 'Customize Site' then click Revert to Default Template. Back to Top

How do I convert a Current Profile to an Alumni Profile or vice-versa?

From the Admin menu, change the Type to Currently Serving. Click the radio button for Expired Only and then click Search. A list of names is shown of those who have returned home. Click on the option to convert the profile to an alumnus record. The other option is to have the profile deleted and have the user submit a new registration. There is no way to convert an alumnus profile to a current record.Back to Top

When it comes to copyright, what should I be aware of?

Just a reminder to webmasters about copyrights -- There are quite a few postcard photos in the picture sections of some SIB sites. Commercially-printed postcards are almost always copyright, and cannot legally be posted on mission alumni pages without express consent from the copyright holder. Posting of unauthorized copyright materials can create problems for the the webmaster and submitter, LDSMN in general, and even potentially for the Church. Please don't approve scans of commercial postcard photos if your alumni upload them to the picture section, and those who have these in their alumni site picture section are advised to remove them. Back to Top

Can alumni search for companions they served with in a particular area?

Not at this time. This feature request has been discussed at great length and is on the SIB TODO list. Review the issues detailed in the archives and add your thoughts:
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Where can I find the SIB TODO list?

Go to the following URL:
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Where can I find the address of my mission?

Go to the following URL:
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How can I suggest a new feature for SIB?

If you would like to submit a new feature for consideration in future SIB development, go to the following URL and submit a ticket:

Please note however, not all features submitted will be implemented. New features will be selected based on perceived need, the importance of the feature, and the volunteer developer's available time.
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