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Full Name (Now):Jeff Rogers
Served:November, 1975 to November, 1977
President(s):Arnold R. Knapp
Clarence E. Wonnacott
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Cities and Companions

Elder Randy Cox, Newquay Cornwall. Nov.75-Mar.76Elder Dave Purser, Bodmin Cornwall. Mar.76-May76Elder John Patterson, Bodmin Cornwall. May76-Jun76Elder Brad Critchfield, Llanlli South Wales. Jun76-Jul.76Elder Jim Bolinder, Llanlli South Wales. Jul.76-Jul.76Elder George Buckway, Llanlli South Wales. Aug.76-Sept.76Elder Keith Jorgenson, Monmouth South Wales. Sept76-Oct.76Elder Kim Grace, Monmouth South Wales. Oct.76-Apr.77Elder Dale Malrose, Hereford South Wales. Apr.77-May77Elder David Hayman, Hereford South Wales. May77-Jun.77Elder Frank Freeman, Bristol Avon. Jun.77-Sept.77Elder Mark Brisco, Bristol Avon. Sept.77-Oct.77Elder Rodney Andersen, Bath Avon. Oct.77-Nov.77

Other Comments

I have been out of touch with everyone I knew since I left the mission field. I have lost touch with everyone I served with and all the families we taught. I would love to reesstablish contact with everyone that knew me or that I served with. Feel free to call me or email me any time. I will update this memo later after I find my diaries and I will list everyone that I served with and all the families that allowed us to teach them, or be considered part of their families. Sincerely Jeff Rogers. I just found out about this site and I am very happy to know about it.
Found my diaries and updated my companion list. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of any of my companions, please let me know so I can contact them.

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