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Full Name (Now):Dan Kindrick
Served:December, 1995 to December, 1997
President(s):Rowland E. Elvidge
Timothy L. Taggart
Family Information
Children:Ethan And One On The Way (1 Week Over Due!)

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Cities and Companions

Yate - Jared Archibald, Teran Munson, Matthew McKinnon, Gareth Holden
Blackwood - Steven Brady, Danny Kosifou, Christopher Devany, Jon Brenay
Aberystwyth - Rhett Hulbert, Randall Wilson
Radstock - Kevin Walker, Eric Swann
Wells Road - Jimmy Donahoo, Jayson Bowman, Troy Barker

Other Comments

Mind the Gap. Dang I sure do miss everybody!! Those who know me and remember me, feel free to send me an email or something and let me know how things are going. I will do the same. I just got back from a year in Iraq in January and then got out of the Army March 06. I am looking forward to going to Penn State in the fall of 06. I work out everyday and I am enjoying my six month vacation for the time being.

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