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locating people 12 May 2004
hello all I am trying to find a couple members magyarorszagon. the first is oliver from kecskemet. I can't remember his last name unfortunately. he served a mission in 97 I think the second is bartus laszlo formerly of kecskemet. I believe he moved to budapest but I don't know where. Please if anyone could give me some info on these members I would really appreiciate it.
Marc Allen Wardell Send Email
yes Geza 11 May 2004
yes, i know of Geza. Geza does live near to Budapest. Where are you abide at now? Now i have Geza in communication to with you?

Goodbye, Izsak
Izsak Nagy Send Email
Greetings to all! 10 May 2004
I was looking down at everyone who most recently left messages, there are very few of you who's names I recognize. My wife & I are doing well. We live about 20 miles north of Denver in a small town called Erie. Our third daughter Emma was born just before Christmas. I know God has a sense of humor, he gave me three daughters. I'd love to speak to anyone who may remember me. You can visit my family website at, all my contact info is there. Geza, are you still out there???
Eric Floodeen Send Email
Hungarian Music 04 May 2004
First time on the site. Hope someone recognizes my name and sends a shout out. I'm in Mesa, Arizona; AZ pride! What I'm interested in is some uj Hungarian music. Perhaps Les Miserables or any uj Republic CD's. Just to let you know what would be uj for me, szolgaltam from 1996-1998. Valaki found egy jo site rendelni Hungarian tunes?
Tadd Hinze Send Email
Elder Soffee 27 Apr 2004
I am inquiring about a Elder Soffee. I have come across a item that might possible belong to he.

Please come in to contact with me.
Izsak Nagy Send Email
Mission Reunion -- All Presidents 28 Mar 2004
Its that time again. There will be an all presidents mission reunion on Friday April 2, 2004 from 7pm to 9pm. The location has yet to be determined. As soon as we know exactly where it will be at (either Provo or SLC) we will post this announcement under the reunion notice link. Look for it in a couple days, it will be there. You don't want to miss this opportunity to see everyone again. See you Friday.
Matt Edward Halverstadt Send Email
IU Hungarian Symposium 24 Mar 2004
This is probably only feasible for people in the eastern half of the US (unless you have more spare cash then I do). On April 2, 2004 Indiana University is hosting its annual Hungarian Symposium. Details below.

What: Gyorgy Ranki Hungarian Chair Symposium

Where: Indiana Memorial Union Frangipani Room; 900 East Seventh Street; Indiana University; Bloomington, Indiana

Theme: Imre Kertesz in Perspective: Hungarian and Jewish Culture in the 20th Century

For more information contact:
Indiana University Department of Central Eurasian Studies
Goodbody Hall 157
1011 East Third Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47405-7005
Phone: (812) 855-2233
Fax: (812) 855-7500
email: (note: not my email address)

This is an annual event and they routinely send out a "call for papers" to be presented. So if you're the scholarly type and want to present next year you can contact the department.
Paul Steffen Send Email
Hey everyone! What's up? Most of you probably don't know me or even remember me, but I am interested in going either to Hungary or mostly anywhere in Europe this summer to work. So if anyone knows of any English teaching opportunities or any other sort of working opportunity in Hungary or elsewhere in Europe, your help would be MUCH appreciated. Please let me know:
Joshua L. Johnson Send Email
Mission Home Email 08 Mar 2004
Hi all,

Does anyone happen to know if the Mission home has an email address, and if so, what that is?


Joseph R. Farnsworth Send Email
Szekesfehervari Gyulekezet 08 Mar 2004
Sziasztok barataim!!

I just got an email from Szabo Tibi, who's the current branch president in Szekesfehervar. Unfortunately, the news he sent me was pretty sad. A lot of the members that I knew when I served there as branch president in 96 are now struggling with their faith and tesimony. I am writing this message to make two requests.

The first is that I would love more information about Szekes as well as Duna, Kis Pest, and Debrecen from those of you who have recently come home, or from those of you with whom I served who have been back to visit recently (sajnos, I haven't been back to Magyarorszag since I came home in Jan 97).

The second request is for all of us (myself included) to write to our Magyar baratok to hopefully help strengthen their testimonies. I would also love any suggestions from those of you who've had success in writing members and helping them to "come back."

Anyway, life's good out here in Eugene, Oregon. I'm probably going to graduate in December (if all goes according to plan) from law school out here, and would love any leads from those of you who know attorneys here in the Western US for a job.

Most of all, I'd love to hear from all of you with whom I had the privilege or serving.

Sok Szeretettel, Jozsi Bacsi :)
Joseph R. Farnsworth Send Email
More Hungarian Stuff 06 Mar 2004
Just to add another quick note to those who are looking for Hungarian imports. There is another Californian store that is reachable by the web. Go to The phone number is (818) 886-6647. Also for anybody here in the chicagoland there is Bende, Inc. They import Pick kolbasz and the like.
Benjamin Eagar Send Email
More Hungarian Stuff 06 Mar 2004
Just to add another quick note to those who are looking for Hungarian imports. There is another Californian store that is reachable by the web. Go to The phone number is (818) 886-6647. Also for anybody here in the chicagoland there is Bende, Inc. They import Pick kolbasz and the like.
Benjamin Eagar Send Email
Where to find Hungarian food items 17 Feb 2004
Please note that I live in Canada so, I'm sure this won't help much but, I thought I'd throw my two cents in. From what I understand, Hungary restricts the export of many of its native food products (Trapista sajt foleg). Kolbasz is restricted as well. Often what you find in stores here is made here (in North America). I am lucky here. There are lots of Hungarians in this area and thus lots of European foods - Hungarian stuff too. I have found tubes of Gulyas Krem, lots of igazi szalona and yes Eros Pista. There are also quite a few good Hungarian restaurants around too. The one here in London, Ont - The Budapest - is owned by the old magyar neni who is always drunk. It is just like being there. All are welcome to come visit.
Andrew L Lumsden Send Email
Kolbász 16 Feb 2004
Hey I have found a store in slc that sells Gyulai kolbász it is on about 2800 south and Redwood. The store really resembles an abc. There is also other good stuff like Vegeta. I think it is caled the Europa market.
Greg Rodney Nybo Send Email
Kolbasz, trapiszta, etc. 16 Feb 2004
There is a Hungarian store in Burbank, CA called Otto's Hungarian Import Store. They have anything you could ever want including kolbasz, trapiszta, and eros pista. They also have a website you can access for more information. If you call them they will ship any item anywhere in the USA. I have had them ship items quite regularly and they are great!
Ammon M Fager Send Email
Magyar Kaja 16 Feb 2004
I know that a lot of Albertson's and other grocery stores have some kolbasz-like sausage called "kielbasa" that's alright. It's not teljesen igazi, but it works. Some stores even have turkey kielbasa which is also good.

In Provo, there's a store across from the Hospital by the 7-11 called "Many Lands." It's mostly got oriental foods, but it also has some csipos paprika and Hit keksz, which now I've also found in Albertson's stores. They also have Nutella, which is also more common now then when I got home from Hungary in '97. Anyway, if anyplace in Utah has trapista sajt or eros pista, they would.

Minden jot!
Joseph R. Farnsworth Send Email
Where to find kolbasz 15 Feb 2004
There is a place in Las Vegas called (I think) Mediterranean Deli that carries Hungarian style fustolt kolbasz and some other things. I don't think they have eros pista, and I'm pretty sure they don't have trappista, though they have a few other "Hungarian" cheeses. There used to be another place run by a Hungarian in Las Vegas, but she died and it closed.
Jarrod William Ribble Send Email
Ero"s Pista, Trapista, Kolbasz 13 Feb 2004
Where can I find these things in the US?
Trapista and Ero"s Pista might be hard to come by but we should at least be able to find some good hungarian Kolbasz?

Brady D. Butterfield Send Email
Quick Visit 10 Feb 2004
Hello Everyone,

I just thought I drop a note about my coming to good old SLC again for a few days. I will be there between 4-7 March and then 13-15 March. I have some private work to tend in Vegas in between.

If anyone is interested in getting hooked up with me while I am there, just drop me a line.

Peter Borsos Send Email
Re: Question 30 Jan 2004
To Bryan Stevens: It was a Polski Fiat (the itty-bitty car)
Jason C Christensen Send Email
Law firms in Hungary? 29 Jan 2004
Hey everyone!

I'm in law school right now and am looking to do an internship in Hungary this summer for a law firm or large corporation with a legal department. Does anyone have any ties to people, law firms, and/or businesses in Hungary that might be looking for legal interns? I'd appreciate any leads you might have.

Thanks for your help!

Drew Hilton Send Email
Sorry it's been so long since the last update! 29 Jan 2004
Kedves Baratok,

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated this site in a month! I've been really busy dealing with family drama. I should be able to update on a weekly basis per usual now. Thanks for your patience! :)

Sok szeretettel,

Carolyn Daley
Carolyn Elaine Daley Send Email
p.s. 27 Jan 2004
Oops, I forgot to give you my e-mail address. It is
Szilveszter Csaba Csóti Send Email
S.O.S. -- Looking for Sister Brooks 27 Jan 2004
Hello, Everyone! This is Noemi disguised as Szilveszter. : ) I really need to get in touch with Sister Brooks and Elder Brooks Snow. If any of you know anything about either or both of them, please let me know a.s.a.p. It is really urgent. Thanks! Love, Noemi
Szilveszter Csaba Csóti Send Email
question 05 Jan 2004
Hey, does anyone remember the name of the car in hungary that's itsy bitsy? not the trabant. you could only fit 2 people in it. I thought it was polski. but its been a while since i was there.
Bryan Stevens Send Email
Who knows Horvath Csaba? 24 Dec 2003
I'm looking for an address for Horvath Csaba. He was baptized early 2002 in Szekesfehervar but may have moved to Budapest.
I'd like to send him a Christmas card and see how he's doing.
Thanks for any and all help.

Josh Kreitzer
Joshua D. Kreitzer Send Email
Missionary opp in Arizona 16 Dec 2003
Hey guys. My sister who lives in the Glendale Arizona area told me that the missionaries down there are looking for someone who lives around that area and speaks Hungarian. I guess they found a man who is from Hungary and is interested in learning more about the church. If anyone is interested in helping out that lives down there in Arizona send me an e-mail at I'd love to help out, but I live in Utah. So all of you Arizonians will have to take care of it. Please don't let this opportunity slip through your hands. Thanks!
Chris Webb
Chris R Webb Send Email
Searching 13 Dec 2003
Hi, If anyone knows a current address or phone number of Leslie Ricks, Patrice Adams or Janae Chipman will you please let me know? They are all married with different last names and I would like to get in touch with them. Thanks, Andrea Kennedy
Andrea Throckmorton Send Email
visit 03 Dec 2003
I just wanted to let you know (if you care) that I will be in Utah celebrating Christmas this year. (I`m not sure if it`s a good idea leaving the warm sunny California). If any of you want to hook up and have a little buli, let me know. You can email me, and I can tell you the detales.
ok, sziasztok
Erika Pupp
Erika Eddah Send Email
All-region DVD player for sale.. 25 Nov 2003
Hi there--Agi and I & family are moving to Hungary next week. We've purchased a couple new all-region DVD players over there, and would like to sell our current one before we leave. If anyone is interested in a region-free, code free DVD player for 75 USD, let me know at The DVD player has played all of our US and Hungarian DVD's flawlessly for the past year. It does the NTSC-PAL conversion internally. If you want it and can pick it up in Orem before next Tuesday, let us know!
Aaron James Palmer Send Email
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