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The Ensign - News of the Church - British Isles - January 2000

Welsh Young Women Gather Aid for War Victims

Recently an article appeared in the local newspapers Cwmbran concerning a small number of community members who take lorry loads of aid directly to a small village in East Mostar, Bosnia. After reading the article which made a plea for clothing, footwear, and toiletries, Sue Peters, ward Young Women president in the Cardiff Ward, felt impressed to suggest to her young women a service project of collecting, boxing, and bagging some of the above-mentioned items.

With the help of young women of the Cardiff and Newport wards, over 150 sacks of clothing, blankets, and footwear, and hundreds of kilos of pasta, rice, flour, and salt, plus many boxes of tinned food and toiletries were donated.

Convoys depart every two months, and so far the young women have contributed to four of them. The last went directly to a village in Kosovo. "We feel we can all help in some way our less fortunate brothers and sisters who have been displaced because of war," said Sue Peters. - Sue Peters, Cardiff Ward, Cardiff Stake

Local Bishop Speaks Out on the Ten Commandments

In late July 1999, an article appeared in the Cornish Guardian newspaper reporting that the American House of Representatives had voted to permit the posting of the Ten Commandmants in schools and other state facilities. Bishop David Dent of the St Austell Ward, Plymouth Stake, then took the opportunity to have his views printed in the same newspaper.

"It is wonderful to note that governmental leaders have realised that the Ten Commandments are vital to the morality of our people," said Bishop Dent. "They are a guide for life that if everyone were to follow them, would mean a far better world for all of us." The bishop suggested that it would be an excellent idea if the British government were to take up the same idea. "We live in modern times, and many of our children do not even know what is contained in the decalogue. It is a great source of direction in everyone's life. Things such as 'do not steal', 'do not envy,' and 'do not lie' are very basic, but vital character traits that, regretfully, are lacking in far too many people these days," stated Bishop Dent. - Clive Payne, St Austell Ward, Plymouth Stake

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