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ELSM President Jenson Reunion 23 Mar 2004
Dear ELSM Missionaries,

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our reunion on
April 2nd at 6:00pm (please see link to the evite for details or the notice on the mission web page).

Please take a moment to respond to the evite (will attend, undecided,
or unable to attend) so that we can maintain an accurate count of

Don't forget to bring a donation of school supplies and a potluck food
item (see evite for details).

Contact with any questions.

See you on the 2nd!
For reference, your link to this Invite is:
Stephen Earl Thompson Send Email
mission companions and friends 17 Mar 2004
I served in ELSM 1978-80 I'm trying to contact the following elders and sisters

Bruce Hancock
Bradley Capson
Mark Jacobson
Bill Bell
Sis Rebecca Taylor
Sis Jackie lewis
Kelly Bersey

Anybody have an address or e-mail? if you have contact me
Phil "the Bloke" Dinning
Philip James Dinning Send Email
3rd Verse 15 Mar 2004
Does anyone remember the "3rd" verse we used to sing to Called to Serve. just Curious, i'm getting old and my memory is fading.
thanks for the help
Jason Carl Coffman Send Email
Hi there!
If any of you are in the Slesdon/Croydon area now, can you tell me if Peter Boulton, Jessica or Sarah Boulton are still in that area? Peter's mother is Terri Boulton and her husband was the stake patriarch a while back.
If you can not find the Boulton's, does anyone out there know Charlie Humphries? These guys used to write music and I recorded a demo with them while in the mish- (I know I know!) It is not as bad as it sounds!
Thanks. I would appreciate any leads.
Angela Buffie Lucas Send Email
Sister Virginia Archer 08 Mar 2004
A message from Utah: Sister Virginia Austin Archer, age 91, passed away on January 20, 2004. President Don K. Archer preceded her in death in December of 2002. President and Sister Archer served from 1964-1967. Two very special spirits will be greatly missed.
Henry Paul Richards Send Email
Looking for sally west 22 Feb 2004
Anyone know Sally West, her Daughter is called Jessica, havent seen them for ages, just want to touch base with them. they were in Abingdon Oxfordshire
John Robert Powell Send Email
Elsm 22 Feb 2004
Im looking for any info on the following People
A wonderfull woman Named Beatrice from Ghana whom I Baptized and Knows me only as Quamie, Clifford and Linda Marijanne from Croyden,David Nightingale from South Hampden, Grahm and Myra aka Mo from IOW
Donna Clements from Abingdon,
Douglas Reid Burrell Send Email
Elsm 22 Feb 2004
Also looking for
Elder Arnold From sandy Utah
and Elder Christensen
Douglas Reid Burrell Send Email
Elsm 22 Feb 2004
Looking for any one who served under Ed Jolley Pinegar 1985 to 87 Particularly
John Klien My trainer From So Cal
Elder Allison From england
Elder RisuenoFrom So Cal
Elder Chabota from Zimbabwe
Elder Hess from AZ
Elder Summerhays
Sister Herbert From England
Sister Leuck from Texas I think
after 19 years i think my memory is fading
so forgive me if I cant remember your First Names
Douglas Reid Burrell Send Email
Looking for Info on Kinda Assouad 17 Feb 2004
I'm looking for Kinda Assouad. She returned home to Lebanon in roughly May of 1990 which means she served roughly...1988-1990. Does anyone have her address or know anything about her? My email is
Michelle Wade Send Email
Look for a Companion 15 Feb 2004
1971 Aug. any out there Know Elder Paul Z. Rosenbaum. Where he is or how I could get a hold of him. Was my companion in Luton Bedford My email is
Lamar Earl Dilworth Send Email
Cheryl Lathum 11 Feb 2004
I am also looking for Cheryl Lathum from the Staines ward. I heard she moved and I would like to get ahold of their family. Thanks, Allen Steckler
Allen Joseph Steckler Send Email
Stephen Allen 11 Feb 2004
I am looking for Stephen Allen, from Brixton, e-mail address or mailing address. Let me know thanks, Allen Steckler
Allen Joseph Steckler Send Email
Need Andrea Thompson's (Reading Ward) phone #? 07 Feb 2004
I served in Reading in the Summer of 1991 and have lost touch with Andrea Thompson. Her parents were also in the Reading ward if she has moved out. She also had 3 friends in the Reading Ward: Chrissy, Mary and Margaret. Does anyone have any of these phone numbers. I would ultimately like to get in touch with Andrea. (she has a son named Jozae) who should be a teenager by now). Please email me at Thank you!
Ginger Allen Send Email
Preeces details? 22 Jan 2004
I am trying to get an email address for the Preeces or a postal address, or a phone number would be even better. Thanks. Also if anyone has any email address for Elder Conner from Orem i would appreciate it, cheers
Michael Alistair Jack Send Email
The Silvester family 19 Jan 2004
I am trying to locate any member of the Silvester family that was baptized in 1978 while living in Surbiton, Surrey (Kingston Ward). Parents are Maurice and Audrey and children are Lorraine, Clinton, Carl and Calvin. Any clue would be very much appreciated.
Brent Ray Barrett Send Email
help find 17 Jan 2004
I need to get in touch with.
Keven O'neill {English}
Tyson Stoddard. please if you knoe anyhting E-mail me.
Cohen Alexander Jay Send Email
Searching for Malvina Salash 15 Jan 2004
I am trying to get in contact with Sister Malvina Salash of Ukraine. I have her home address (or I try to reproduce the Russian) but have received no response. I am looking for an email address or phone number. A big thanks to anyone who can help.
William Andrew Jackson Send Email
Marriage 05 Jan 2004
Got engaged this weekend to my girlfriend Angela and plan to marry in May this year!!

Happy New Year!
Richard J. Shuttleworth Send Email
President Livingstone 15 Dec 2003
I was wondering if President Livingstone or Sister livingstone are still alive It is a long time ago since 1975. I would be grateful for any information and if they can be contacted in the event of them being alive.
John Robert Powell Send Email
If you need to contact the webmaster of the ELSM webpage directly please email me at elsmweb (at symbol)

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