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hey all 09 Jul 2002
I am wondering if anyone knows any info of two elders. I would love to get in contact with these guys. they were great guys. One named Elder Sim (not sure of fist name) from Sandy Utah, the other Elder Jeff Merchant from SLC, Ut. please email me if you know of email or phone #'s for these guys. Thanks, Corey
Corey Smallwood Send Email
do you remember our little cours d'anglais friend 09 Jul 2002
Hello everyone. :) Jannica is in Russia trying to visit an old Bordeaux Institute cours d'anglais friend, Helen. Does anyone have her address? If so, YAY! Please email it to Thanks!
Wendi Wilcken Send Email
Templeman and Shorthridge 06 Jul 2002
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Drew Templeman and/or Cory Shortridge? Or where they are now, or anything? I would love to get in touch with them. Email me at if you have any info. thanks.
Brian Gareth Moses Send Email
Looking for Phone Number 05 Jul 2002
Hello, if anyone knows Elder Colby Draper's phone # in Highland, Utah, and his cell number, please e-mail them to me immediately. Thank you.

my e-mail address:, or
Christopher William McBride Send Email
looking for a host family in Provo 01 Jul 2002
Hi everybody who knows me

It finaly got me too .... I'm coming to BYU in December!!! At the moment I'm still planning this out. I have already been accepted and now I'm looking for a place to stay. I'm looking for a family environment. So if anyone knows a nice family who lives near BYU and would like to host a crazy Swiss guy (for ex. for german practice!) please let me know.

Thanks for your help

Andreas Suter
Andreas Lukas Suter Send Email
Hi from Rayms Lubz 30 Jun 2002
Hi everybody !
This is the second message I send... I think the first one didn't work... To each one of yo who touched my life I want to say thanks.
Also if you know me please give some news and congratulation to all of you who are getting or got married... i'm so happy for you !!!
Raymonde Binza Boquillon Send Email
Where have they gone? 28 Jun 2002
Hi all,
I'm looking for Kevin Eastley and Kenny Clinger...... does anyone know what has happened to them? If so then drop me a line. Feel free to say even if you don't know what happened to them. =) ciao

James Cramp
James G Cramp Send Email
Trippin! 24 Jun 2002
Well, I'm not getting married... but I am going on a trip back to France in August. I'm going to be renting a car and probably staying in youth hostels for the most part. Has anyone done the hostel thing who might be able to tell me what they're like? Email me if you have good info on what to see and stuff like that...
Matthew D. HEATON Send Email
Jay Gibson 17 Jun 2002
Does anyone know how to get ahold of Jay Gibson? There is a member in France who has been trying to find him. She asked me to help. Any info would be appreciated. THANKS
Laura Ellis Send Email
J.T. Gibson 06 Jun 2002
Hey, does anyone have any idea what J. T. Gibson's current address is....I ordered some salamanders for him....and just wanted to send them off to him....thanks...
Danny Gilchrist Send Email

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