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The Ensign - News of the Church - British Isles - July 2000

Eight Generations of Church Members

It is quite rare in this country for one family to have eight generations within the Church. Alan Davies, President of the Merthyr Tydfil Stake, is the seventh generation of his family who are are members of the Church.

President Davies's fifth great-grandfather Robert Humphries was baptised by Captain Dan Jones on 25 December 1847. Soon after his baptism, Robert was called to serve as a branch president. Later his niece and her husband, Ann and Moses Jones, joined the Church. Their daughter Jane Davies was also baptised. Her daughter Ellen Davies later married Walter Price. Their children included Gladys Price, who was baptised, as was her husband, Daniel Davies. The sixth generation was their son Emlyn Davies, who has been a member all his life and has served as a stake patriarch for more than 25 years.

Emlyn's son is President Alan Davies. With his wife, Anne, they have four children, Natalie, Mathew, Daniel, and Kimberley. Both sons are currently serving missions: Matthew in Ireland Dublin Mission and Daniel in the Colorado Denver Mission. That is the full eight generations for the Davies family in the Church.

Schedule Accommodates LDS Swimmer

Hannah Palmer, a Mia Maid from the Cheltenham Ward, Cheltenham Stake, is the Gloucestershire County Breaststroke Champion once again. She successfully defended the title she won last year. Traditionally, the county has held events on Sunday, but following a request from Hannah's coach, who supports her Sabbath observance, the county rescheduled the event to Saturday.

With many swimming events held on Sunday, top level participation is often limited. Still, Hannah continues to be selected as a member of the county swimming team and is the National Independent Schools' breaststroke and individual medley champion. - June Basher, Cheltenham Ward, Cheltenham Stake

Fifty Years of Service

Jean Dyer of the Merthyr Tydfil Ward, Merthyr Tydfil Stake, recently completed fifty years of continuous service as a musician in the Church. Two years after she began piano lessons at age six, she was asked to play for Primary. Over the years, Jean has played for every auxiliary and accompanied the congregation for Sunday meetings. She has also played for soloists, small groups, and choirs.

One of Jean's favourite memories is playing for Church President David O McKay, who was visiting Merthyr to dedicate the chapel. The organ she played was donated by non-member friends of President McKay. Jean received a golden key as a memento.

Jean has no plans to retire and is still faithfully accompanying the Saints at their meetings. - Alan Davies, Merthyr Tydfil Ward, Merthyr Tydfil Stake

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