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Full Name (Now):Paul Still The Same
Served:October, 1988 to October, 1990
President(s):George H. Jones
Family Information
Children:None That I Know Of .....

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Cities and Companions

Abergavenny John 'Provisional Licence' Corbett (Dartford Kent UK)
Abergavenny Nathan 'donuts for breakfast' Cherrington (Orem Utah)
Abergavenny Brett 'Clark Kent' Wood (Boise Idaho)
Cardiff Darren 'Obedient' Steers (Scotland)
Cardiff Oystein 'Basket Ball Leg breaker' Pederson (Norway)
Cardiff Geoff G 'Lights out at 10.30! ' Price (Brighton UK)
Swindon Elder kevin P 'Bike Rider!' Wood (Oklahoma USA)
Swindon Frederick 'I taught drummer of Iron Maiden' Ternstrom (Sweden)
Truro Robert 'GO TO SLEEP !!' SCOT SCOTT !!!(Scotland)
Truro Elder 'Dinner with the Queen' Call (Utah)
Bristol(Downend) Elder 'hmmm !' Boyenger
Neath Elder Morton 'I know moves' Fletcher
Chippenham Elder 'Chip Shop' Beresford(Manchester)
Chippenham Elder Andrew 'BOXER!' Bernard (Sheffield UK)
Newcastle Emlyn Elder Robert 'Car crasher!' Clayton (Manchester)
Newcastle Emlyn Elder 'Perm!' Cullen (USA) Montana ?
Taunton Elder 'Trunky' Harwood (California)

Other Comments

I went
I saw
I Overcame
I survived !!!
I can't say it was easy - But looking back there are many cherished moments - and some very wierd experiences !! But hey ! You grow up very fast in the EBM !

My Doctor Says one day I will recover. (and I ain't joking !!)

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