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Site Settings Questions


How do I locate the ZIP/Country Code for the Weather Module?

Go to site and follow the instructions on the site to locate your city. Once you have located the city, look at the URL of the page - it should look something like: -- This is for U.S. zip codes (where 85233 is the zip code in this example) -- This is for International Codes (where TWXX0021 would be the country code we are interested in)

Copy the zip code, or country code from the URL - this is the text after the final forward slash "/" and enter it back into the Zip/Country Code field at your Weather Settings section. Back to Top

Is there an option to list more than one place in Weather??

You can set up a custom page, call it "Weather", and put weather for as many locations as you would like on it. See this link for an example.
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How can I tell how many visitors are coming to my site?

Login as Admin, click on Site Settings, click on Settings and check mark Display Counter. Back to Top

How do I turn off double displays of 'Reunions', 'What's New' or 'Just called'?

Login as Admin, go to Site Settings, then go to Settings. Under the section Front Page Settings, select NO for "Show Reunions", select NO for "What's New" and select NO for "Show New Calls." I know it sounds weird to turn it off, but doing so will eliminate the second item from displaying. Back to Top

How do I turn on/off record counts in the navigation menu?

Login as Admin, go to Site Settings, then go to Settings. Under the section General Settings, select YES/NO for Display Counts in Menu. When finished selecting, click the Save button at the bottom of the page. Back to Top

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