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Miscellaneous Questions


What is the size limit for the profile image upload?

The limit is 150K. That is quite a large picture already, so if they are getting the error, let them know that they need to size down the picture to reasonable dimmensions. Back to Top

How often are notices sent out after a reunion is posted?

Notices are sent out only when the initial reunion is posted and the submitter selects to send out a notice. If the submitter edits the notice and then saves it, an optional notice is sent out again. However, there is currently no way for the admin to force a notice to go out (without logging in as the original submitter). Back to Top

How do I use the RSS Newsfeed option on the website?

The RSS feature is enabled automatically on ALL SIB alumni websites. So there is nothing to add to your site except something to let users know about the feature. The following is suggested:

(Insert Mission Name) is now making available its site content via Real Simple Syndicated broadcasting. What this means is you can now get the headlines and descriptions of 'What's New' on the alumni site without receiving any email notifications. This new feature gives you the option to monitor the flow of new content without first opening your web browser and visiting the website or having to check your email. Again, this is a feature that is an alternative to your getting email notifications.

To get started, all you need is an RSS Reader, also known as an Aggregator. There are many free software programs you can download off the net and easily install. Visit the following link to see what's available:

RSS Aggregators:

Once your Aggregator is installed, subscribe to the (Insert Mission Name) RSS Feed by pointing your RSS Reader to:

example URL:

Anytime new content is approved, you will receive an alert in your RSS Reader to let you know of the change. Then if you want to know more, you would simply click on the alert and it will open your web browser and take you directly to the new content on the alumni site.

There are also many other internet sites that provide RSS 'feeds' to which you can 'subscribe.' is probably one of the more popular sites for finding other sites which publish RSS feeds.
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