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The Ensign - News of the Church - British Isles - February 2000

Painting Based on the Book of Mormon Entered in Art Competition

Rebecca Winkle, Young Women president in the Tavistock Branch, Plymouth Stake, entered the Church's Fifth International Art Competition and Exhibition with a piece titled "An Innocent Man." Her oil painting, based on the "Book of Mormon: Its History and Message," depicts Ammon and King Lamoni meeting King Lamoni's father. The painting is set circa 90BC and relates to Alma 20:18. The painting, a work of art with majestic colours reflecting the heritage of the persons depicted, includes horses, Rebecca's painting speciality. Her research ensured that the chariots, sword and types of horses are as authentic as possible to reflect the era of the artwork. - Tim Beer, Tavistock Branch, Plymouth Stake

High Priest Enters Desert Challenge

Martin Edwards, high priests group leader in the Clevedon Branch, Bristol Stake, will cycle 300km through the Israeli desert in March 2000 to aid the Cancer and Leukemia in Children Charity. The trip, known as the Desert Challenge, starts in Jerusalem and ends five days later at Eliat, on the shores of the Red Sea. Martin says, "I have always wanted to take up this type of challenge but have never had the opportunity or time before. I am lucky to have a supportive family to cheer me on and help me achieve one of my dreams before I get too old. I hope to raise 2,000 in sponsorship for CLIC. Having taught the New Testament in Sunday School this year, it is going to be really great for me to see firsthand some of the places we have talked about as well as other historic sites." - Martin Edwards, Clevedon Branch, Bristol Stake

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