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Full Name (Now):Sarah Baker
Served:February, 1997 to August, 1998
President(s):Rowland E. Elvidge
Timothy L. Taggart
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Cities and Companions

  • Wells Road
  • Sister Kerrie Erwig (Feb. - Mar.97)
  • Sister Kathi McKay (Mar.- May 97)
  • Merthyr Tydfil
  • Sister Heather Corrigan (May - Jul.97)
  • Sister Cara Gridley (Jul.- Aug.97)
  • Yeovil
  • Sister Kimberley Pitcher (Aug.-Sept. 97)
  • Sister Judi Masson (Sept.- Nov.97)
  • Stroud
  • Sister Vicki Johnson (Nov.97 - Jan.98)
  • Yate - Thornbury
  • Sister Carrie Bounous (a one-weeker in Jan.98!)
  • Bath
  • Sister Anna Little (Jan.- Feb.98)
  • Southmead
  • Sister Emily Fawcett (Feb.- Apr.98)
  • Sister Mary Milligan (Mar.- Apr.98)
  • Sister Jana Widmann (Apr.-May 98)
  • Chepstow
  • Sister Emily Fawcett (again!! May - Aug. 98)
  • Sister Suttles(Jun.- Jul.98)
  • Sister Jenelle Fairbanks (Jul.-Aug. 98)

Other Comments

My mission has been my most treasured experience so far, and my companions, Mission President and other Missionaries really helped me to feel that, and to grow - So CHEERS!

......and life just gets better and better:)

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