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Prsident Livingstone 17 Mar 2007
I poasted this message before in 2003, I had hoped to be able to get some information. so I post it again in hope.

I was wondering if President Livingstone or Sister livingstone are still alive It is a long time ago since 1975. I would be grateful for any information and if they can be contacted in the event of them being alive
John Robert Powell Send Email
Wandsworth 1975-6 17 Mar 2007
I would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers Elders: Lamar, Powell, Howick, Ford,Tippets.

Anyone remember The Saunders family? Sister Brace? witht he pet Monkey.
John Robert Powell Send Email
lost friend 15 Mar 2007
I would love to get back in contact with Ron French who served in the England London South mission between 1982 and 1984. Our families lived next door in the Sacrament, Ca area when he was a little boy. Has anyone heard from him in the last couple of years?
virginia lundwall Send Email
To everyone 07 Feb 2007
Hey e-mail me if you served with me, or you knew me on the whole mission thing. It would be great to hear from anyone else. I keep in contact with a lot of people, but there is always those few you want to keep in contact with, so get a hold of me. Bowden you still have my tie you stole from me, but you can keep it buddy!!!
Ben Ray Haney Send Email
Looking for Elder Daley 05 Feb 2007
I am looking for Elder Daley who served when President Eyre was the President. If any one has any infor about were he is or how to get in touch with him I would love to know. Thank you.
Iris Mabrey Send Email
Elder David Lowe 04 Feb 2007
I am searching for David Lowe who served in the ELSM between late '95-97 or early '96-98. He is from Littleborough in Lancashire in the North of England, part of Ashton Stake in Manchester.

Does anyone know of his whereabouts and how I may contact him?

If you have any information, please send me an email.


Alma 60:36
Alethea O'Neill Gallacher Send Email
Hello my dear friends. Have served from 1982 - 1984. It was a terrific time. I'm getting goose pimples while reading notes from fellow missionaries at this great web-site. would love to hear from you!
Need the adress of Elder WILKER, ALLEN, YARDLEY, HICKEN, CHILD and PUTNAM - can you help?
Have a nice X-mas season.
Kind regards, robert
Robert Molnar Send Email
Looking For Kirstin Woodhouse 29 Nov 2006
I am looking for contact information on Kirstin Woodhouse.


Greg Christiansen
Gregory Allen Christiansen Send Email
Justin Bigler 15 Nov 2006
Guten Tag,
I am wondering if anyone has Justin Biglers contact details.
It would be quite wonderful if anyone who has it could send it to me. Thank you very much.
Greetings to all,
Christian Wolfert
Karl Christian Wolfert Send Email
any missionary serving in Wichester ward 07 Nov 2006
Hi, i served in Winchester ward a few years ago and am looking for the e-mail contacts of the following members: Denzel Curgenven, Curgenven Jr(Portsmouth stake president),The Skinners and The Masons.
The elders serving in Winchester please help me get in touch with these members or any one who has their contacts.Reach me at:
Thanks you
Henry Felix Mwesigwa Send Email
am looking 03 Nov 2006
Hi, am Henry Mwesigwa-a returned missionary from uganda but
served in England London south mission between 1996-98.Please am kindly
requesting for the e-mail contacts for the following people from
Winchester Ward because i served there and would like to get in touch with
them urgently: The Curgenvens both senior and Jnr i believe Junior is now
the stake president Portsmouth stake and Denzel served a couple mission
in South Africa, also i would like to get in touch with Brothe Mason.I
will be grateful for your help.
Henry Felix Mwesigwa Send Email
Sister Zoya 15 Oct 2006
Has anyone been in touch with Sister Fezeka Zoya since the mission? If so, I would love an email address...or any contact info for that matter!
Krista Noelle Christensen (Ballard) Send Email
Sister Salash 18 Sep 2006
I am wondering if anyone has any info about sister Salash. She served around 2002-2003.
Terra Bingham Send Email
Kinnersley's homecomming 12 Aug 2006
the homecomming for the Kinnersley is at 2255 S WASATCH DR SLC UT 84109
hope you all can come.
Michael Backman Knaub Send Email
Kinnersley's homecoming!!! 12 Aug 2006
Hey fellow ELSM RM's!!!!
The Kinnersley's are back and they will give their homecoming talk tomorrow (Aug 13th) at 10:30 in Salt Lake. If you need more info, please give me a call at 801-361-8281.
Sorry for such a short notice. Hope to see you there.
Yulia Phelps Send Email
Help finding people 27 Jul 2006
Can anyone help me out here. I am looking for
> contact information for Dave
> Broome. He married Rachel Carter from the Selsdon ward and I thought he
> moved to Bristol. He
> was originally from Burton on Trent I think. Also I
> need Joe Edowesomeone's
> contact info too. He was the Bishop of the Peckham
> ward.
Andy Collins Send Email
Gloria Sommers 15 Jul 2006
Hello all. I am wondering if anyone has Gloria Sommers phone number (Mitcham Ward). If you could send it to me I would be very grateful. Thanks, Mitch warner
Mitchell Peter Warner Send Email
Address Needed 06 Jul 2006
Does anyone have President & Sister Jensen's home address?
Michelle Wade Send Email
Presiyan Atanasov 05 Jul 2006
hi i'm looking for presiyan atanasov does anyone kow where he is? iknow after his mission he went back home but came back over to England to live and i know he was living in high wycome. if you could help i would be very greatful because i woul love to get incontact wth him again
Stephen Joseph Buckley Send Email
Bishop Francis and fam (Americans) 02 Jul 2006
Hi - I was wondering if anyone knew whether Bishop Francis and family (Dave and Brenda) are still living in the Bracknell ward, or if they've come back to the States. If so, does anyone have their address here (in the States)? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
Adam Robert Buchanan Send Email
If you need to contact the webmaster of the ELSM webpage directly please email me at elsmweb (at symbol)

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