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Looking for Elder Morgen 21 Nov 2003
Hi everybody, does anyone know anything about Elder Morgen served inHun sometime between 1998-2000? he was a great friend of mine, I havent been able to locate any info on him. thanx
karoly vaczy Send Email
Good News 18 Nov 2003
Kedves Baratainkat!!

Just wanted to let you all know that Reka Louise Fager was born last Sunday 11-16-03. She was 8lb 6oz and 20" long. Bethany and baby are doing well. Hope is enjoying her role as big sister too. Email me and I can send you pictures! We look forward to hearing from our friends!
Ammon M Fager Send Email
Ventilla Gabor 16 Nov 2003
Hey does anyone know Ventilla Gabor's address? Is he back from his mission? Let me know if anyone knows anything.
Ryan Hafen Send Email
les mis 05 Nov 2003
iz anyone interested in Les Miserables in hungarian? I remember it was a hiánycikk ( thats a though one) when i served!
Drop me a mail :
Peter Rimbauer Send Email
Simon Viki (Gee) 02 Nov 2003
Sziasztok! I'm looking for Simon Viki's (Gee) phone number, e-mail address or physical address. If you have any information on her please e-mail me @, or call me @ 719-574-3678. Thanks,
Kriszti Vereckei Jones Send Email
USU Magyar KLUB 20 Oct 2003
We have organized a magyar klub usunal es sok szeretettel, meghivunk mindenkit a Logan helyben(mashol is). Ha reszt szeretnel venni, kuldd email cimedet es tudatuk veled mikor lesznek a gyulesek, bulik, stb.
Evan R. Fisher Send Email
Reunion stuff 29 Sep 2003
Hey, has anybody heard if all of the presidents are coming to the reunion? I'm particularly interested to know if Pres Wilde and his family are coming. The Austria Vienna East Mission reunion (President Neuenschwander) (the predecessor to the Hungary BP mission) will be held Fri Oct 3 at 7pm (1475 N. 300 W. Bountiful). Please come if you're interested (hey you older guys (like me), we can hit both reunions). email me with questions ( or call (443-253-1939). Hey, by the way, why isn't Pres. N listed as a president that we served under? (just curious). Kosz, Jase
Jason C Christensen Send Email
In Utah for Conference 23 Sep 2003
Hey all! I will be in Utah for conference time an would love to see any former comps, friends, associates, etc. so that I can show off my new son. We're getting him sealed to us in the SLC temple on Oct 2nd.

Is there going to be an all Pres Mission reunion?
Joseph R. Farnsworth Send Email
Its been a long time coming... I will be getting married to Kovács Tündi ! We will be married civilly in Budapest on Friday September 12, 2003 and in the St. George Temple on Saturday September 20, 2003. She just got her Visa a few days ago so we didn't send out invitations. The Sealing will be at 8:40 AM and any of you that I know are invited and we'd love to see you!

For those for whom St. George is a bit far, we will be at the Mission Reunion on the 3rd and look forward to seeing everyone!!


Kelley TEDD
Kelley Gene Tedd Send Email
Dallas area 06 Sep 2003
We have just moved to the Dallas area (Frisco)and are looking for anything hungarian. Does anyone know of any hungarian restaurants or a european deli in DFW?
Shannon Cammack Send Email
Who wants to be a translation team es bid that job 26 Aug 2003
Hey, I saw that ad for a/some large translation project(s) and I know none of us can do it ourselves (in a reasonable time period), but I figured that if some of us pooled our time and talents together, we could put together a decent bid on the project. I need at least 4 more people (and no more than 15 Full-time people -- 10 is probably ideal); preferably half native hungarians and half native english speakers; some of both with 'techie' backgrounds/experience. I've got Freelance and Govt translation experience, and some rough ideas for a great project bid. Call me or email me if you're interested (Jason Christensen 443-253-1939; We need to move quickly. If you're not interested, but know someone who might be, please forward this to them. This could be a good part-time position for a number of stay-at-home moms, if you're worried about time commitment (at least the way I see it in my head). Kosz, Jase
Jason C Christensen Send Email
Reunions 22 Aug 2003
When is there going to be an all presidents reunion? Surely there are enough alumni now to have one and share a rare commonality.
Jeffrey David Butler Send Email
Szeged: places to stay/things to do? 20 Aug 2003
Hey all,
I got an email from a friend of a friend who will be traveling to Budapest and Szeged soon. She asked for recommendations on places to stay and things to do/see. I didn't serve in either area, but I think I got Budapest covered. I'm at a loss about Szeged. Please drop me an email if you have any suggestions. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Melissa ("Carlton")
Melissa Wright Send Email
Tech translation job angol-magyar 20 Aug 2003
Szervusztok! Ezt bátyámtól kaptam:

We are looking for experienced, native-speaking translators to do a translation project of 300,000+ words. Translation will be from English (United States) to Hungarian.

Audience will be students ages 16-25 who are learning technical content. Content is technical, involving Cisco internetworking.

This is the first of many potential follow-on projects, mostly in the 100,000-500,000 word range. Many of these projects have existing memories (Trados). Translation quality (accuracy, tone) and cost will be the determining factor for doing the follow-on projects.

If you are interested in bidding on this project, please send a brief e-mail that includes the following:

- Capacity (words per day)
- Accreditations

- Trados experience
- per word rate for new words
- per word rate for exact match

- per word rate for QC/editing/proofreading

- QC/editing/supervisory experience (supervising other translators)

- Experience with Cisco/technical networking content

- Experience writing to a young student audience

- Internet connection

- Satisfied customers!

Please send your bid to:

Jared Carman
Agilant Learning Services
Heather Carman Send Email
Looking for some members 18 Aug 2003
I need some contact info for the following memebers, either email address or physical address. If anyone has any info, please email me. Thanks.

Radovics Janos (Erd)
Nemeth-Toth Zsolt (Veszprem)
Gica (Gyor)
Borocz Atilla (Gyor)

Again, any info would be much appreciated.

Brent Jentzsch Send Email
(UPDATED) Sister Joyce Hamula has passed away.... 23 Jul 2003
(Viewing time updated. See below...)

A great wonderful person has passed on.

Our Dear Sister Joyce Hamula was involved in a car accident and has
away. The missionaries loved her very very much and she loved them.
was always helping the missionaries in any way she could. She
served multiple missions with her husband Joe in Hungary.

Her funeral is this Saturday July 26th at 11:00am at the Monument Park
Stake House/15th ward
1320 S. Wasatch Drive (ca. 2425 East)
Salt Lake City, Utah

(Correction): Viewing for Sister Hamula will be Friday from 7-9pm at
Wasatch Lawn Mortuary
3401 South Highland Drive (ca. 1430 East)
Salt Lake City, Utah

For more information, please contact Cathy Wilson
Carolyn Elaine Daley Send Email
Getting Married 21 Jul 2003
Hello all,

I'm engaged to be married in August. Unfortunately, having finished my mission ten years ago, I've lost touch with most of those I served with. If anyone is interested in receiving an invitation, please email your address to:


Michael Madsen Send Email
Tying the knot 19 Jul 2003
Well, I never thought I'd have news worthy of being posted, but hey... I'm getting married. It only comes once ugy-e? I'm a lucky guy... I get to marry Rachel in the Salt Lake temple on December 20th! If I know you, consider yourself invited to come hang out reception-style at the Joseph Smith building around 4 o'clock. We're pretty excited. Szeretettel varunk beneteket.
Troy Benjamin Howard Send Email
Költözés / Move 16 Jul 2003

Két év Dunaújváros után visszaköltözünk Budapestre. A szép új saját lakásunkba karácsonykor tudunk menni majd, addig kérjük, a régi címemre írjatok:

1195 Budapest, Zrínyi u. 17.

Nagyon köszönünk minden képeslapot és esküvői meghívót, amit tőletek kaptunk!


Szilveszter és Noémi

Utóirat Noémitől: Sister Clark a dunaújvárosi címemre küldte a meghívóját. Még megkaptam, de hétfőtől nem leszünk itt. Ha nekem írtok, vagy a győri címet használjátok:

(Csótiné) Galamb Noémi
9028 Győr
Soproni út 18.

vagy Szilveszter anyukájának a címét (lásd fent).

Szilveszter Csaba Csóti Send Email
Getting Married 03 Jul 2003
Hey Everyone, looks like the time has come. I`ll be getting married on the 6th of september and I should be sending otu invites soon. If you want to come, but don`t get an invite it doesn`t mean you`re not invited. Just come anyway! I`ll post the wheres and the whens soon, but if you want an invite e-mail me at and I`ll get one to you. Love you all! Csőstők
Zach C Lorenc Send Email
Nigerian scam email 17 Jun 2003
I just got an email through this site that is a variation on a very well known scam popular in Nigeria. I'm assuming lots of other people got this email, too. Don't respond to the email. Read about the scam here MSNBC Nigerian Scam Article
Jarrod William Ribble Send Email
Getting Married 16 Jun 2003
I just wanted to announce to all of you who don't know that I am getting married on July 11 to Sarah Christensen in the Bountiful Utah Temple. All of you are invited to the reception that we will be holding that evening in Centerville Utah, or to the open house at my house the following weekend in Lindon Utah. If you need information on how to get there just send me an email.
Adam Swank Send Email
Magyar Zene Csere Results 07 Jun 2003
I have finally finished off the music CD swap that I proprosed in April (I have all the music and the CDs are going in the mail today). Anyone who wants a copy of the CDs please email me. I will send a you complete set for $25. You can either mail me a check or send me money through paypal (email me first because my paypal uses a different email address)

The complete set includes 6 CDs (all about 600 MB), with 35 complete albums and several partial albums. There is music from Akos, Animal Cannibals, Brody Janos, Charlie, Des Laszlo, Disney, Edda, Emberek, Friderika, Geniusz, Illes, Kis Pal es a Borz, Koncz Zsuzsa, Kormoran, Locomotiv GT, Malek Andrea, Mester es Tanitvanyai, Muzsikas, Nyers, Omega, Szorenyi Levente, Tatrai Band, Tolcsvay, Republic, Zoran and more.
Jarrod William Ribble Send Email
Getting Married 31 May 2003
Want everyone to know I'm getting married Aug. 9th @ the Timpanogos Temple and very excited. Hope everything is going well-Kevin
Kevin Colarusso Send Email
visit 27 May 2003
Hey all! I`ll be in Utah in June 13-15. I`ll be in Provo area. So if you want to meet up and do something let me know. Email me, or you can reach me on my cell, 626-215-2590. Hope all is well with you guys.
Erika Pupp
Erika Eddah Send Email
Wedding details 24 May 2003
Some of you have requested details on our wedding (Marchet Clark and Jacob Butler). They can be viewed at

It's on July 19th, and we'll be having our reception in the Logan area (actually in a little town called Collinston, close to Tremonton).

We'll be moving to the Provo area after the wedding. Jacob will be going to BYU, and I have just accepted a teaching job at Mtn. Ridge Junior High. Send me a message (especially if you're in the Provo area) so we can get together sometime!
Marchet Butler Send Email
Hungarian Class 21 May 2003
Hey Guys,

This note is to inform everybody who hasn't taken the Hungarian History and Culture class that it is available at BYU this summer semester. You don't need to be a BYU student to register, and you can register any time till the semester starts--which is June 23. (You just need to contact BYU-s administrations building--ASB--pay the $25 registration fee and the price of 3 credits.) We need only 3 more people to be able to start the class this summer, so if you haven't yet, please sign up, it will be a great experience. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Zsuzsanna Somodi Send Email
Wedding Announcement 21 May 2003
Greetings all-

As some of you already know, I'll be getting married on June 7 to the wonderful and charming Miss Sarah Beal. Any and all of my Hun-Bud contemporaries are cordially invited to attend our wedding receptions. (My address book full of mission people is locked away in Denver, so I ask your collective forgiveness for not sending out too many personal summonses.) Our Seattle reception will be at a country club in Snohomish on the evening of June 7 and there will be an event at my place in Colorado on June 21. I’ll be out of the country and out of touch between the 7th and the 20th, so call or email me before then if you need details. My number in Washington, DC is (202) 415-7885. President Clement, who is taking over from President Petersen this July, will likely make an appearance at the Seattle gathering, so if you come you can fill his head with videki stories. Best wishes to all my peeps and I’ll hope to see you there.

Tomicah Tillemann-Dick Send Email
Sis. Clark gettting married 14 May 2003
Sziasztok! I'm getting married this July to Jacob Butler.
Marchet Butler Send Email
Magyar Kolbasz from the Store 14 May 2003
There is also Kolbasz available at the Gourmet Deli. It is located off of Ft. Union Blvd. and 1300 East. Turn North on Ft. Union and the Gourmet Deli is on the right side up about a block. You can also find lecso, vegeta, and an assortment of peppers.

Bryan Bradford Rasmussen Send Email
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