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Full Name (Now):Tyler Harrington
Served:May, 2000 to May, 2002
President(s):Richard G. Whitehead
Family Information
Children:Livia Janelle, 2 1/2, And Thomas Kent, 1

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Cities and Companions

--Penzance Cornwall-- R. Chad Pugh R. Bret Simpson Justus L Tillery --Carmarthen, Wales-- Nathan Whitney Michael E. Dalsgaard --Haverford West Wales-- Jared Dale --Exmouth Devon-- H. Daniel Brandh Stephen Hurst T Clinton Cunningham Ben Haney

Other Comments

Jana & I recently sold our landscaping company in Ca and moved, with our two children, to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. We have started a new business and are working hard to get it going. I am still pursuing my education with plans for a career in art and illustration. Jana is keeping more than busy taking care of the family and helping with the business. We're all doing well, and we'd love to hear from any and all of you! Cheers mates!

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