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Elder Neyman 06 Jun 2006
Anyone know where Elder Neyman got to?
He was from St Georges and looks like a small version of Elvis but I imagine much fatter now. Let me know if you do. It would be nice to catch up with him.
Chris Ford Send Email
Mark of Texas looking for Morlin Family of Edinbur 05 Jun 2006
Mark of Texas looking for Morlin Family of Edinburgh. Please contact
Harold D Kerkman Send Email
Dave Hutton 14 May 2006
I would like to know if any former or current missionaries that severed in the Southampton area would know Dave Hutton's address or e-mail address.
Harold Kerkman 1982-83
Harold D Kerkman Send Email
ELSM Forum 08 May 2006
I just thought I would let everyone know that I created an ElSM Forum on my website. I have lots of pictures. go to and check out the forum you can signup for free if you would like.
Fon H Roberts Send Email
Lex & Locker 25 Apr 2006
Does anyone know contact info for Norbert Lex or Markus Locker who served in 84 and 85. I would like to get in touch with them.
Thanks Scott Miller
Scott Allan Miller Send Email
Alcino DeJesus, Donald Stopforth, Fatima Konteh 05 Apr 2006
Anybody have any contact info on any of these three individuals? Alcino and Fatima were baptised in the Peckham ward in late'98 and early '99. Donald lived in the Park Barn estate in Guildford and was baptised in the fall of '99. Any info no matter how old would be much appreciated.


Scott R. Braithwaite Send Email
Looking for Eva from Brighton 26 Mar 2006
I am looking for a convert from Brighton. Her name was Eva (her last name escapes me right now). The senior missionaries sent me a letter about her a few years ago. I've tried to respond, but I fear the letters have been intercepted by her anti- son (David was his name, I think). Eva is Hungarian, and when I knew her in 1993, she lived near Bear Road, on Hollingsbury if I remember correctly. Elder Stevulak and I had the privilege to teach and baptise her.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Josh W. Warner Send Email
Carrie Scott 21 Mar 2006
Does anyone out there have a working e-mail address for Carrie Scott who served under President Preece from 2001-2002?
Rebecca Ann Stewart Send Email
Naira Tristao 19 Mar 2006
I am looking for a convert by the name of Naira Tristao. She joined the church in August of 2000 in the Peckham ward in the ELSM. Last time I spoke with her she was attending the singles ward in London. If anyone has heard from her or is aware of where she is at these days, I would love to contact her. Thanks!
Becky L Trimble Send Email
Hi! I am wondering if anyone knows if there is going to be an ELSM reunion for President Preece and/or President Parkin this upcoming conference weekend. If anyone has any information, please let me know! I'd really like to come now that I live close to SLC! THANKS!!!
Sister Ballard
Krista Noelle Christensen (Ballard) Send Email
Trip to London 10 Mar 2006
I am coming back............finally, after 30 some years. I will only have 4 days in and around London. Want to go to some old areas. Crawley, Farnham, Bracknell, St. Albans, Luton/Dunstable, Guildford and Aldershot. Need to know a good place to stay in Crawley. And one in Luton or the general area.
I am also going to rent a car and drive to Scotland to visit an old companion in Aberdeen. I'd like to see the Temple in Preston and stay the night in that area also. How long does it take to drive to Preston? Then to Aberdeen? Am I crazy to do this? My sister will be with me.
Thanks for any information you can send along.

Kathy "Quist" Turley
Kathy Turley Send Email
Want to hear from you! 09 Mar 2006
Hello Sisters during Pres Preece!
I was just updating my information today and I was thinking about you guys so if you get a chance email me and let me know what you are up to- Janelle- formerly Sister Butler
Janelle Simmons Send Email
Tim Stubbings 09 Mar 2006
Does anyone out there have any contact with Tim Stubbings from the Oxford Ward? I've tried to contact him, but haven't had any luck. I would love to hear from anyone who knows of his whereabouts.
Mike Hammer Send Email
Google Map link - ELSM office 27 Feb 2006
Google Map Link to ELSM office (late 1980's) and Mitcham Chaple:,-0.173206&spn=0.000909,0.001545&t=h

Google Maps for the UK has started using arial photos (taken by plane) so you can zoom in a LOT more
Paul E. Albers Send Email
Alan Barnley 24 Feb 2006
Hi - alan lives in our Ward area - if you would like me to ask him to contact you I would be happy to do that
Linda Brownlow Send Email
Alan Barnley 23 Feb 2006
Does anybody have Alan Barnley's email or telephone number over there in England?
Peter Clayton Send Email
Photos with your Profiles!!! 14 Feb 2006
Come on guys!!! In this modern age of all things Digital and the fact that PCs are everywhere...


It's been 5-7 years since I've seen some of you and us ex-ELSM-ers in the frontier regions can't make it to reunions in the States to laugh at how weathered you're looking in person.
Paul Greer Send Email
Sister Randriamanantena 13 Feb 2006
I'm looking for Sister Randriamanantena from Madagascar, served there 1998-1999. If anyone has any information, no matter how old it is, I would appreciate if you could pass it along to me at Thanks in advance!
J. Rose Bowcut Send Email
Bryan Powell 06 Feb 2006
Hi! I am looking for Elder Bryan Powell who served from 1998-2000. If anyone has either a mailing address or an e-mail address, I woud be most appreciative if you could share it with me!
send it to
Krista Noelle Christensen (Ballard) Send Email
Brent Gailey--served 2000-2002 06 Feb 2006
Hi! I am looking for Brent Gailey's address! If anyone has it, I would be most grateful if you would share it! Thanks! Send it to
Krista Noelle Christensen (Ballard) Send Email
If you need to contact the webmaster of the ELSM webpage directly please email me at elsmweb (at symbol)

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