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Manage Site Questions


How do I add a new mission president to SIB?

Login as Admin, then from the Manage Site section, click on the submenu link to Presidents Info. Click "Add President" at the bottom of the page listing all of the mission presidents. From here you can also Edit or Delete a Presidents Profile. Back to Top

How do I use the search function for Manage Site?

One tip you might want to try is to not enter the entire name. The search works off of partial words. So if I were serching for my own name, I would enter 'Dan' instead of 'Dan Wilson'. This will of course also include any 'Danielsons' or something similar, but you will then be able to click on the proper record.

Regarding the ID number...that is a numeric identification assigned to anyone who registers on your alumni site. For example, if we take a look at an alumnus profile.

The last five numbers of the above URL are your ID. It's one way for the site administrator to quickly lookup a profile. I'm not aware of any admin utility to list all ID's. When you move your cursor over someone's profile, it shows the URL in the bottom of the web browser with the ID.

As for the other search functions, the Email search works when you input the first part of the email address before the @ sign. Back to Top

What is the function of the page admin password?

By using the page admin feature of the custom pages you no longer need to have a password assigned to a custom page. Rather, you can assign other members of your website as page admins. When you do this all they do is login to the site as normal, and when they then navigate to the custom page that you have assigned them to they will get a link [Page Admin] at the top of the custom page which allows them to edit the content of that page. By doing this, you can remove any password associated with the page as each user already has his/her own site password.

The password was left in mainly for backwards compatibility leave the old way of letting others edit custom pages continue to work. The two features also work together just fine. If you really wanted to you could have a page password, and give that password out to people to edit a custom page and at the same time assign an alumnus member profile to have permissions to edit that page. If you do this the custom page just has multiple ways to edit it (either via profile login, or via custom page login). If you have a password assigned to a custom page then the [Page Admin] link will always appear at the top of that page, whether you are logged in as an assigned page admin to that page or not. If you are not assigned as a page admin to that page, then by clicking the [Page Admin] link you are asked for a password before given access to edit the page.

The hope in adding this feature was to make it easier to allow other alumni to assist in adding/editing content on the site without having to give them another password, and without having to open up the entire administration system to them. Also by not using the page password you make the custom page much more secure, as only assigned users to that page can edit it. Back to Top

What is the function of Flush Cache?

Clicking on the link flushes cached database queries... in actuallity, this should never be needed. The respective queries should get flushed whenever changes to their data is made. Back to Top

Why would a "Live" record set to default yes be changed to no?

Live (Active) records can be found in searches and are viewable on the web by everyone. Records that you set to 'Not Live' (Inactive) are no longer available on the web. It is useful to set a record to 'Not Live' if you want to quickly prevent people from accessing something that may be questionable, or isn't completed as you would like. New records are automatically set to 'Live' when you authorize them or if you have auto-authorization turned on.Back to Top

How do I delete or edit an existing poll??

Login as Admin, then in the seach field where it displays Profile, click the down arrow and select Polls. Next click the Search button, which will display all the current polls and give you the options to Delete or make them inactive. There is currently no option available to edit an existing poll. Back to Top

How many email notifications are sent when I approve a posting?

Notifications are sent to all alumni who opt in when they sign up. If they don't want the notifications, they can opt out on their profiles. Back to Top

What does the 'pass' option do when viewing a profile from admin?

Allows you to automatically send a password request for that particular person. Makes it easier to do an update and send a password from one location than having to navigate around back through the end user side to do a "Password Request". Back to Top

How does the "Expired Only" search function work??

First, be sure you are logged in as Admin. Then go to the Manage Site section of Admin. Change the search Type to "Currently Serving" by clicking on the down arrow and then checkmark the "Expired Only" option. Click the Search button. The results are a list of Current Missionary profiles that have expired when their mission end date passed. You can also use the Expired Only search for Reunions which will find the reunions submissions that have passed the date of expiry.Back to Top

Is there away to edit a reunion notice to add/change information?

Yes there is. Login as the site admin. Under the Manage Site section, click the down arrow for Type and select Reunion. Then click the Search button to list the reunions in the database. In the listing, one of the options is to Edit. Click the link and add any additional details or changes you desire and Save. Users who submitted a reunion can simply login as themselves, find the reunion they submitted and click the Edit link when they view the reunion. Back to Top

How does a former mission president register on the alumni site?

This is an easy task, but one that must be done by the webmaster when creating an account for a mission president.

1. Login as admin
2. Click on Presidents Info
3. Click on Add President
4. Fill in the blanks
5. Click the Add button
6. Go back to Presidents Info link
7. Edit the profile of the mission president
8. Enter an easy password for him to remember (at least 6 characters long)
9. Enter any Bio information you want in the comments section
10. Click the Submit button at the bottom.
11. Test out the login to make sure it works.
12. Send a seperate email to the president with his username, password and URL to his profile.

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