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Customize Site Questions


How do I edit the "What's New" text in SIB?

At this time, editing the text for "What's New" is not an available option. Text such as "What's New" is not mission specific. That text is for all SIB sites, and if it is incorrect, we need to change it globally. Back to Top

How do I reset the default template for SIB?

To fix it, login as admin, click on Customize Site, then click on Revert to Default. If you are unable to login, then just go to and that resets your file. Back to Top

Where can I find a customization tutorial for SIB?

Login in as Admin, click on Customize Site and then click on SIB Customization Tutorial. A new window will open up with explanations on various aspects of customizing your site. Back to Top

How do I insert code in the headers of SIB pages?

Currently, the SIB header cannot be directly edited. This may be considered in the future. Back to Top

What are the PHP variables used in SIB?

index = $strLangHomePage;
alumnilist = $strLangAlumniList;
friends = $strLangFriends;
current = $strLangCurrMissionaries;
presidents = $strLangMissionPres;
guestbook = $strLangGuestBook;
reunions = $strLangReunions;
news = $strLangRecentNews;
messages = $strLangMessages;
links = $strLangRelLinks;
pictures = $strLangMisPix;
stories = $strLangMisStories;
polls = $strLangMisPolls;
chat = $strLangChat;
missioninfo = $strLangMissionInfo;
weather = $strLangWeather;
comments = $strLangComments;
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What happens when I set a custom page to active or inactive?

If you create a custom page and set it to active, the item is displayed in the main navbar menu. If you don't make the custom page active, your users can still access the custom page by simply placing the appropriate hypertext link in a webpage. After creating a custom page, you can preview it and this is where you can get the custom page id or url for your hyperlink.Back to Top

How do I change english text to another language?

This is a simple process that will take just a few minutes for you to do. Login as admin, click on customize site, click on custom text and click on the Edit link for Home Page Welcome Text. Next, click on New Language, change the language selection from English to your preferred language, then delete the text in the box and replace it with what you want to have displayed. You may want to make a copy of the original text to help you insert the correct html code for things like the alumni database, the Recent News, the Message Board and for visitors to sign the Guestbook.

I would recommend that you first give it a try in the SIB sandbox at At least there if you make a mistake, it won't matter. You can simply reset the default look by going to the Admin section, to Customize Site and clicking on Revert to Default Template. A warning though, once you click to Revert to Default Template, there is no going back. Always make a backup copy of your file just in case you mess up. Back to Top

How do I convert a word document to PDF and place it online?

This can easily be done with some free tools available for download off the net. First one recommended is CutePDF Writer. Go to the following URL to download: Another recommended FREE software suite is Open office. Go to It can be used to open Word documents and output it as a PDF File. You'll need to follow the installation instructions of the programs.

Once you have your PDF file, login to the SIB Admin Panel. Click on "Site Settings" then on "Misc Files". In the "New File" field, click the Browse button and locate the file on your computers harddrive you want to upload to the SIB site. Double click the file and then click on the "Add" button.

The correct URL to the file would be

You can insert this URL into any custom page or custom text to make it available online to your users and visitors.
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