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Travel to Haiti? 06 Aug 2019
Has anyone in North America experienced challenges with making airline arrangements to travel to Haiti for the temple dedication?

I have attempted to make bookings through Delta and Air Canada, but with no success.

Kenbe ferme!

Keith Willoughby (1985-87)
Keith Willoughby
Haiti temple dedication 19 Nov 2018
Hi, everyone.

Just learned about the Haiti temple dedication.

Mark your calendars for mid-May.

My wife and I are planning to be there.

Would be great to see plenty of mission alumni in attendance.

All the best,
Keith Willoughby (1985-1987)
Keith Willoughby
A temple in Haiti! 05 Apr 2015
The time has come! What a monumental announcement for the Haitian people! What a show of faith! What a privilege for Haitians to have the saving ordinances within reach of foot. I am proud to once have served with many wonderful missionaries in such an amazing place. I <3 Haiti! I can't wait to see the Haiti temple!
Ty Swartzlander
From Greg Jones 19 Feb 2014
A lot of you may know this from other sources, but when I found out about this website from Sister Melissa Hatch Charters I had to take the opportunity to share some sad news.
Some of you may recognize my name. I am Greg Jones, the luckiest husband around who got to marry one of your Haiti-loving returned missionaries, Soeur Amy Conis. About three months ago, on November 15, Amy passed away from complications related to her Lupus and other illnesses she was fighting.
We have lived in Martinsburg, WV, for the past 15 years and so finding old friends' current contact information has not been very straight forward. I am sorry about the late notice for those who knew her but have not found out until just now about her passing.
I know Amy and my family benefitted tremendously from her experiences and the testimony growth she had during her Haiti mission and I thank you for all the love and friendship she received from each of you over the years.
A Bolivia-loving returned missionary,
Greg Jones
Melissa Charters
Sister King 03 Jul 2011
I recently discovered that Sister Rosalie King has moved to Provo! She is living in the Jamestown Retirement Center (3352 N 100 E) and would love visitors. I visited with her briefly a week ago and she said that I was the first visitor she had seen other than her family. She is just as sharp and welcoming as ever! If you would like to call her first before visiting please contact me and I can provide you with her cell phone.
Craig Nelson
Christmas Greetings from Soeur Andrus 22 Dec 2010
Sister Ruby Andrus (widow of President Clair Andrus) asked me to post a Christmas greeting from her (and while I'm at it--merry Christmas from me, too):

To our dear, loved, and special Haiti missionaries,

"PONDERING to me, is the thinking and the praying I do after reading and studying in the scriptures carefully." (Pres. Henry B. Eyring, Oct. 2010)

"It shall come to pass..." This Christmas story was written before the foundation of the world and we believed! Angels did appear to shepherds--they PONDERED. Their eyes were opened and they saw and they ran to tell others. Wisemen DID PONDER the message of the Star and followed the light and found the Messiah, the REDEEMER of the world.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy and PONDER the many signs given at His birth--PONDER the many signs appearing now to welcome His second coming. What does this mean to us?

The Church historical department called and wanted all of Pres. Andrus' books and records. So you can go there and have access to these--you all have become historical.

We loved and appreciated each one of you. You are a joy of my memories now.

Love you all,

Sis. Andrus

Ruby Andrus
1270 Apple Ave.
Provo, UT 84604
Jeff McClellan
Getting Supplies to Haiti 05 Dec 2010
A ward and possibly the stake, who have been helping out with a young Haitian member here for medical care, want to send supplies down to Haiti to help with the cholera situation. They are looking into ways to get supplies down and were told by the Church that even they cannot get things in right now. The ward is really excited to help and have over 23 cases of hand sanitizer and lots of people excited and financially able to really do something. We are considering flying people down with suitcases of supplies, flying a private jet or anything else that would work. If anyone has suggestions we'd love to hear them. These are also some of the questions they've asked which I really can't answer.

1. Are there rules-of-thumb for avoiding being assessed a tax, and if assessed, what it is likely to be?
2. Who should go? Put another way, who is least likely to be harassed by a customs officer? Haitian members? People we designate and provide documentation for--really, just a letter on our letterhead--as our ward's "medical missionaries"? Actual docs/nurses? Warm bodies available to go?
3. What actions, in detail, do our travelers take when they encounter problems? (E.g.: Whom and how to contact someone in case of trouble? How much discretionary money should they carry for potential taxation? Is there a risk of incarceration? How do we ensure they avoid getting sick themselves?) Here, I guess, I'm really worrying about risks to our travelers and specific responses to those risks.
4. How much of what the ward there needs can we send? Again, I'm thinking of this as a matter of what amount/kind of stuff we can send that has the least likelihood of being "assessed."
If anyone has experience please let me know.
Stephanie Granger
Help build the American Hospital of Haiti 23 Apr 2010
If you are a returned sister missionary, we need your help! We would like you to serve on the Million Mothers for Haiti-helping to build the American Hospital of Haiti Committee. Please contact Jamie Spackman Preston at to join the committee or to find out more information.

There's lots to do in just a short period of time so let's band together and make a difference in the lives of those we love, the Haitian people!


As part of the non-profit organization we have established, this working committee was organized to oversee The Million Mothers for Haiti – helping to build the American Hospital of Haiti.

Our UHTF colleagues are providing leadership: Jamie Preston will be the chair, and her co-chairs will be Claire Henderson, Shellie Hurt, Marcel Walker, and Gaylinn Breeze. And there will be others added. Nobody should feel left out, this was urgency of starting. This is all a work of volunteers!

A key point is this is not an exclusive committee – the more American women involved the better!

Wonderfully creative Michael Walker and his team, who created and oversees the website, is working on a subdomain “Million Mothers" for Haiti website.

Once construction begins, the website will have a regular progress report on the hospital.

The American Hospital of Haiti will provide a higher degree of respect for women patients and the modesty of women that has been customary in Haiti.

Women health needs in Haiti are immeasurable; painful yeast infections are widespread and mostly untreated. High blood pressure is also widespread and mostly untreated. Care for children is also a critical need.

The outpatient clinic on the campus of the American Hospital of Haiti is being designed to also incorporate a women’s health clinic, community health education, and vocational training.

If you have questions, send them to
Larisa Steenblik
Visit to Haiti 08 Apr 2010
Just got back from Haiti, it was alot nicer now than when I was there before, The people are generaly nicer and no political unrest! The UN is keeping the peace and there is alot of money circulating, there is over 3000 Un workers there and many other countries helping, alot of good things are happening! I took pictures of the mission home and chaples , I will see if I can upload them here. The members are in a great spirit and are being taken care of, The Brother that is incharge of the mission and the help project for the church is a good guy and is doing his best to help the members that are suffuring, I did not see one missionary on the street but there are more families now that have had a wake up call and are very interested in the gosple!
In my opinoin, this tragedy is going to turn into a magor blessing for the Haitian people. The UN is in Haiti to stay and will help them and the country to obtain a good political and working enviornment, they are watching over every dollar that has been donated and will try to keep the pilfering controled ,they have told the pres, Preval that he needs to stay in office for 18 months more, that mean no elections, most Haitians I spoke with said this was a good thing to keep those 143 new pres candidates in check for a while so that there can be some sort of political peace while they start to rebiuld! ( to many political parties , imagine 143 parties, how could anyone make a decision!) There could be some unrest , expected when they anounce this but less than a election would encoure. The first money (4 billion dolars should be entering the economy this month) this will be a great help for the average family! The UN employs so many Haitians it's incredible.
Belair and down town are still very smelly but they are doing there best to clean things up , the Haitian government pays locals to clean the streets every day! it was amazing to see the streets so clean! Traffic was horendous, all the catholic churches are ruined, so some Haitians are blaming that god took his fury out on them because of the bad Catholics, vudoo is more prevalent and no longer in hidind especialy after aristid let it out of the bag!
Generally things are getting better and fast, I only saw one dead guy on the street, that in comparision to when I lived there before was amazing! everyday I would see at least 3 before:
I fely very secure and generally with out any feelings of caution, it was a great trip, I have to go back very soon, will see how things shape up, Oh Petionville looks like city solei now , thousands of people selling on the streets,
Craig Edward McCombs
Haitian Emergency Lift Project 11 Mar 2010
From Matt Smith:

We are a group of people from Idaho Falls, Idaho who have formed a group called "Haitian Emergency Lift Project". The Mission of the Haitian Emergency Lift Project is to build stable communities by addressing the basic health, social and economic needs of people in crisis.

Through the Haitian Emergency Lift Project, we work to improve access to health care, food, shelter, clean water, sanitation, education, and economic opportunities. We will do this by :

a. Improving access to health care
b. Developing food and nutrition programs
c. Developing clean water and sanitation systems
d. Improving access to safe and affordable housing
e. Improving access to vocational education
f. Developing economic opportunities for the poor

This is an ongoing project that will provide services throughout 2010 and into 2011. Volenteers will be asked to stay a minimum of 10 days per trip and will be stationed in small towns. Groups will consist of between two and six volunteers in each location.

We are looking for people who have skills and training in the following areas:

a. Health care - Nurses, Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, EMT’s
b. Nutritionists – to help establish a nutrition program
c. Plumbing and well servicing - repair wells and install water purification systems
d. Construction and Construction Management - to teach Haitians construction skills so they can help in the rebuilding efforts.
e. Vocational education - to teach to start their own businesses and/or become employable
f. Microfinance – To help small businesses develop and expand services
g. Electricians - to help install Solar panels and lighting in medical clinics
h. Agriculture – To help local to start and maintain vegetable and fruit farms, poultry farms and goat and cattle ranching

Members of the Church who are native to Haiti are especially helpful. We are seeking locals who have medical and or buisness training/experience or who would like to gain training and experience to improve their condition.

Our goal is to support the Haitians by providing them with the skills and tools they need to be self-sufficient. If you are willing to help us out with this effort please contact Matt Smith at>.
M.K. Paquette
Greetings from Sister Andrus 05 Dec 2009
Sister Ruby Andrus (wife of President Clair Andrus) asked me to post a message here to say hello to "all our special missionaries."

Hope you're all doing well. If you wish to send Sister Andrus a Christmas card, here's her address. I'm sure she'd appreciate hearing from you.

Ruby Andrus
1270 Apple Ave.
Provo, UT 84604

Merry Christmas, all.

Jeff McClellan
Felicitations! 04 Mar 2009
Je voulais simplement feliciter Ti Kevin... ke nap pwochenman rele President Joseph, se pou ti mesiye sa rete net tankou presidan misiyan an!

M sanje ou anpli Kevin, ni mem tou nou tout ki te lage lespri nou ak fos nou telman anpli pou travay la bouje... m espere k ap gen toujou anpli moun ki pa pedi lespwa nan pep Haitien.

M swete yon jou nou ka tout kontinye fe travaiy la ki pa pou l fin fe.

Je suis un peu triste de voir que mon Haitien n'est pas aussi bien ke li te konn ye. Encore une fois, felicitations et bon courage pour ce nouveau appelle.

N ap kenbe w nan priyè nou,

Marco Federico Alvarez
Good Friends 25 Nov 2008
I had a great dinner with Michael Dustin, Dane Watkins, Jeff Benson (and spouse) and Dave Peterson on Friday, November 21, 2008 at the Salt Lake Cheesecake Factory. We had some sweet time. I encourage you to reach out to those people who made such a difference in your life.

Warm Fuzzies People.

John Longaker
John Longaker
Soeur Dubuche 02 Oct 2008
Hello, all. I am looking for Soeur (Francette?) Dubuche, with whom I attended the MTC and served in Haiti Dec. 1984 to Nov. 1986. Does anybody remember here and how I might get a hold of her?

Thanks in advance.

Ray Longhurst
Ray Longhurst
Ahh... Cite Soleil 03 Aug 2007
Ket, sa fe'm sonje yon pakat bagay... te nan Cite Soleil menm ke'm tande premiyeman de avion yo ki t'ap krache sou 11 septamb, 2001...

M te ale avek kompanyon mwen (Elder Decius)anle, kote yon neg m patko janm rakontre. Li te rele'm sou lari a e te di'm "yo blan, gen moun ki fek sot attake peyi ou!" Nou te gade nouvel yo sou televisyon a ansanm.


Priye'm yo ak toujou avek pep Haitian, epi M espere yon jou pou'm retoune ak madanm mwen...

Yikes, brings back lots of memories... I was in Cite Soleil when I first heard about the plane crashes on 9/11...

Went upstairs to watch the news on someone's TV whom I had never met. He called me on the street and said "Hey whitey, someone just attacked your country!"


My prayers are always with the Haitian people, and I hope to return someday with my wife...
Jacob Viraldo
NPR Story on Haiti 02 Aug 2007
I listened to an interesting story on Haiti yesterday on NPR - here is the link to the story with audio. They talk about Cite Soleil which was a place I was taken to as a "fresh of the plane" greenie to get the full shock of the povery of Hiati. I guess in the last 20 years it has become more or less a war zone.

Here is the link to the NP story:


Here is a link to a wiki entry for City Soleil:


Phil Bailey - Haiti Missionary Jan '84 - Nov '85

Hello to all of my friends I served with and met in Haiti.
Phil Bailey
Missionary House Locations 21 Jun 2007
Hello everyone. I am writing a book about Haiti and my mission. I'm looking for help to locate mission houses circa 1988. Anyone who is savvy with Google Earth and remembers where certain places are (or were), please send the longitude and latitude coordinates. In fact it would be a cool addition to the website do have a Google Earth screenshot of Port-au-Prince with houses and places of interest. I'd be happy to create this if I knew where everything was.

Specifically, I'm looking for places like Fontamara, Poste Marchand, Croix des Mission, Delmas 57, King's house, Basin Blue, Red Carpet, Baptist Mission, and various churches in town. If anyone can help please let me know. Thanks.

Blake Frei
Blake Frei
Creole volunteers for MTC 18 May 2007
For the few of you in Utah County, the MTC has a need of Haitian Creole-speaking volunteers for the Learning / Teaching Resource Center, two shifts from 2:50 to 3:50 and 3:50 to 4:50 on Wednesday afternoons. For more information contact Brother and Sister Mayo:
H. Tracy Hall
Can't Find Soeur Laurent 07 Apr 2007
Hello all;

My husband, Elder Neil Hughes and I have been looking for Soeur Saundrine Laurent for some time. Anyone that has any info on her, please email us at

Also, anyone that worked in Carrefour, we are looking for "Suze," who many of us called "Suzie Q Baby". She took the lessons from many of us serving in Carrefour and most of her family had moved to Maimi. If anyone has any info on her or a current address or phone #, please email us at the address above. Thank you.
Neil Hughes











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