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I need a little help!!! 28 Feb 2009
I am planning to attend the Pres.Eyre reunion this June, and am trying to locate any of the persons that I baptized in the Redhill, Hythe, Southhampton area`s back in the late `70s. Anyone out there who might be able to help please email me soon!
Jeffery T. Hansen Send Email
Elder Howick served 1974-76 12 Jan 2009
Elder Howick 11 Nov 2007
Does anyone know the wherabouts of Elder Howick who served in 1975-6 under Pres Livingstone?

He was my district leader and I often think of how is is getting along. I fondly remember his humour and especially the Monkey owned by his landlady Sister Brace.

Any information would be gladly recieved
John Robert Powell Send Email
Anyone visiting England from USA? 11 Dec 2008
Hi, I have a package that is in England and I would really like it to be at home with me. I left it there and have tried to have it sent to me, but it would cost nearly 100$.
If anyone is going to England anytime soon and will be returning to the USA please let me know if you can help me get my package! I will pay for any extra luggage charge there may be, since this will probably be much cheaper than postage!


Alex Collett
Alexandra Hale Collett Send Email
Atonement Study 24 Nov 2008
During President Parkin's time, the missionaries were given an atonement study calender for the month of December. Does anyone happen to still have a copy that they would be willing to email to me? Thanks.
Seth Ronning Send Email
Catford Ward 23 Nov 2008
I served in the Catford ward in June and october, November, December 1991 and January 1992. I currently have a neighbor that is taking the discussions from London who has 2 sons who live in the Catford area. i am wondering if Grove Park is in the Catford Ward. I am also wondering who the Bishop is in the ward and if Peter Beasley, the Chittocks, the Fosters, and Harold still live in the ward. Any information would be helpful...thanks!
Ginger Allen Send Email
President Pinegar 19 Oct 2008
Hi, I have had an email fom President Pinegar this past week, who is hoping to get a list of email addresses of the whole mission. If you would like me to pass your details on just drop me a line. It would be great to hear from you.
Regards Jenny Spragg(nee Herbert)
Jennifer Spragg Send Email
Help 09 Oct 2008
Does anyone know how to get in touch with the Matthews, Melanie and her daughter Georgia, from Farnborough? I served from 99-2000 and have not talk to them for years. Any help would be great. Thanks!
Craig LeBeau Send Email
London Painting/puzzle 02 Oct 2008
For our 25th Wedding Anniversary last year My wife and I commissioned a personalized painting of London by American Folk Artist, Eric Dowdle.

In this beautiful yet whimsical painting, we had him include, me and my first companion, Elder Dunn, preaching the gospel to a sweet lady we meet there. Also included is President Hinckley standing with his cane on the bridge next to a lorry with the initals GBH. Myself, wife and daughter are in front of the double Decker with our four sons inside. Loads of other things to search for in this London scene- Real fun stuff. This painting is available in puzzle form - kind of a fun way to share your mission with your family. We make NOTHING by letting you know about this artist's work. Take a look at it on line just for fun -

Would like to hear your thoughts on the picture -
David L. Powell Send Email
Elder Albert Price 29 Sep 2008
Elder Albert Price who with
his beloved companion Sister Sandee Price served two missions in the ELSM
passed away this morning sunday September 28th 2008. Funeral services will be held friday
at 10 a.m. in Salem Utah in the chapel on main street a viewing will be
held thursday from 7-9.00. Once again he has been called to serve!!
Eric Lundholm Send Email
looking for lost Companions 19 Sep 2008
looking for Elder Ronald Lowe and Elder DJ Williams served in 1985-87 time frame. Under Pres Pinegar
Fon H Roberts Send Email
Elder Cobos!! 13 Sep 2008
Does anyone know where Elder Cobos is? I want to know if he ever did get that Jeep Wrangler he was getting on his return home.
Paul Greer Send Email
Westbury, Wiltshire 23 Aug 2008
Can anyone tell me if Westbury, Wiltshire is in this mission? My Great Grandmother, Ruth May Fox was born there and came as a pioneer, before the railroad, to Utah. Her father served without purse or script as a Traveling Elder in the early 1800's. I would like to know more about the region.
Thank you!
Fred Stout Send Email
Elder McDaniel 15 Aug 2008
He and I were comps for 5 months in Peckham. Those were good times. He was a good man with a testimony of the gospel the he didn't shy away from working hard.
Paul E. Albers Send Email
Elder George McDaniel 09 Aug 2008

I read the posting and was saddened. I remember him. He used to tease me a lot. My first memory of him was meeting him at the Mitcham office and he would cut-up and then turn his humor into some teasing. I was an easy target. I had a southern accent and did things a bot different. I will miss him. He was tall in stature and in the heart as well.

B. Scott Williams Send Email
Remember me? 09 Aug 2008

If you remember the Elder Williams with blonde hair that served from 1986 to 1988 he would like to keep in touch. How time has flown. IRecently, have made contact with Elder Norman Roy (from South Africa). Awhile ago I found Sister Nevelienen (mispelled). About four or five years ago I emailed Elder Peery. Anyway, if you are looking for someone else lets work together and maybe we can reminisce and help each other's memories.
B. Scott Williams Send Email
Elder George McDaniel 1986-1988 21 Jul 2008
Elder George McDaniel (London South Mission 1986-1988) was killed in a
helicopter accident July 19, 2008. He was killed outside of Price, UT. He was currently living in his hometown of Idaho Falls, ID, with his wife Wendy (high school sweetheart) and their two children Stafford (17) and
Mariah (14). At his time of death he was a real estate developer in Idaho and Wyoming.
Kristen Morgan Send Email
Would love to Contact 18 Jun 2008
looking for elders who baptised me. in
1972 Elder Michael Roy, and Elder David Jarvis,
Does anyone know of them.
Paul Watts Send Email
Sandee Price 17 Jun 2008
I have been asked by the family of Sandee Price to inform those who served
with them on two missions in the elsm of her sudden death on monday the
16th June, Brother Price is at this moment in a rest home in Payson utah.
They were so grateful that they were able to visit with loved missionaries
and Pres and Sister Jensen at the 20yr reunion in april. They loved all
those missionaries so much!!
Eric Lundholm Send Email
Looking For 12 May 2008
Hey Mates, I am looking for Rosemary Sutton. This is her current name as far as I know, When she was baptized it was Rosemary Dwyer. If anyone knows her where abouts or any leed at all, let me know.

Thanks Joel Tolman 1977 - 1979
Joel Tolman Send Email
Missionaries under Eyer & Rodes 14 Apr 2008
I am looking for
Klause Barbier (sp?) from Austira
Dan Brady, Ut
Ron Rigby, UT.

If you know of there were abouts or can email them to get in touch with me I would appreciated it.
Bill Lord
Henry William Lord Send Email
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