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family history connection wanted 01 Dec 2005
Hello I am looking for an Elder Agrell(could be spelled with only one L) that served in the Burnham-on-Sea area Between 2001-2004. If anyone has any information on how to get ahold of him please contact John Richard Agrell Davies at 01278-793-905 or e-mail me at
Cherisse Minty Send Email
Looking for Scott Majors last seen in Scottland!!! 25 Nov 2005
Served ELSM 71-73. Would like to find him, and let him know that I'm a live. and want to know if he is. Please sent me a E-Mail. Hope someone can help fine Scott & Joan, Both served in my mission. Lamar Dilworth
Lamar Earl Dilworth Send Email
Search at Church Offices SLC 12 Nov 2005
Paul and I had a lovely trip to Conference this October. 1st time ever, it was amazing, can anyone verify the following, which I was told by our stake patriarch (whom we bumped into while in SLC.)

25,000 members left essex alone in two years in the 1800s for SLC. This is an amazing number, and he told me that it can be verified in church immigration records? He said that this was mirrored in the whole of Europe! Wow the church headquarters could have been in Barking! Interesting when you think that is where Captain Cook gleaned his sailors.

I took copies of the whereabouts search sheets from Church Head quarters, so if Elder Gosling and Gessel are still active and alive, there is a good chance that we will find them.

While in SLC we met the missionary that baptised Paul (my husband's) Dad.

Paul's dad later served twice as the Bishop of Wandsworth.

After our visit I was amazed at how big the church really is. How world wide, and how truely miraculouse is the work of the Lord.

I returned home emboldened and blessed, and carried the spirit of SLC and Utah back home to London, to are tiny Ward family. The desert realy has blossomed out there; and the fruit are the members of the church that have come from all over the world to settle.

:) Lydia
Lydia Gigli Send Email
Elder Alonzo Gaskill 25 Oct 2005
I have been looking for Elder Gaskill for almost 18 years!!! The last time i saw him was when we served together in Guildford in '87. I would really appreciate the opportunity to catch up with him. Anyone got any ideas? Please get in touch.
Richard Taylor Harris Send Email
the garrats 21 Aug 2005
hello, i'm looking for any information on the garrats. emails, phone numbers, anything. i'm also looking for any information on lynn. if you know the garrats, then you know lynn. she was a ward missionary, and she was also a nurse. if you could email me, then that would be great. my email is
Damon Brodowski Send Email
Funke Osho 09 Aug 2005
I'm trying to track down Funke...I believe she still attends Church in Wandsworth. Can someone give me a hand?
Ned C. Gardner Send Email
Chapmans!!!! 21 Jul 2005
Hi everyone!!!
I have been looking for the Chapmans (Roy and Julie) email address or phone number for a long time. The phone and emails that I had didn't work. I have been trying to get in touch with them for a year now. So I would really appreciate any information!!! Thanks!
Yulia Phelps Send Email
"Mom" Lydia Donker 21 Jul 2005
I'm trying to track down "Mom" - Lydia Donker. She lived near Tooting when I was there in 2000. I think she has returned to Ghana now, and I would love to get in touch with her. Any clues would be appreciated.
Rebecca Barton Stewart
Rebecca Ann Stewart Send Email
Sister Naomi King 20 Jul 2005
I'm trying to get in touch with Sister Naomi King or Elder Florent Rio. I heard they are living in France. If anyone has their contact info (or parents) I'd really appreciate it. Or any ideas how to try to track them down?
Holly (Hanson) Dixon
Holly Dixon Send Email
Isaac and Josee Basoah 01 Jul 2005
If anyone happens to know the Basoah family's whereabouts (I know they moved somewhere south of london...maybe the maidstone stake?) please pass along their current information to me. (note: Isaac is from Ghana, Josee is from the former Zaire, and I believe they now have 5 children). thanks, kindly.
Ned C. Gardner Send Email
Peter Dugbo 17 Apr 2005
I am trying to contact a member named Peter Dugbo. He called me awhile ago and I have not been able to get in contact with him since. If anyone has information please let me know.
Stuart Squires Send Email
Help locating some members 26 Jan 2005
This message is to any ELSM alumni or to those that know a missionary serving in any of these areas: Canterbury, Hayes, Southampton (now Hamble Ward), and High Wycombe. Please ask if anyone remembers Elder B. Scott Williams. I would like to keep in contact with the members in those wards. Have them e-mail me using this website.

Thank you,

B. Scott Williams
B. Scott Williams Send Email
help 02 Dec 2004
im trying to get a contact number with president jensen88--91any one know anythig please let me know
thank you
David Mathew Roberts Send Email
An Update On Andrew Price 01 Dec 2004
Andrew Price has now had an injunction served against him, effectively banning him from coming within 30 feet of chapels and contacting Mormons. Read about it here:

About time too.
Chris Flattley Send Email
Andrew Price is still at it... 27 Nov 2004
Anyone who had the 'pleasure' of dealing with this guy before may find this article very interesting....

Mormons seek injunction after harassment by evangelical

As I and a few others who served in Mitcham Ward/Mission Office can attest, he was seeking out Mormon missionaries to confront 20 years ago too, although he seems to have taken it to a new level now.
Paul E. Albers Send Email
Richard Eyre Reunion 23 Nov 2004
Hey folks, Richard and Linda Eyre are trying to arrange a long overdue mission reunion for those of us who served with them in the “Higher Realm” of the ELSM. They are also trying to build an email address book of all their old missionaries so they can keep in touch. It’s been a long time but I know they would be excited to hear form each of you, even if the last time you talked to them was upon leaving the field. You can contact them at I know they would love to hear from you even if your out of the country and couldn’t make a reunion. I look forward to seeing everyone if we can pull this off.
Elder Connell (presidents group 77-79)
Samuel Layne Connell Send Email
Information on Peter Rock 23 Nov 2004
Someone here was looking for Elder Peter Rock who served on the Isle of Wight in 1979-80. I found information on him through his brother. Here was the information I got back from him:

"My brother Brian is probably the worst email writer in the family (LOL), but his wife Ann usually responds. Their email address is:

Jeff Rock"

Hope that helps!


Carl Nelson
1980-82 ELSM/ELM
Carl A Nelson Send Email
Remember me? 10 Nov 2004
If you wish to contact me, please do so. I would like to reconnect with friends and companions form the ELSM (1986 to 1988). Companions: E. Cummings, E. Zundel, E. Adams, E. ?, E. Rawlins, E. Baldwin, E. Lafever, E. Frewer, E. Heiner, E. Roy, E. Crossley (Not in order). Some that I knew, E. Salveson, E. Burgi, E. Mc Daniels, E. Poole, E. Hirschi, E. Covey, Sis. Nevileinen, E. Frankenbury, Sis. Jacobs, Sis. Clamp, and many that I cannot recall their names anymore. If you were in my zone I probably knew you very well. I was very shy toward the beginning of my mission so I probably did not seem friendly but I esteemed each very high. If I offended anyone and gave them the impression that I was better that them I appologize. I do wish to reconnect with friends if anyone wishes. The Gospel brings happiness.
B. Scott Williams Send Email
Elder Justin Bigler 05 Nov 2004
Has anyone got an Email address for this guy? if so please let me know cheers
Adam James Meadowcroft Send Email
Mission Song 84-86 10 Oct 2004
To all of you that are searching, I am as well, does the Church have a way to find members that you are looking for? I thought with all of these past returned missionaries and converts out there, someone would have figured out that there is a great need for a centralized search engine...I am an ELSM Missionary 6/84-6/86.

"Hail to the London South Mission, none can compare we're glad we're here. We have a prophets commission, to go to England to preach have nothing to fear, We're proud of the London South mission, faithful and true we'll ever stand, Boldly proclaim to all we're grateful to answer the call, to baptize the saints of this land. Onward we forge ahead, forever claiming truth, through inspiration lead to parents and to youth, yes onward we forge ahead our testimonies grow, we'll prove what we have said, the London South the model mission for all."

Does anyone have the piano music to our old mission song?
Gaylon D Heywood Send Email
If you need to contact the webmaster of the ELSM webpage directly please email me at elsmweb (at symbol)

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