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Full Name (Now):Matthew
Served:June, 1997 to July, 1999
President(s):Timothy L. Taggart
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Cities and Companions

  1. Truro, Michael Meehan
  2. Truro, Jay Little
  3. Cwmbran, Spencer Shelton
  4. Cwmbran, Bobby Cudney
  5. Yeovil, Brent Fairbanks
  6. Barry, Spencer Dunsmoor
  7. Portishead, Scott Spencer
  8. Portishead, David McCabe
  9. Postishead, Anthony Crockett
  10. Llanelli, Brigham Mayer
  11. Llanelli, Scott Coleman
  12. Llanelli, Dennis Gardner
  13. Exmouth, Ryan Byrd
  14. Exmouth, Bobby Cudney
  15. Exmouth, Gunter Sandner
  16. Bristol, Jes Smith, Dan Orullian, Geoffrey Grant, Kevin Whitehead, John Conners

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