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The Ensign - News of the Church - British Isles - September 2000

Two Temple Marriages Bless One Ward, More Are Planned

Several members of the Yate Ward, Cheltenham Stake have taken to heart the counsel of the prophet to marry in the temple. Nadia Ashfield of the Yate Ward married Neil Forge, of the Gloucester Ward in May this year. Richard Bakewell of Yate Ward married Sonia Parsons of Weston Ward in June. The following are engaged and plan to marry in the temple: Tina Brooke and Loren Ashfield, both of Yate in August; Lousie Lock of Yate Ward and Craig Webdall of Forest of Dean in October; Angela Brooke and Tony Caswell, both of Yate Ward in November. Jason Newton of Yate Ward and Danielle Mason of Gloucester also plan a temple marriage.

This means that in one ward eight young adults have shown they are committed to temple marriage. All grooms have served missions, and all the young adults are currently serving diligently in their callings. It is good to see these young people who have grown up together in the Church remaining steadfast in the gospel. - Vera Ireland, Yate Ward, Cheltenham Stake

Gospel Study Inspires Degree

After  joining the Church, Mary Sharman Hall, of the Exeter Ward in the Plymouth Stake, avidly studied the scriptures early each morning. This study intensified when Mary was called as an institute teacher. "I had so much to learn about the gospel, and studying the scriptures became a crucial way of life," she said. Then a priesthood leader told her that studying the gospel was like studying for a degree. Although Mary had not studied academically before, with this understanding she enrolled in a degree programme with the Open University.

Despite several callings, her job as a nurse, and caring for her husband and four children, she achieved a degree in Humanities, Education and Social Science and graduated with a teaching certificate.

"Had it not been for the gospel in my life I would never have had the courage to study for a degree." But Mary adds, "The scriptures always come first." - Hannah Hall, King's Norton Branch, Birmingham Stake

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