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Meeting house addresses 03 Oct 2002
Hello all, it has been 10 years since I attended church in Hungary and was wondering if any of you have current addresses to the branch buildings in Szombathely, Fehervar, Veszprem and Pest. I have the opportunity to go to Hungary and would like to especially see the new buildings (they are new to me, because all I saw were the artist renditions back in '93) Thanks for the help. -Hatch
Cary D. Hatch Send Email
Looking for an address 01 Oct 2002
Szervusz mindenki!

My friend is looking for an address of a sister missionary from Hungary that served with her in the Marseille, France mission sometime around 1994-1995. My friend says her name is Nosek Emese, and she thinks she lives in Budapest. Anybody know Emese or her current address?

Also, I'm looking for an e-mail address for Csiszar Julia and Ivan. They are from UjPest, but last I heard they were living in Washington DC area teaching Hungarian for the State Department. Can anybody help me?


Richard "DC" Johnson Send Email
possible reunion 27 Sep 2002
Szia mindenki!
Since I questioned lack of reunion plans I have thought about doing something about it. I need opinions and help if there is going to be a reunion for all missionaries next week. I know it is late but if there is enough support I think we could pull it off. I may be able to reserve a church building in Midvale, Ut. to hold it in. I know there is a football game that night that I would love to watch, but I would be willing to give it up to visit with Magyarok. I need answers to two questions before a reunion is official.
Is 6 or 7 better, and what would ya'll bring to help entertain and feed the groups? Please get in contact with me at or Pass the word along to other Magyar missionaries no matter when they came home. Tentatively plan for next Friday night, I will reserve the building, but I WILL NOT make solid plans if I don't hear from at LEAST 25 people saying they will be there and will help out by Tuesday Oct 1.
The ball is now in your court(s).
Jeffrey Butler
Jeffrey David Butler Send Email
Hous of Terror 27 Sep 2002
Hi All,

I have just visited the above mentioned place with my relatives form New Zealand. It is must for everyone coming to Budapest.

Two links for sites that tell you quite a lot about what is inside:

Check them out. It is a SHOCK!
Peter Borsos Send Email
*REUNION* 23 Sep 2002
*REUNION* Szervusztok! Augusztusban elköltöztem Washington államba, azért összejövetelt nem tudok elrendezni. Ha pedig valaki (J. Butler?) el szeretne rendezni, akkor szívesen adom azokat a címeket és telefon számokat amik nekem vannak. Minden jót kivánok.
Heather Carman
email címem:
Heather Carman Send Email
reunion? 12 Sep 2002
Hey all Hungarian speakers! Bear with me for a few minutes. I am appalled that there is no mission reunion planned. I am also disgusted at the lack of camradery between missionaries and members under different mission presidents. It seems that it is uncool to be proud of the people and the language that we learned and tried to learn. The reason I write this is because of my inlaws and an experience I had during the olympics.
My inlaws served in Finland and every year I hear it from them again and again of the big reunions that they have for ALL missionaries that ever went to Finland. I really get sick of them inadvertently dissing on my wife's (korea) and my missions for not holding any reunions.
The second reason is because of an experience during the olympics. I along with a couple other volunteers were invited along with a few of the athletes and trainers to a party for them. The party was thrown by a Hungarian family that lives in Sandy. They along with a good 20 other Hungarians regularly get together for a good traditional Hungarian dinner. I was amazed that there are so many Hungarians in the Salt Lake valley and surrounding areas. They are very proud of their heritage and language and they celebrate it together, including palinka, bor and sor.
I know we have our little friendships within our missions, and I know there are missionaries that we don't particularly want to see, but isn't it about time there is a reunion for all missionaries? I for one don't want fancy stuff and all, but there should be something.
If there is anyone who has any ideas and clout among the alumni ask for some help, ask for opinions, anything.
I know this message is long and boring, but I don't want to lose touch with Hungary, no matter how bad my Magyar is.
Jeffrey David Butler Send Email
Baptism 04 Sep 2002
Hey, for all of you in the Provo/Orem area, there will be a baptism of a Hungarian girl named Peto Timea, on Saturday Sept 7 at 2:00. If any of you would like to come the address is 600 N. 600 E. Provo. Also for all interested there will be a musical number in hungarian. If you would like to sing, please let me know. Thanks tonz.
Greg Rodney Nybo Send Email
Looking for old friends 03 Sep 2002
There are 3 individuals that I would like to get in touch with.

Burai Elemer, Bakonyi Margit, and Sister Ruby Galloway.

I taught and baptized Elemer and Margit and would like to know where they are. If anyone has an e-mail address for any of these individuals, it would be greatly appreciated.

Darin Porter
Darin Layne Porter Send Email
American Rhapsody 26 Aug 2002
I'm not sure who mentioned the movie American Rhapsody a while ago on this site, but they were correct, it is an excellent show. Its a fairly new movie with excellent actors. It was filmed largely in Hungary (Budapest). The movie is half English, half Hungarian (with English subtitles). I rented it from Blockbuster. You should all check it out! I guarantee it will bring back alot of memories and strong feelings.
Kelly Francis Carone Send Email
MTC Teaching Exp. ! 11 Aug 2002
All Hungarian Speakers!!

We need YOUR help! My current district is going into week 8, when they start having the Teaching Experience. This Saturday evening (Aug. 17) will be their first one, at 7:00pm. They also have the Teaching Experience Aug. 24, 31, and Sept 7. I have 12 missionaries (6 companionships) which means I need at least 6 investigators, and it would be great to have you there. The experience starts at 7pm, and we would ask you to arrive at the 1M lobby at about 5 or 10 minutes 'til the hour, and it lasts until about 7:45 or 8pm (as with discussions in the field, the missionaries will be flexible to your schedule as to when you need to leave).

Please reply to my email ( if you can help on any or all of the dates listed, or call me on my cell: 801-369-4320, or at home: 801-802-8026. Please leave a voice mail if I don't pick up.


Brigham Frandsen
Brigham Russell Frandsen Send Email
Furko Janos 30 Jul 2002
I am looking for an address to Furko Janos and Marti, the Branch President in Kecskemet. I had the wonderful opportunity of bringing the Gospel into their lives and need to touch base with them. If anyone knows, or at least the address to the new mission home, please let me know. Thanks.
Blair Phelps Send Email
Zsida Agi 09 Jul 2002
For all of you who served in or anywhere near Veszprém, you will want to know (and probably already do know) that Zsida Agi is coming to pick up Aggoston from his mission! She told me to post this message on this site:

If any of you would like to meet her, she will be at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on August 3rd at 9:00 a.m. Everyone be there!

I think it would be way awesome to throw a big surprise shindig for her there. She really deserves something special after all she's done for the missionaries. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know and maybe we can put something together.

Oh yeah, Iszo Mark and Nemeth Toth Zsolt are coming at the same time.
Ryan Hafen Send Email
Homorodiek 19 Jun 2002
Hi, for all of you who don't know the whole Homorodi csalad is here in Provo. They were wondering how to get in contact with Elder Harley King. If anyone has any info about him please let me know. Kosz
Greg Rodney Nybo Send Email
A Zsidaek 11 Jun 2002
Zsida Agi from Veszprem is coming out this summer to pick up her son who has been serving a mission here. I need to find out when she's coming and I can't get ahold of either one of them. If anyone has a phone number or knows the dates when she'll be here I'd really appreciate it.
Kevin Price Send Email
Hungarian Studies Research Workshop 30 May 2002
The Seventh Annual
JUNE 17-21, 2002

Those interested in researching a Hungarian topic who are: College faculty, Teachers (K-12), Independent researchers, Ph.D. students exploring or working on a Hungarian-related dissertation.

• Enjoy the workshop camaraderie. Benefit from the synergy with colleagues.
• See Hungarian films. Practice and/or improve your Magyar language skills.
• Investigate Hungarian topics at one of America’s largest Hungarian libraries with 24,000 volumes of books, journals, and periodicals about Hungary.
• Learn how to find what you are looking for with the help of skilled librarians.
• Meet and talk with researchers studying other countries of the region.

The Hungarian Studies Workshop Week is part of the Summer Research Laboratory conducted by the Russian and East European Center at the University of Illinois from mid-June to early August. For an application, contact Vicki Retzolk, University of Illinois, International Studies Building, Champaign, Il 61820. Or, download complete details from:

Prompt action is advantageous

Because the University of Illinois wants to show you what a great library they have, you have an excellent chance of winning A FREE HOUSING SCHOLARSHIP for a week or more. Housing is at the Illini Towers featuring dormitory style suites with refrigerator, stove, private bedroom, and semi private bath. You need to provide: (l) a one page resume,
(2) one page describing your research project, and (3) an $85 fee, $60 of which is returned to you after you arrive on the date you specified.


Urbana-Champaign is 123 miles south of Chicago, 280 miles from Columbus, 311 miles from Detroit, 115 miles from Indianapolis, 147 miles from St. Louis.

For answers to specific questions about the Hungarian workshop, contact: Arthur A. Bartfay E-mail:
2987 Trentwood Road Columbus, Ohio 43221-2346 (614) 442-6593
Tami Melton Send Email
Teaching Experience! 23 May 2002
To All Hungarian Speakers Within Driving Distance of Provo!!!!

We need people to help us out with Teaching Experiences, Saturday nights from 6:55-7:40, starting this Saturday (the 25th of May). Please contact me, Brigham Frandsen, at 802-8026 (leave a message) or to do this-- it's a great service, and a great chance to speak Hungarian and contribute to the missionary work in the country we all love so much.


Brigham Frandsen
Brigham Russell Frandsen Send Email
Joseph Toth's address 14 May 2002
Hi, I am looking for Pres. Joseph Toth's address, so if anyone has that, could they please email it to me at

Thank you,

Sarah Thomas
Sarah Marie Staheli Send Email
Pres. Németh's address 27 Apr 2002
Does anyone have Pres. Nemeth's address? If so, please e-mail me at


Steve Tomer
Steven Scott Tomer Send Email
REUNION!!! (finally) :) 01 Apr 2002
It's reunion time again!! After the success of October's reunion there was a general concensus to hold one again this April. Hát, gyertek!! Spouses, significant others, and even kids are welcome. :)
PLEASE let as many people know about it as you can, so that no one gets left out!

WHEN! SUNDAY APRIL 7th, 6:30-9:30pm
WHERE! PROVO, 4300 N. CANYON RD. (the road the stadium's on)
BRING! A Hungarian dish if you can! Whatever sparks your imagination,
otherwise. (If all you've got's a smile, bring that, too!!) :)

Please RSVP with the number attending and whether you're bringing a main dish or munchies, etc. If you need directions, we'll be glad to send them.
Sok-sok szeretettel várunk titeket!
Heather Carman
Heather Carman Send Email
Members' names 28 Mar 2002
I am looking for an address or an email address to a couple of people. If any one knows where Vereckei Kriszti is now her married name is now Jones but I don't have an updated address for her.
Or is anyone knows where I can find Simon Victoria her married name is now Gee.
I know they are most likely still in California but I just need new addresses for them. Also if anyone knows how I can get a hold of Pupp Erika also. If anyone knows please email at I would appreciate it.

Thanks Parker Buckley
Parker W Buckley Send Email
Adress 12 Mar 2002
I just met a girl in New Jersey who got baptised a couple of months ago, and her mom wants to go to church (they are Hungarian). She's from Tata, and I think she would go to the Buda branch. Does anyone have that adress? If someone can tell me, please email at Thank you, and I hope someone will respond.
Eric A Coleman Send Email
Reunion plans!! 05 Mar 2002
After the last reunion a lot of people were enthusiastic about holding another one this April. This one should be even bigger, since there will be a lot more time to contact people and more time for you to make plans to come! I need some feedback from you before we can start organizing - Do you want an all-mission reunion again (a.k.a. all the Hungarian missionaries that can be rounded up regardless of when they served) or would you rather have it divided up by mission president? Do you want an organized program or did you like the informal potluck like last time? Did you like having it on Sunday or would Saturday be better for you? Was Provo a good central location, or would you rather have it in Salt Lake (or even somewhere else?) The truth is I'm pretty burned out from this last six months and don't have the energy to organize everything again. A lot of you expressed a willingness to help out - let me know. The most time consuming part is just contacting people. Anyway - I look forward to hearing from you - please reply a.s.a.p. so plans can get underway. Thanks!
Heather (volt Sister Carman)
Heather Carman Send Email
Hungarians/Olympics 24 Feb 2002

Hey, so did any of you volt missionaries have any cool experiences with the Hungarians and the Olympics? I'd love to see them posted if you did! I went up there a couple of times with my "beszelek magyarul" pin but to no avail. I would have loved to have met some Hungarian olympians.

Hey if any of you know any Hungarians that came over and aren't quite leaving yet and want to see the sights in this beautiful state, I'd szivesen be their idegenvezeto and take them to any of the national parks here in So. Utah (Zion, Bryce... - I'm from St. George). I could get them in free too. It's probably too late for an idea like that but I'm a little slow and didn't think of it until now.

Anyways, csak ennyit.

Ryan Hafen
Ryan Hafen Send Email
Movie: American Rhapsody 17 Feb 2002
Hello All,

My wife and I rented a movie this evening called American Rhapsody. It was just released, it is a true story of a family that left Hungary to come to America. Beautiful shots of Budapest, Szentendre and real Hungarian life. The movie begins with 15 minutes of Hungarian audio and English subititles and then uses almost all English. Your non Hungarian speaking spouses will enjoy it, and I think you will love it. We are buying a copy for ourselves. I would love to hear from others about what Hungarian related videos you are enjoying. Best Wishes
Judd Rackham
Judd K. Rackham Send Email
Help the HUngarian Olimpic team 15 Feb 2002
That could be possible.
The whole winter olimpic sport group, bearlly getting any support from the govermant or sponsors. You know guys we better like water polo, handball, and scooer..:)
It is so sad they don't have money.
Just 10 days ago one of the national tv channel had a documentary film, about the hungarian team going to SLC.
They have to work to buy theier on stuffs for the olimpic...:(

I personally thanks to everyone who will help them.

Attila Horvath Send Email
Help the Hungarian Olympic Teams 14 Feb 2002
Hello everyone:

Over the past few days while working as a volunteer for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games I have had the opportunity to meet and mingle with the Hungarian Nordic Ski team at Soldier Hollow. I met with the team last year during the World Cup events and they are awesome to be around. However, while speaking to them yesterday they mentioned they had little or no money to purchase any Olympic items. It was hard enough for them just to help pay part of their costs of getting to Salt Lake to be a part of the Olympics.
I thought it would be nice if we could purchase for the Hungarian Nordic Team some Olympic items for them to take home back to Hungary.
I am suggesting to all former, current and future missionaries to help in this cause and donate money so Olympic items can be purchased for the Hungarian Olympic Team members. If you would like to donate please let me know. I would like to be able to give the Olympic gifts purchased with the money donated by all of you to the Hungarian Team on Sat. or Sun. Feb. 23rd or 24th. Please help out. Let's give back to the Hungarians what they have given to us over all these years.
Please send $, checks or money orders to:
Brian Alm
4973 W. Diamondback Drive.
Riverton, Utah 84065
If you have any questions please contact me at 801-201-1256 or via e-mail:

Thanks everyone.
Isten ald meg!!
Brian Brent Alm Send Email
Proudly Announcing 08 Feb 2002
Greetings and Salutations to All:

Despite my dearth of writing on this page, I do have news of substance to share. I would like to announce the birth of our second daughter - Madeline Miriam Singer.

Edit is doing very well, as is Maddie.

Maddie was 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 20-inches long.

Dad is tired, Mom is tired, Maddie is tired, and Sophie (our first daughter) thinks that Mom and Dad bought her a real doll to play with.
Frank J. Singer Send Email
Hungarian Olympic Pins!!! 05 Feb 2002

Hi to everyone! Just wanted all of you to know that there are Salt Lake Olympic pins available that say "Beszelek Magyarul" You can buy them at Deseret book. They also have them in many other languages. I guess the idea is that if you speak another langauge you can wear it during the games so that visiters from other countries will know you speak their language. Hope all is well with you. Vigyazz Magatokra,
Orok Baratod,
Timothy Cole Jr.
Timothy Aaron Cole Send Email
The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber 04 Feb 2002

Anybody doing anything on Saturday (9th)??

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber is hosting a huge Olympic event. Due to my connections to Austria, I have deal for you guys!

It's going to be a very professional event, organized by an event-coordinator, catered, the whole works. They have a large staff, but on the evening of the event, February 9th, we need 32 volunteers. They will help with parking, wardrobe, and catering. If you haven't made plans on the 9th of February, we would greatly appreciate your help because we are in desperate need of it. You will still be able to eat (excellent Austrian cuisine) and watch the program.

Please reply at this email address as soon as possible!!! -

Thank you in advance.


As part of the unique program during the
2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
Austrian Church District

cordially invite you to the

Reception, program and buffet

Austria invites you

Saturday, 9 February 2002
4.00 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.
Salt Lake City

The location of this event is the Austrian
Wintersteiger, Inc.
217 North Wright Brothers Drive (4800 West;
take the I-80 West Wright Brothers Drive exit)
Salt Lake City

Some program information:
There will be various kinds of Austrian entertainment (dance,
Schubert-/Lehar-Lieder by BYU opera singer, master yodeling with american
"show component", string music), short videos about Austria and the Church
in Austria, reception of top government officials (most probably the Vice
Chancellor of Austria will be there), buffet, small talk with friends and
official visitors from Austria etc.

This event will be special! The main purpose of my support of this event
is to help the Church in Austria to get "out of obscurity". What a better
way of doing this is there than to have the Austrian officials meet with
many great Mormon friends of Austria who live in Utah.

My best regards,
Markus Gappmaier
Andrew Byrne Send Email
Hungarian stuff in SLC 30 Jan 2002

24 sportsman/woman going to SLC, + 3 memeber of the hunarian olimpic comitee + sportjournalist's. I don't think that to many hungarian can pay the travel+ tickets + whatever.

Have fun there....

Attila Horvath Send Email
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