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Looking for Elder Cox 11 Apr 2008
Hi, am looking for Elder Cox who was a senior couple working in the mission office in Mitcham during our time 1997-1998.
Please if any one knows how i can get in touch with him please forward me his details as soon as possible at :
He lived in Provo the last time i heard from him last and lost his Wife Nadine.
I will be grateful hearing from you.
God bless
Henry Felix Mwesigwa Send Email
President and Sister Rhodes 17 Mar 2008
I spoke on the phone with President and Sister Rhodes last week while I was on spring break in California. They are doing well at 83 and continue to be in good health. They spend their winters near Palm Springs and their summers in Utah.

I also just discovered that Doug Bushey and his family live in my small branch here in Alaska. Also Steven Forbes and his family live in my ward that I attend in the summer.
Suzanne Richards Send Email
Anyone know how to contact Julian Murray 03 Mar 2008
If anyone knows how to contact Elder Julian Murray, I'd love to have the info. He lived in the Dundee area before the mission.
Scott Fife
ELSM 94-96
Scott Fife Send Email
Help celebrate Wayne Bancroft's life 06 Dec 2007
I am trying to get a message out to help Wayne Bancroft's family. Hopefully eveyone who knew him knows he has died this past May. His siblings are trying to put together a book for his parents that includes memories of Wayne written by friends, companions, or anyone who knew and loved Wayne. They are asking anyone to write their favorite memories or qualities of Wayne to them to include in this book. Here is Wayne's sisters email address, please send you your memories of Wayne if you wish to participate.

This is a good cause, thanks for all who are willing to participate!
Ashley Heath Send Email
Sisters Tippets 11 Nov 2007
Mann, Martin. and Elders Munns Alstrhom form the President Livingstone days.

Would like to know the whereabouts of the same and any other information. Would love to re unite with these fine missionaries after 32 years.
John Robert Powell Send Email
Elder Howick 11 Nov 2007
Does anyone know the wherabouts of Elder Howick who served in 1975-6 under Pres Livingstone?

He was my district leaser and I often think of how is is getting along. I ofndly remember his humour and especailly the Monkey owned by his landlady Sister Brace.

Any information would be gladly recieved.

John Powell
John Robert Powell Send Email
Let's get together! 11 Oct 2007
Hay, Elder Chris Flattley is coming to Utah for the hoildays so we are going to have a little party/reunion. So whoever would like to see him, my husband Curtis Bingham, or myself just email me so I can get back to you on the date and time. And pass the word on, we have lost track of a lot of people so just give my email out so we can send out invites.
Terra (Sister Anderson)
email -
Terra Bingham Send Email
The Staheli Family (Addlestone Branch) 06 Oct 2007
This news came as a total SHOCK to me as I discovered it while reminiscing about my mission. After conducting an internet search for one of my most beloved Amercian families, during my E.L.S.M stint , I found this horrible news. I feel even more helpness, just now finding out about this, though it happened almost four years ago. To any and all who knew Brother and Sister Staheli, I offer my sincerest condolences and sympathies. They will most certainly be missed.....,1249,595053300,00.html
Jared Michael Garcia Send Email
People search 16 Sep 2007
Hi, I served from aug 1994- mar 1996 under President and sister Whitmore. Recently my computer crashed and I lost all my friends contacts etc. I would love to get in contact again with some of my former companions, namely: Sisters Jenna Stott, Julie Hatfield, Kirstin Schow, Helena Heikkiela, Julie Tyze, Melanie Free. Does anybody know how I can get adresses for any of these???
Rachel Amy Deverson Send Email
President Pinegar in Palmyra 05 Sep 2007
My ward had a special youth temple trip to Palmyra a couple weeks ago. It turns out that Pres. and Sis. Pinegar are serving a mission there helping out at the historical sites in the area. I'm not sure how much longer they will be there. I wasn't able to go with them on the trip unfortunately.
Paul E. Albers Send Email
Pres Jensen 20 year Reunion Planned 05 Aug 2007
Dear Fellow missionaries.

It will be 20 years in July 2008 that Pres Jensen started his mission. He has enlisted my wife and I to help plan a 20 Year Reunion. We need to make contact with as many of you as possible to get updated contact details from you and anyone else you may have kept in contact with. We also need an email address and whether you would prefer the Reunion in April 2008 around Conference time, or in July 2008. Democracy will rule here as to when it will happen. Please email us with your name, and preferred month for the Reunion to as well as any other missionary email / contact details you may have.

We hope your quick response will allow for a timely date set for your travel plans. Looking forward to your emails.

Kind Regards
Brenton and Janene Salvesen
Brenton Denis Salvesen Send Email
Sister taylor 30 Jul 2007
hi all. does anyone know where to find sister taylor she served during my time 1998-2000
Alan Richard Barnley Send Email
Returning to England after 25 years 26 Jul 2007
Hi All,

Finally after 25 years of leaving England, I am going back with my family. I am trying to find a couple of British Elders I served with -- Sean Larrington-White and "Elder" Jones (wish I knew his first name but he served with me in Kinsgton Upon Thames in 1981.

Any help would be appreciated.

Carl Nelson
Carl A Nelson Send Email
Kinnersley's # 25 Jul 2007
Does anyone know the Kinnersley's phone number? if you do, email it to me, would you?
Haley Jean Dale Send Email
Kathy Dinwoodie 25 Jul 2007
I am heading back to England tommorow and just recently Kathy Dinwoodie (Convert from the Gillingham Ward) moved again. Does anyone have her new contact information or her Daughter Melanie Reynolds contact info? If so would you email it to me?
Judson Cole Eades Send Email
Returning to England after 25 years 30 May 2007
Hi all,

I am bringing my family back to England in August - 25 years after I left my mission. I am looking forward to visiting some of the places I served - along with many places I couldn't visit that were outside of my mission.

I am looking for a couple of people that I'd appreciate help contacting. I am looking for any member of the Sapey family that lived in Kingston Upon Thames Ward and a returning missionary named Sean (I think - we all went by "Elder") Larrington-White ( who served 81 to 83).

I'm also interested if there are any members out in the Margate area. They had a really small branch when I served there and I wonder if anyone is left out there. There was only one YW and about 5 children in Primary.

Thank you and I can't wait to return.


Carl Nelson 80-82.
Carl A Nelson Send Email
Elders Habbermann & Gaebler 14 May 2007
anyone have updated contact details for these too? Served under Pres Parkin & Pres Preece, but the email addresses on this site are invalid?
David Beere Send Email
To Boring 01 Apr 2007
Hey Everyone this site is to boring. Lets spice it up a bit, and get people to actually put some cool stuff on here. You don't have to act all Christ like, we all served a mission, but that is over and now we are on to bigger and better, so lets hear about what everone is doing. Keep it real!!!!
Benjamin R. Haney Send Email
David Lowe 26 Mar 2007
I am a relative of David Lowe and just wanted to inform Alethea O'Neill Gallacher that I have all his contact details if you still want them. Thanks. Kaytie Buckley.
Stephen Joseph Buckley Send Email
Sally West 17 Mar 2007
Anyone know Sally West, her Daughter is called Jessica, havent seen them for ages, just want to touch base with them. they were in Abingdon Oxfordshire Of course Sally and indeed Jessica could be married by now. Any info would be gratefully accepted.
John Robert Powell Send Email
If you need to contact the webmaster of the ELSM webpage directly please email me at elsmweb (at symbol)

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