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Full Name (Now):Jesse Smith
Served:February, 1998 to January, 2000
President(s):Timothy L. Taggart
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Cities and Companions

Here goes...
All of em...

M.T.C- Elder Tollman-1 month, good times amd great fun.
Bristol, Wells Road- Elder Mentes 2 months almost died due to sickness(welcome to England elder.)
Bridwater- Elder'sIbrahemovic' & Srickland- 4 months, great times, and good baptisms.
Exeter- Elder's Thorburger, Probst, Gilson, Jensen 3 months, tons of companions.
Barnstaple- Elder's Perterson & Kelly 4 months great area for growth, cranked out my 84 hour work week, very tired.
Bristol Southmead- Elder's Hammond, Orrulian, Whitehead, and Grant. 4 months great times and good baptisms, worked hard and learned so much.
Malvern- Elder Bartlett-two weeks, I was robbed, great times, water fights with malvern water.
Pembroke Dock-Elder King-1 1/2 months great area out in the boonies, comp broke his arm wrestlingand resulted in a tough phone call to the taggerts.
Milford Haven- Elder's Grimm & Larsen-1 1/2 monthsgood area, great stake missionarys.
Warminster- Elder Williams-1 month great specal interest finding and a awsome district.
Neath- Elder Stewart-2 1/2 months, great area awsome comp, HUGE teaching pool and lots of personal growth.
Stone House Elder Mcabe-2 weeks, its never over till its over, learned some valugble lessons in that short time, Veggie D.A.s and flat searching.
Id do it over in a second

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"I can raise or lower my colesteral at will, just by concentraing."

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